Shattuckite Loose Gemstone Collection

Shattuckite is a blue colored stone which has a high copper content. Essentially it is a silicate stone that is opaque in nature. The shades of blue found in the stone range from dark to light. Loose Shattuckite gemstone can be carefully polished to even give a distinctive reddish hue.

Natural loose Shattuckite stone is a unique stone that gets its name from the place it was first mined from. It was first discovered in Shattuck Mine in Bisbee in USA’s Arizona. It is one of the only places where this rare gemstone is mined from. 

Why You Should Buy Loose Shattuckite Gemstone in Wholesale

The metaphysical properties of Shattuckite makes it a very good gemstone worth keeping close to yourself. If you want to embark on a spiritual journey, keeping this stone close helps. It enhances your well-being and supports you while you work on strengthening your inner self.

As a spiritual stone, it is deeply connected with psychic clarity. It not only guards you from physical harm but also protects you from psychic vices. If you want to connect with your spirit guides, then this stone will help you to a large extent. 

Loose Shattuckite For Sale

This brilliant blue-colored stone is perfect for making jewelry items. You can make beautiful pendants using this stone. If you buy wholesale loose Shattuckite stone then you can get great offers here. Buy loose Shattuckite stone at amazing rates today! Don’t miss this opportunity and regret it later. 
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