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While buying jewelry is just one side of a story, buying beautiful jewelry from many alluring options is, another! When it comes to purchasing awe-inspiring jewelry, we want to explore the best of choices. However, the more you dive into the deep world of splendid jewelry, the more your confusion grows! Choosing to buy one piece of impressive jewelry from many tempting options is a complicated task. To ease the same, Gemexi presents the Featured Silver Jewelry Collection, which includes the top and most popular jewelry trends on our site. 
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Southwestern Style Jewelry
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Prong Setting Jewelry
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Look at our stunning featured silver jewelry collection that defines beauty, fineness, and trends. From a minimalist design approach to the most detailed patterns, our featured jewelry collection embodies jewels every woman would love to wear! Including incredibly beautiful bracelets, unique necklaces, exquisite pendants, ethnic earrings, and more, our featured jewelry collection will help you pick up the best jewelry as per your choice!

Pick up the tremendously beautiful gemstone jewelry or keep your eyes fixed on the fashionable jewelry that is beautiful as well as modern. Glance through our much-admired takes on sterling silver jewelry, gemstone silver jewelry, and handmade silver jewelry. Check out the most contemporary earrings, necklaces, and pendants, or go for the famous ethnic designs that are forever-hit when it comes to flaunting your personality. We have picked each of our featured jewelry carefully so that the best choices can be served before you in the blink of an eye! Refresh your look by buying the most beautiful jewelry items encased in our featured jewelry collection.
Incorporating natural gemstones, unparalleled designs and infinite creativity, each of our featured jewelry items sparkles with its specific enticing features. The featured jewelry collection at Gemexi will serve perfectly to your different choices and tastes in jewelry. 


Faceted Moonstone Jewelry

Make heads turn towards you with never-like-before Faceted Moonstone Jewelry available only At Gemexi! With perfect cuts, shapes, and designs, we have created an alluring range of faceted moonstone jewelry that comprises stunning and sparkling rings, earrings, and more. Mainly including the beauty of extremely soothing and beautiful moonstone that is known to provide clear glimpses into your past, our range of faceted moonstone jewelry includes pretty rings done in sterling silver, rose gold, and gold. The fineness of making, creativity of designs, and the inclusion of natural gemstones make our faceted gemstone jewelry collection a pure treasure to check and shop from.

The vivid designs in our faceted moonstone jewelry look elegant and pace well with the latest jewelry trends. Shop for the finest and most unique faceted moonstone rings, faceted earrings, and faceted pendants that combine the allure of engrossing real moonstone, turquoise, and other awesome elements. Whether you want to pick a favorite piece from our existing and exhaustive range of faceted moonstone jewelry or want to get the one customized according to your personal choice, Gemexi is your perfect destination to shop for the most fascinating and high-quality jewelry. Check out our vibrant faceted moonstone jewelry collection now! 

Gemstone Coin Jewelry        

Discover the magnetism of unique gemstone coin jewelry at Gemexi – the most reputed and authentic online destination to shop for real gemstones and excellent quality jewelry. Each of our gemstone coin jewelry options will unfold exquisiteness and attraction in form of thoughtful designs and perfect creation. Ancient coins have always been known to attract good luck, wealth, power, protection, control, and more traits. Our gemstone coin jewelry promises to present all these qualities to you! 

Besides the wonderful inclusion of ancient coins, our exclusive coin jewelry also showcases the beauty of natural gemstones that are known for offering a bundle of healing benefits to their wearers. Hence, while you shop the fashionable and catchy gemstone coin pendants, necklaces, and other forms from our marvelous collection, you get to enjoy the dual advantage of ancient coins as well as the natural abilities of real gems. The colorful look and the irresistible luster of our fine and natural gemstones will leave you stunned with delight. Check out the innovative designs in form of gemstone coin pendants, necklaces, etc that beautifully incorporate the very attractive gemstones like peridots, lapis lazuli, tiger eye, honey onyx, chalcedony, and yet many more. The superb designs in our unique range of Gemstone Coin Jewelry have got the elephant pattern, the heron bird design, the owl design, the scorpion, and other equally attractive designs in form of stylish pendants that gather quick attention. 

