Rose Quartz Loose Gemstone Collection

Natural Rose Quartz is among the rarer forms of quartz known to mankind. Also known as the Hyaline Quartz, Rose Quartz loose gemstone is distinguished by its pale pink color and a translucent, vitreous luster. Loose Rose Quartz gemstone is known to be the stone of love and compassion. Its feminine and soft hue oozes love from every core. Drenched in harmony, ripened with healing properties, and so tender that you’d always want to keep it close, the real Rose Quartz stone natural pink is all things serene and beautiful. 

Rose Quartz gemstone origin is believed to be in Mesopotamia. Evidence of it being in existence way back in 7000 BC has been found. Todayloose Rose Quartz stone is primarily mined from Sweden, Brazil, Namibia, and in the US states of California and Maine. 

Healing Properties of Natural Loose Rose Quartz Stone    

The Rose Quartz pink loose gemstone is deeply attached to the throat and heart chakra. It is a stone that is truly intertwined with romance. It supports and promotes all kinds of love – love for your family (of developing deeper familial bonds), to developing unbreakable bonds with spouses and friends. The stone also guides us towards self-love. At the core of the stone lies its energies to join hearts and make you compassionate. 

Whether you wear Rose Quartz pink cabochon pair loose gemstone as a jewelry piece or keep it by your bedside – its healing properties will move you, touch you and transform you. 

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