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Beads are small decorative pieces in varieties of size and shape beads are made up of stone, glasses, plastic, gemstones, wood, pearl, etc a small hole is drilled in beads to tie string or thread. Beads are used to create varieties of jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.  Beads can be woven together with specialized threads, strung onto thread or soft, flexible wire, or adhered to a surface. Beads are classified into various categories according to the criteria they are made after gathering beads they are drilled and shaped.


Beadwork is one of the most used and known practices of making jewelry in ancient time, Native American created their own beads as none had metal tools earlier so the creation of beads was a time taking the job. Most of the beads made by Native Americans were relatively large and were constructed to be worn strung on necklaces or thongs. At first, beads were entirely of the large variety intended for necklaces. Native Americans, however, soon realized the possibilities created by the availability of small, brightly colored beads. In the United States, bead designs have been made either by sewing them to a background material or by weaving them into a fabric. Today, beadwork has come to symbolize the American heritage. However, beadwork is mostly found in jewelry, costumes, and handbags 


At beads of America, our main focus is on ready to wear beaded jewelry simple designs from various styles of beads set in sterling silver. They are the in-trend fashion jewelry for every woman to adore.  We have huge collection of earrings, pendants, and sets. This ready to go jewelry can save up a lot of your time and effort and you can rest assured about our quality and guarantee. At Beads of America we purchase and make our own beads in all shapes from simple round to hand carving fancy shapes. Affordable prices and in-depth knowledge of the market keeps us ahead of our competitors. Each beaded jewel is made up with great dedication and care and ultimately results into the best piece of work. All beads are set in 925 sterling silver which makes our beaded jewelry stand out from all other in the jewelry market.


Jewels are pride possession of every person that owns them. Wearing the gemstone with some relevance and meaning attached to it has its own significance for those who love to buy and carry fashion jewelry made up of beads of America carry its own importance and history behind every piece of jewelry made by it. We can also suggest and assist you with the best possible designs that can be created with beads of America. The bright and the attractive shades of beads in silver look very pretty amazing and attractive.

Explore the magic of beads of America with some of our unique designs.

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