Prong Setting Jewelry        

Style up your appearance and take your aura to the next level by shopping pretty choices from our fine Prong Setting Jewelry collection! The amazing selections in this range include trendy prong setting designs in form of sophisticated pendants and rings. Gemexi believes in choosing jewelry elements carefully and thoughtfully so that the best and most attractive jewelry can be presented to our customers. Hence, multicolor Ethiopian opal, turquoise, Royston ribbon turquoise, garnet, aquamarine, Italian Murano glass, druzy, quartz, Libyan desert glass, and many more other gemstones have been used creatively in our range of prong setting jewelry. Find striking designs in form of fish, starfish, Holy Cross, butterfly, etc that not only have an irresistible appeal but also all the fascination that you wish for!

Shop for a beautiful and eye-catching amethyst pendant or buy the lovely aquamarine ring or pendant that has an incomparable sparkle and soothing appeal. Adding these tiny treasures to your appearance will fetch you loads of compliments not only for your looks but also for your superb choice of jewelry. Check out our attractive prong-setting jewelry options today and own as many as you want to look simply fabulous! Shop today before your favorite piece is gone! 

Sea Life Jewelry

Inspired by the captivating and charismatic sea life, the Sea Life jewelry Collection at Gemexi offers a comprehensive range of designs that stun you with their allure and exceptional beauty. Discover fashionable earrings, imaginative pendants, and impressive necklaces ornate with the beauty of gemstones like labradorite, larimar, moonstone, garnet, and yet many more! Packed with a wonderful punch of creativity, our fine collection of Sea Life Jewelry is a superb and much-needed accessory when you want to flaunt and rock a perfect beach look! Characterized by natural gemstones and sterling silver, the trendy designs incorporating sea charms like turtles, seahorses, and more will leave you awe-struck!

Southwestern Style Jewelry        

Southwestern style jewelry is that unique jewelry that will instantly instill joy and thrill in anybody who looks at it or wear it! Ornate with the charm of colorful natural gemstones and inspired by many lovely designs and themes, the Southwestern Style Jewelry is known and sought after all over the world for its colorful look and aesthetic appeal. If you are looking for exceptionally beautiful jewelry that goes perfectly with different styles and can be donned on various occasions, shop the delightful Southwestern Style Jewelry at our site! At Gemexi, you will discover the alluring Southwestern jewels in form of rings, earrings, and pendants.

Pleasing to eyes and including the matchless beauty of natural gemstones like ruby, turquoise, pearl, amethyst, orange Mojave turquoise, and many more other gems, our collection will grab your attention in no time! Each of our pendants, rings, and earrings has been designed with absolute care and passion. The amalgamation of sterling silver with natural gemstones in our Southwestern style jewelry collection is candy for the eyes! Check out the bright, beautiful, and colorful pendants and rings that have refreshing combos of green, purple, orange, and blue turquoise. Go for the lovely drop earrings that have intricate tiny silver patterns along with the lure of natural gems. 

Beads Jewelry        

Glamorize your look and add opulence to your appearance with the exclusive Beads Jewelry collections at Gemexi! With the remarkable beauty of natural original gemstones like turquoise, lapis lazuli, hessonite, green crystal, moonstone, quartz, tiger iron, and many more, you will discover a wide variety of beads jewelry at our online store. Team up our delicate beads bracelets with your everyday wear or flaunt them at your outings with friends. Shop for the fine beads earrings that feature a wide color palette and unique designs. Signifying utter beauty and fineness, each of our bead's jewelry options will help you look more attractive than before.

At Gemexi, we believe that beautiful jewels are the ones that combine exceptional beauty and ease of use and wearing as well. Therefore, we have included easy closures in our bracelets. Just put them upon your delicate hands and close the bracelet conveniently. Our adjustable bead rings can be easily slipped upon your feminine fingers with comfort and ease. Explore our comprehensive variety of bracelets, rings, and earrings done in fascinating beads made of various real gemstones. Whether you love the color or like the design, our beads jewelry range will serve you a favorite option according to your taste! 

