Dendritic Opal Loose Gemstone Collection

Dendritic Opal is a specific kind of Opal which is easily distinguishable by its dark shade and the dendritic patterns on the base. Generally loose Dendritic Opal gemstone is found in black and white combination but few are also available in shades of bluish black and dark grey. It is mostly composed of Manganese which also gives it the leaf-like shapes that we also know as dendritic formations. 

Loose Dendritic Opal stone is known by another name – Merlinite which is more often used when describing its metaphysical properties. It is an extremely rare gemstone mined only from New Mexico and thus a gemstone connoisseur’s delight. 

Why Natural Loose Dendritic Opal Stone is Worth Owning?    

There are many reasons why you should buy loose Dendritic Opal stone. Its metaphysical properties are so strong that it not only aligns your spiritual energies but also your physical energies. The energies from the stone help activate the third eye chakra that strengthens one’s intuitive powers. It also improves a wearer’s perception of the world.  

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