Adamite Loose Gemstone Collection

Adamite loose gemstone is a mineral which is composed of zinc arsenate. It was first discovered in 1866 in Chile. In its purest form, loose Adamite gemstone is colorless and often not more than an inch in diameter. However, Adamite is mostly commonly found in the shade of green andgreenish yellow. This is because of the presence of copper. Other colors also associated with natural adamite gemstone are white and brown. Colorless Adamite is not uncommon too. While the first discovery was made in Chile, it is today also mined from Mexico and Namibia. 

Metaphysical properties of Natural Loose Adamite Stone 

A stone that helps rejuvenate the solar plexus and heart chakra, when you buy loose Adamite stone, you feel connected with your inner self. It is a stone that synergizes feelings and releases emotions that have for long been trapped inside you. It shows the path that helps pursue our dreams and desires. It lights the fire that’s inside you and gives you positivity and optimism. 

Buy Loose Adamite Stone from Gemexi    

The beauty of loose gemstones is that you can use them to make jewelry items of your choice or can use them as the loose gemstones for enhanced metaphysical benefits. Loose Adamite are for sale at Gemexi and they are available just for you. The lustrous color, enticing shapes, and enhancing metaphysical properties of the stone will surely make you want to order more than one piece. At our jewelry and gemstone store, you can buy Wholesale Loose Adamite Stones at discounted rates. You can also buy Loose Adamite Sale as individual pieces. 
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