Geometrical Symbolic Jewelry        

The Geometrical Symbolic Jewelry at Gemexi is the perfect choice for those fashion and jewelry aficionados who love owning beautiful jewels that serve multiple purposes! Well, the Geometrical Symbolic Jewelry has been in use for ages and varied cultures across the world rever it for its amazing healing and spiritual properties. Whether you wish to get connected with your inner conscience or want to establish a strong connection with the spiritual world, our Geometrical Symbolic Jewelry will help you attain your objectives in the best manner. Affordable and trendy in style, the Geometrical Symbolic Jewelry at our online store showcases exuberant choices in form of well-crafted pendants.

Explore the beauty of orange sunstone, green chalcedony, Rainbow Calsilica, turquoise, labradorite, moonstone, blue anhydrite, etc hidden in the fine designs of our Geometrical Symbolic Jewelry collection. The swirly patterns, geometrical shapes, and pure innovation all come together to offer inquisitiveness to your jewelry styles. Glance through our rich range of Geometrical Symbolic Jewelry today and pick up the beautiful jewels that fit your taste. Pamper your style with our fine and creative jewels or buy a few pieces to delight your loved ones. Gift our geometrical symbolic pendants to your sweetheart, mom, sister, or friend, and see how they love receiving and owning these special pieces of jewelry that symbolize spirituality, healing, and yet more benefits as well as beauty! 

Gold Polished Silver Jewelry        

Go glamorous with glittering gold polished silver jewelry that is trendy, looks luxurious, and yet offers affordability! If the gleaming appearance of gold always fascinates you and you wish to own the golden jewels affordable, look no further than us! Gemexi presents an entire world of extremely beautiful and captivating Gold Polished Silver Jewelry range wherein you will find gripping jewels made of silver and polished in gold! Going a long way with every style, each of our options in this range will leave you stunned with delight!

Check out our remarkable pendants, necklaces, rings, and bracelets done in sterling silver and polished with perfection in gold. The addition of scintillating real gemstones like Ethiopian Opal, Labradorite, Topaz, Amethyst, Moonstone, and more gems ensures that our Gold Polished Silver Jewelry is one of its kind! Shop the best gold polished jewels at our site and get ready for a luxurious look. Featuring classic designs and modern styles, our Gold Polished Silver Jewelry collection is the right choice for those who want an opulent look without spending a fortune! Our fine jewelry options are created by our artisans who have exceptional skills and extensive experience in jewelry making. 

Men's Silver Gemstone Rings

In this constantly changing world, there are just a few things that make fair decisions without any sort of bias! Indeed, fashion is one of them! It treats everybody equally and doesn’t discriminate against anyone based on any factor including race, caste, region, age, or gender. Therefore, the fashion trends invite and include men accessorizing and clothing options too so that the men of the house do not feel left behind! The Men’s Silver Gemstone Rings collection at Gemexi is one of the finest examples of how someone can pamper a man with creative and fine jewelry. The forever-hit sterling silver and natural healing gemstones both come together in the marvelous men’s rings collection at our store.

The fine silver patterns, perfect settings, trendy cuts, and exquisite styles in our Men's Silver Gemstone Rings will impress any man who has got the right dress and accessorizing sense. Our rings feature turquoise, lapis lazuli, tiger iron, garnet, onyx, malachite, moonstone, and yet many other choices. The stylish patterns and stunning designs in the silver men’s rings assortment at Gemexi await you! Just take a closer look at your favorite options and shop for your desired rings today. Surprise your man with the most elegant and trendy rings that give him an imposing look. Shop the most sophisticated men’s silver rings at Gemexi, today!

