Opal Loose Gemstone Collection

Opal is one of the most popular gemstones known to mankind. The origin of its name comes from the Sanskrit word Upala meaning jewel. One of the reasons why Opal is so popular is because it is available in multiple colors. You can also easily find precious as well as common stones of Opal. The market for loose opal gemstone is huge since it is available in so many forms.

Natural loose opal stones are characterized by either their translucent form (in the case of common opals) and opalescence (in the case of precious opals).

Benefits of Opal Loose Gemstone

Often considered to be an emotional stone, Opal helps intensify or release emotions as necessary for the wearer.  Opal loose stones also encourage independence and freedom. It stimulates creativity and originality. The loose opal gemstones for sale here are also great as the 14th-anniversary gemstone. 

Buy Loose Opal Stone in Wholesale 

This hydrated amorphous form of silica is easily found as loose stones which can be used to make earrings, pendants, rings, and even bracelets. Gemexi has a wide range of loose opals for sale which you can buy at attractive rate. Don’t miss the opportunity of getting for yourself some amazing loose opal stones at incredible rates.
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