Cinnabar Loose Gemstone Collection

Also known as Cinnabarite, Cinnabar loose gemstone is a mercury sulfide mineral that generally crystallizes in the form of masses. It has tabular or rhombohedral crystals on a matrix and may be extremely toxic if not carefully extracted and processed. Though it has strong metaphysical properties and has amazing transformative qualities, it must always be handled with care. When you buy loose Cinnabar stone for sale, you may get it in red, silver-red colors with tinges of purple and brown. 

This gemstone is mostly found in USA, Spain, Mexico, Peru, and Italy. 

Metaphysical Properties of Loose Cinnabar Gemstone

As a powerful stone, natural Cinnabar gemstone isused for personal as well as spiritual transformation. It is a stone that attracts wealth while also healing the mind, body, and soul. Loose Cinnabar stone is often associated with the third eye, sacral and root chakras. It manifests our being and transforms us to become better version of ourselves. 

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