Bohemian Style Jewelry

Embedding different alluring natural gemstones creatively in sterling silver, the vivacity of the Bohemian Style Jewelry assortment available at Gemexi will fill you with sheer delight and zeal. The rich bold patterns of our Bohemian rings and pendants done in Alexandrite, Golden Rutile, Blue Topaz, Pearl, Copper Turquoise, and many more other options await you at our store. Shop for the most versatile Bohemian jewelry at Gemexi and show your high-spiritedness and amazing taste in fashion. Wear our chunky rings to elevate any outfit or don a statement Bohemian necklace nested along with a compelling pendant for a stand-out-of-the-crowd look!

Kingman Turquoise Jewelry        

Smarten your look and be the show stopper of any event by wearing the very unique Kingman Turquoise jewelry. Its incomparable style, feel and look will let you go gaga over it! At Gemexi, the Kingman Turquoise jewelry can be bought without any second thoughts and you must know why! We source our gemstones from the most authentic places around the world. The Kingman Turquoise gemstone is one of its kind and known for its alluring blue shade. It comes from the Kingman Turquoise mine located in America and hence, it is called so!

The fancy classic designs in our Kingman Turquoise jewelry collection will unfold plentiful choices before you in form of magnetic rings and pendants. Setting a definitive example of perfect wearable accessories, each piece in our collection has been designed and created with care, love, and devotion. We feel the pride to share that we have got our team of talented craftspersons who are proficient and skillful. Creating every jewel with absolute passion, the aim of our online gemstone and jewelry store is to offer the best in class and most promising jewelry to each of our customers. Come, visit the world of exceptionally beautiful Kingman Turquoise jewelry at our store and place an order for your desired item today!

Pendant with Chain Jewelry

Looking for pendants with a versatile appeal? Check out our wide and beautiful Pendant with Chain Jewelry collection. Each of our pendants in this assortment reflects its unique and distinct style. Incorporating unrivaled and natural gemstones like Arizona Mohave turquoise, Spiny Oyster Arizona Turquoise Topaz, and more, each pendant with chain jewelry style ensures elevating your look regardless of any occasion. Buy the most artistically created pendant with chain jewelry at our online store Gemexi and get ready to make heads turn with an attractive style! The minimalistic yet highly attractive designs in our Pendant with Chain Jewelry range will lend a beautiful aura to your personality. 

Tibet Turquoise Jewelry

Jazz up your look with a beautiful statement ring or pendant incorporating one of the most coveted spiritual gemstones – Tibet Turquoise. The eye-catching designs in Tibet Turquoise Jewelry at Gemexi caters to various needs and choices. Glance through our ingeniously created Tibet Turquoise rings and pendants and shop for your favorite option to enjoy lovely looks as well as the healing benefits offered by this gorgeous and soothing stone. The Tibet Turquoise jewelry collection at our store features impeccable designs that add effortless beauty and attraction to your persona. Express your unique taste in jewelry by shopping and wearing a sophisticated pendant or ring in Tibet Turquoise from our captivating assortment.

Petite Gemstone Necklace

Shop for the tremendously beautiful Petite Gemstone Necklace at Gemexi! Pick up from the diverse range of petite gemstone necklaces that include multiple gemstones portraying magnificence and richness. Our splendid designs speak about the acumen and unparalleled skills of our talented artisans. Combing the natural beauty of gems like powder pink rose quartz, refreshing blue copper turquoise, royal-looking purple copper turquoise, checker cut natural honey onyx, etc. with limitless imagination and innovation, we have showcased a tempting collection of Petite Gemstone Necklace at our online store. Explore the variety of styles and designs of our petite gemstone necklaces and highlight your feminine beauty in a sophisticated and luxurious way!

Native American Style Jewelry

Discover the beauty of aesthetically designed Native American Style Jewelry at Gemexi. Incorporating designs inspired by immeasurable creativity, our range of Native American Style Jewelry includes various collections consisting of precious, semi-precious, and exotic gemstones. Witness the natural beauty and a wide color palette in form of amazing gemstones like Topaz, Turquoise, Larimar, Almandine, Ruby, and yet more! The gorgeous pendants, necklaces, earrings, and rings set in 925 sterling silver with numerous intricate designs like leaf patterns, flower patterns, and more look truly chic and fascinating with the perfect blend of real, bright, and beautiful gemstones. Shop and wear your favorite pendant, ring, or necklace from our exclusive Native American Style Jewelry. Walk confidently with your head held as you flaunt the elegant, unique, and most trendy Native American Jewelry bought from our store!

