Cuprite Loose Gemstone Collection

Cuprite loose gemstone is a brownish red, crimson red, red, or blackish red colored stone that is made up of copper oxide. The color tinges are due to the presence of mineral impurities. Loose Cuprite gemstone is known by many names – Red Copper and Ruby Copper are the two very common ones.

Loose Cuprite stone was named by Wilhelm Karl von Haidinger a well-known mineralogist and geologist. The name is derived from the word Cuprum and that is because of the high copper content.

Though natural loose Cuprite stone can be found in many parts of the world, its most notable locations are Namibia, the Congo, and the USA.

Why Buy Loose Cuprite Stone?    

Cuprite is a powerful, vital stone that helps to make a wearer feel secure and supported. The stone opens and activates the base chakra thus allowing life force energy to flow freely.

The Cuprite Chrysocolla loose gemstone not only keeps your physical body healthy but also assists in controlling your thoughts and emotions.

As a healing stone, it also helps keep stress away. The energies of this stone can help you calm down and handle any stressful situation at home or work.

The benefits of the stone can be experienced simply by holding it within one’s palms. The calmness that radiates from the stone will surely reach your inner core.

Where to Buy Loose Cuprite Gemstones for Sale?    

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