Doublet Opal Loose Gemstone Collection

Opals are great gemstones but they can get expensive. It’s not always possible to invest on a high-quality gemstone like opal. If you want the beauty and shine of opal but want to spend a lot less, then there are Loose Doublet Opal Australian Gemstones. They are beautiful man-made variations of the naturally occurring opals and are absolute hot-sellers. 

The beauty of Natural Loose Opal Doublets Stone    

The distinguishing feature of Australia Opaque Loose Opal Doublets is the black backing on which the original opal is glued. The easiest way to know if you are holding a doublet is to turn the stone sideways to see a joint layer which will tell you that it is indeed a doublet. The artificial black-colored backing gives the stone a highlight which enhances its beauty. The reason why they are called Australian Opal Doublets is because opal is primarily mined Down Under. In fact 90% of the world’s Opals are mined in Australia. 

Colors and Manifestations    

Loose opal doublets are primarily found in the color blue with the obvious black highlight. Though there is a man-made element to the stone, it still manifests many of the qualities of Opal thus making it a metaphysically rich stone to wear. 

It is believed that if you buy loose opal doublet stone for children it will help them sleep better. It is also helpful to expecting mothers as the stone carries the energy of the Goddess and is highly beneficial to a new mother.  
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