Flat Uncut Diamond Polki Jewelry

The distinct beauty and exclusivity of Flat Uncut Diamond Polki Jewelry cannot be described in just a few words! The translucent look and shimmer blend in a wonderful style when flat uncut angular or round diamonds are set into sparkling sterling silver settings. Gemexi presents a gorgeous Flat Uncut Diamond Polki Jewelry collection, including sparkling and stunning rings and earrings. The fresh designs come together with the fineness of jewelry making in our diverse collection. Offering a rich range incorporating versatile and trendy designs, our Flat Uncut Diamond Polki Jewelry collection serves as a brilliant addition to your style statement as well as the jewelry assortment.

Stacker Midi Rings

Let numerous pairs of eyes follow you while you wear the super stylish and magnetic Stacker Midi Rings bought at Gemexi! Stacker Midi Rings are the latest trend! From celebrities to commoners, everyone is desiring and admires these rings for their fascinating look. At Gemexi, we have just doubled the attraction of the Stacker Midi Rings by enriching them with compelling designs and original gemstones. Check out the wonderful beauty of sparkling solitaires, amethysts, peridots, sponge coral, and other gemstones in our passionately crafted Stacker Midi Rings assortment. Including the aesthetic prettiness in form of nature-inspired designs and more, the extremely attractive Stacker Midi Rings at Gemexi are a must-have option for all your jewelry needs. 

Adjustable Rings

As a jewelry aficionado, you must be well aware of the trending Adjustable Rings! With the ease of wearing and hassle-free option which sets you free from the limitation of choosing a particular size, the adjustable rings are taking the world by storm with their rich appeal and looks. However, when you shop the stunning adjustable rings at Gemexi, your delight doubles as you discover marvelous rings embedding Rainbow Moonstone, Geode Druzy, Red Garnet, Citrine, and many more other luxurious natural gemstones. Choose your favorite options from our magnificent and wide collection of adjustable rings that incorporate numerous sophisticated patterns.  Shop the most beautiful adjustable rings at our online store and make your fingers look more charming!

Cage Jewelry

Get ready to explore the most desirable and splendid collection of Cage Jewelry at Gemexi! Embedding natural and original gemstones in nicely done sterling silver cages, the richness of our cage jewelry lies in its exceptional look offered by our skillful artisans. Shop for a remarkable cage jewelry pendant or earrings that encase raw and rough gemstones in a pretty silver cage pattern. Reflecting adeptness in jewelry creation and made with absolute acumen, the cage jewelry options at our store promise tons of beauty and attraction for your look. Explore the comprehensive range of Cage Jewelry at our store today and place an order for your favorite option now!

Gem Carving Jewelry

Wish to accessorize with the most modern forms of jewelry? Glance through our exclusive collection of Gem Carving Jewelry that offers absolute uniqueness and beauty in jewelry. With various natural gemstones carved with proficiency and imaginativeness, we have showcased a rich and varied collection of Carved Gem jewelry. From beautifully and creatively carved gemstones to perfect settings, amazing styles, and more, you will find everything that you look for in our all-inclusive collection of Gem Carving Jewelry. The look and appeal of our passionately crafted carved gems’ pendants, earrings, and rings would not let you take your eyes off them! Check out the amazing Gem Carving Jewelry at Gemexi and grab your favorite piece, now!

