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A beautiful feminine crystal considered as the possession of angels and the moon, Goshenite is the purest form of Beryl mineral, which is colorless, free from any kind of impurities.

Goshenite is often called as the Mother of Crystals and is also associated with motherhood. The high frequency and the spiritual guidance that this stone holds offer an honest and clear gaze into oneself. Above all the factors of a human nature, Goshenite especially focuses on the truthfulness and fidelity in relationships.

It honors open-heartedness, mutual respect, loyalty, and determination. Goshenite was discovered in the small town of Goshen, which is located in Hampshire County, Massachusetts. This purest variant of Beryl was believed to cure the weak eyesight and was suggested by the experts to keep it upon the eyelids while sleeping. This beneficial attribute of Goshenite became so popular that in earlier times this stone was used to manufacture the lenses of the magnifying glass and spectacles. It was also used as the form of a synthetic diamond before the actual diamond was introduced to the world. Moreover, colored foils were also used to give Goshenite a look of colored gemstones, like emerald and amethyst.

Where is Goshenite found?

Although Goshenite was named after a small town in Massachusetts called Goshen, but it is found in almost every part of the world. The significant deposits of Goshenite have also been mined in China, Russia, South America, North America, Africa, Asia, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Northern Europe. Brazil is considered to produce the cleanest, largest, and finest quality of Goshenite in the world.

Healing Properties

The beneficial properties of Goshenite include:

  • Physical Healer

Goshenite has largely been credited for curing eye-related ailments especially short-sightedness. Other than it, Goshenite is also believed to heal headaches, allergies, sinusitis, and insomnia. It helps the person in getting rid of the viruses and infections that affect the immune system by detoxifying and energising the body.

Goshenite is also thought to reduce the exhaustion caused to a person due to over-stress and improves the muscle pain. It is believed to be highly beneficial in overcoming the mood swings, balancing the hormones and fluids of the body, alleviating the troubles of PMS, bipolar ailments, and post-natal depression.

  • Emotional Healer

The uplifting energies of Goshenite gemstone soothe and comforts the wearer and relieves him from all the worries and tensions of life. It assists the wearer in maintaining self-control and calm attitude towards everything, and handle the very situation with ease. This brilliant stone is conducive to higher thoughts and creative ideas and encourages one to invade new opportunities and vision o life. It also brings the sense of compassion and love in the wearer along with the art of expression, speech and writing.

  • Spiritual Healer

Goshenite is an excellent grounding stone, which is regarded as a very pure channel that can connect one with the divine.  It enhances the energy of one’s prayer especially when it is done wholeheartedly for some sort of help. It erases and cleans the mind from all the pollutants and negativities all around.

  • Heals and Balances Chakra

Especially known to heal the crown chakra, Goshenite invigorates and cleans the crown chakra by its magical and grounding properties. Crown chakra is the gateway that connects the body and mind of the person with that of the universe, which is beyond the imagination of the human being.

Crown chakra is the fountainhead of the human body that brings in the new ideas, innovations, and imaginations in the human mind, and chuck out the negative thoughts and pessimistic feelings. It balances the grounding and the creative energies in the body.

Goshenite Facts

Some facts about Goshenite

  • The divine qualities of Goshenite have been described in the Irish scriptures. It is a much preferred Irish divining tool.
  • It is the stone of people born under the sign of Gemini and Taurus.
  • It honours the Roman goddess of justice called the Themis.
  • It is considered a shielding stone for those who are travelling.
  • Legends say that almost all the minerals of Beryl ward off the evil eyes and spirit.
  • Goshenite brings cheerfulness, luck, and unending youthfulness.


Metaphysical Properties

The colorless form of Beryl is known as Goshenite, and it is the purest form of Beryl as it does not contain any form of impurities. Owing to its transparency, Goshenite was earlier used to manufacture the lenses and glasses. In present times, Goshenite is used for the purposes of jewellery making.

Goshenite has a good hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Moh’s scale of hardness.

Goshenite at a Glance

Cleavage Poor, in one direction
Other Names Colorless Beryl
Crystal Habit Prismatic to tabular crystals; radial, columnar; granular to compact massive
Streak White
Refractive Index 1.57 - 1.58
Diaphaneity Transparent
Moh's scale (hardness) 7.5 - 8.0
Sources Goshen, Massachusetts and USA
Chemical formula Be3Al2SiO6
Lustre Vitreous
Color White, Colorless
Chakra Healing Crown chakra

Goshenite Color

The color of Goshenite can be changed from its colorless form to green, yellow, blue, pink, and yellow. It can be done by adding impurities to the stone. The Goshenite stone belongs to the same family of which Aquamarine, Emerald, Heliodor, Golden Beryl, Red Beryl, and many more belong to. Among all these minerals, only Goshenite occurs in a colorless form.

Goshenite Colors


The Tuareans and Geminis may take advantage from Goshenite as it is beneficial for these two Zodiac people. I am also Taurean. Should I go for it? Suggest.
Reply on 8/11/14
Yeah Erna… as you have read this talisman is apt for Taurean also so you may go for it. If you are little bit confused then discuss the same with your astrologer as he will suggest you with a correct step that will be beneficial for you. Best of Luck!
Reply on 20/11/14
Emily Taylor
i want to wear Goshenite gemstone...but it comes in various shades...which one should i try? please suggest...my astrologer has recommended me to try it..
Reply on 13/4/15
Hello Emily, you may post your query on the Q/A section of Jewelexi named, Ask Mittens. Their experts will feel happy to serve you at free of cost with a suitable reply. So, go for it and clear off your confusion.
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hi Emily, you may try Goshenite gemstone but before that you may ask the experts at Jewelexi. You will have to post your query on its Ask Mittens page. This service is totally free.
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I am a student and need to increase my mathematical abilities as it is said that Goshenite stone is helpful stimulate analytical abilities. Please suggest should I go for it.
Reply on 3/7/15
Hey! landon i can understand your problem with mathematics when i was a kid i had this problem too but now i'm so good in it and you can't believe me . I mean i m a mathematics professor in a college. You can do anything you wan to only if you try
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Incredible work and services given by you. Thanks!!
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I gifted my mother goshenite pendant and after wearing this she is so much happy because its quality is just next to the awesome..A big thanks to gemexi
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