Bloodstone Loose Gemstone Collection

Bloodstone loose gemstone has since the ancient times been considered a valuable, semi-precious stone with innumerable healing powers. Loose Bloodstone gemstone is also known as heliotrope and is a prominent variety of Jasper. It is identified by its dark green color with innumerable red flecks or cuts. The red cuts give the appearance of blood on a green surface and hence the name. 

Natural loose Bloodstone stone is largely found in India but also in some quantity in Central Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and Scotland. 

Magical, Healing Properties of Natural Bloodstone Gemstone     

Loose Bloodstone stone is highly valued for its metaphysical properties. It has calming and grounding properties which helps a person make long-lasting decisions. If in the journey of life, things become complicated, Bloodstone helps to have a clearer view and make the journey forward with persistence and perseverance. 

It is believed that wearing this gemstone can increase your courage, creative energy while motivating you to do better. It is a stone that enhances endurance and physical strength. It can help to remove blockages that prevent our creative energies to freely flow. 

Bloodstone is believed to be a blood purifier. It also helps heighten one’s creativity. As a grounding and protecting stone, it draws off negative environmental energies while working as a revitalizer. 

Bloodstone is also highly regarded in Feng Shui. 

Buy Loose Bloodstone Stone    

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