Victorian Two-Tone Jewelry

With its remarkable looks and exciting connection with the Victorian era, the two-tone jewelry is often observed as an expression of dual states of mind. At Gemexi, you discover the most fascinating designs in two-tone jewelry including fashionable earrings, pendants, and rings as well. We have used the natural gemstones in innovative style while creating this exclusive range of two-tone jewelry. Adding liveliness and emphasizing joy and harmony, the rich vibrant look of our colorful and eye-catching two-tone jewelry will create an instant urge in you to own them. Wait no more and shop for the most appealing and dynamic Two Tone Jewelry at Gemexi!

Checkerboard Gemstone Jewelry

Checkerboard gemstone jewelry available at Gemexi is an amazing and unique choice for every woman who loves adding a bright, luxurious, and attractive quotient to her style! The highly popular and always-in-trend checkerboard gemstone jewelry is worn with equal admiration by both celebrities and commoners. Often seen on red carpet events or at extravagant occasions, the beautiful checkerboard gemstone jewelry can stimulate your appeal and attraction to the next level! Shop Unique Checkerboard Gemstone Jewelry at Gemexi in Natural Colorful Gemstones, like:
  1. •    Aquamarine 
  2. •    Morganite
  3. •    Turquoise
  4. •    Kyanite
  5. •    Peridot
  6. •    Cacoxenite
  7. •    Moonstone
  8. •    Labradorite
The engrossing features of our checkerboard gemstone pendants, checkerboard gemstone earrings, and rings will leave you stunned with their matchless beauty and quality!

Retro Bohemian Jewelry

Welcome to the magnificent world of Retro Bohemian Jewelry at Gemexi! Showcasing irresistible designs, the Retro Bohemian rings, pendants and other jewelry forms available at our store will leave you stunned with delight! Offering vintage beauty and making you feel close to nature, our diverse collection of Retro Bohemian Jewelry provides a wide variety of designs that can be combined well with a variety of outfits and occasions. Pick up a bold statement Retro Bohemian ring encasing natural green Peruvian amazonite or shop for the amazingly beautiful Retro Bohemian pendant possessing sparkling green malachite or beautiful labradorite. Make yourself look unique and stylish by shopping the most finely created Retro Bohemian jewelry at our store.

Star Jewelry

Celestial symbols have always been popular in inspiring various jewelry designs and forms all across the world. Contemplating the same as well as the huge demand for Star Jewelry, we, at Gemexi have created a super attractive assortment of Star Jewelry. Adding brilliance and bling to your persona, the star jewelry available at our store in form of pendants and necklaces will win your heart at the very first glance. Inclosing natural gemstones in star-shaped sterling silver settings and combining them with tiny silver stars and other creative designs, our Star Jewelry Collection is a perfect option for those who are looking for exceptionally beautiful jewelry that emphasizes feminine designs and delicacy. 

Moon Shaped Jewelry

The gentle beauty and influence of the moon can be clearly seen in the soothing designs of Moon Shaped Jewelry available at our Gemexi! The charming rings in crescent moon shape, the pretty pendants portraying the lovely design of the moon along with shining golden-yellow citrine or lovely peridot reflecting a moon shape while being encased in a fine sterling silver ring are just a few of the many awe-inspiring options available in the enchanting and exhaustive Moon Shaped jewelry available At Gemexi. Symbolizing female empowerment and many other significant meanings, the Moon Shaped Jewelry at our store gives you a wide array of choices in form of lovely designs and numerous gemstones including Almandine, Moonstone, Citrine, Peridot, Mojave Turquoise, etc. 

Star And Moon Jewelry

Are you looking for the prettiest, trendiest, and most attractive jewelry that will make not only make you look energetic and beautiful but will also empower you with many abilities? If yes, it’s time for you to grab some nice deals on Star and Moon Jewelry available at Gemexi – the most trusted online destination to buy gemstones and jewelry! The pretty moon star pendants, necklaces, bracelets and rings in our exhaustive range of Star-Moon Jewelry collections reflect the beauty of highly imaginative designs that are original and unique. With a professional and proficient team of skillful artisans and a state-of-the-art workshop, Gemexi creates not just highly attractive and top-quality jewelry but also numerous memorable moments!

