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Jasper Loose Gemstone Collection

Jasper is one of the most popular members of the Chalcedony family. It is opaque in nature and is a variety of quartz. Jasper loose gemstone is most popular in the red color, but it is also found in other shades, specifically in yellow, green, orange, black, blue and brown. The red colored loose Jasper gemstone is believed to ignite passion in a person. It is also believed that this stone can protect a person from evil while grounding them to the realities of life.

Metaphysical Properties of Natural Jasper Gemstone

The fiery red shade of Jasper is all about powerful energies. Though it also has delicate qualities, its fierceness in protecting a wearer from evil and ill-thoughts makes it a powerful philosophical stone. Natural loose Jasper stone is strongly aligned with the root chakra which helps in overcoming trouble. No matter how big you dream, the qualities of loose Jasper stone ensures that your feet stay grounded, and you are still humble. It nurtures the soul and powers deep emotions.

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