Variscite Loose Gemstone Collection

The gem of Virtue, Variscite is avowed as a stone of prosperity. It is too identified as Utahlite, a stone that enhance self-reliance and the raise moral standard of a person. It is often regarded to proffer success along with the calming energy in the surrounding. It is a soothing gem whose vibrational number is 7 and speculated the best stone for the zodiac sign Scorpio, Virgo and Taurus along with Gemini. The color of Variscite ranges from light to dark green that is reckoned to soothe the mind to attain the desired meditative state. Further, it is used to maintain the connection with the energies of the cleric. The powers of the stone too serve the soul to think of the situation with clear perspective as well as enhance the perception. It is a stone that likewise helps to express self and communicate the thoughts clearly. 

Variscite is a gem nugget that heartens the heart to attract peace and concord in life. Furthermore,  uphold quietness in the life through gaining balance and magnetizing universal love. It likewise aids the soul to understand the significance of peace in life in addition to the love encountered. Variscite, a possessor of the green energies of the color, helps to align the subtle bodies in order to assist the soul to find self-acceptance. The resonant vibes of this magnificent gem nugget appease the intellect and pacify the heart to imbibe the unlearnt to lead a tranquil life ahead.
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