Plaster Jaipur Handcrafted Jewelry

Get an electrifying look with exquisite artistic jewelry found nowhere else! Yes! We are talking about the highly alluring and charismatic Plaster Jaipur Handcrafted Jewelry available at the leading gemstone and jewelry store Gemexi! Flaunt a unique and super alluring look at any occasion with our aesthetic jewelry pieces in plaster handcrafted range. Comprising nature-inspired patterns, swirls, traditional designs, and many other choices, the range of Plaster Jaipur Handcrafted Jewelry at Gemexi covers magnificent earrings and pendants. Find the lure and magnetism of appealing natural gemstones incorporated creatively in each of our designs in the Plaster Jaipur Handcrafted Jewelry Collection!

Handmade Faceted Gemstone Jewelry

Are you ready to dive into a world of unparalleled jewelry that is designed with deep love, care, and ingeniousness? Glance through the glittering oh-so-lovely jewels in our Handmade Faceted Gemstone Jewelry range at Gemexi. The overwhelming beauty of our jewels majorly lies in the resourcefulness of unique designs and combinations of natural colorful gemstones belonging to precious, semi-precious, and exotic gemstones. Check out the tremendously beautiful rings and pendants created using peridots, amethysts, almandines, topaz, citrine, and more. The blend of two or three gemstones in our rings and pendants gives a vibrant look to each jewelry piece in our exquisite Handmade Faceted Gemstone Jewelry Collection. Shop the most beautiful jewelry from Handmade Faceted Jewelry at Gemexi and look extraordinary on any special occasion!

Gemstone Stud Earrings

Shop for a pair of beautiful earrings to enhance your look for any occasion. At Gemexi, our team of talented artisans has created a comprehensive range of gemstone stud earrings that include a variety of natural gemstones in different colors and types. Discover the luxurious Baltic Amber, Emerald, Citrine, Onyx, Moonstone, Ethiopian Opal, and many more varieties of gemstones incorporate in an innovative style in our earrings’ collections. From trendy dangle earrings to tiny heart-shaped, squarish, oval, round, and many more other styles, you will find plentiful choices in our Gemstone Stud Earrings assortment. Shop and own as many pairs of unique earrings as you want! Be the center of attraction in any event and win tons of compliments for your looks as well as for your exceptional choice in jewelry!

Faceted Gemstone Jewelry

Add a fascinating glow and charm to your appearance by wearing highly beautiful and dazzling Faceted Gemstone Jewelry available at Gemexi! Each of our awe-inspiring pieces witnesses the acumen of perfect cuts and shapes of our scintillating, colorful, and natural gemstones. Wear Kyanite, Amethyst, Pearl, Citrine, Almandine, Topaz, Ruby, Sapphire, Rose Quartz, and other natural gemstones in the best shapes and cuts in form of enchanting, rings, pendants, and necklaces. Encased in the suitable settings of 925 sterling silver, the faceted gemstone jewelry at Gemexi has got a rich appeal. It is surely the right choice to shop, own and flaunt when you desire to look special on special occasions! 

Raw Ethiopian Jewelry

The playful mix of colors in the stunning Ethiopian Opal looks even more lively when combined with other natural colorful gemstones like garnet, peridot, amethyst, etc. At Gemexi, the dazzling beauty of Raw Ethiopian Jewelry can be enjoyed in trendy-looking rings and pendants. Known majorly for granting brilliant foresight to its wearer, the Raw Ethiopian Opal is popular for many other properties too! Avail of the healing advantages and beauty of raw Ethiopian opal by shopping beguiling jewelry at Gemexi. The multi-color look and the sparkle of 925 sterling silver of our raw Ethiopian jewelry range will impress you in just a couple of seconds! Check out the range today and place an order for the piece that appeals to you the most!

Raw Moonstone Jewelry

Clad with immense calmness and brilliant beauty that resembles the moon, the raw moonstone is a beautiful and soothing gemstone that looks even more compelling when used creatively in making jewelry! Gemexi is the best and most authentic online destination when you desire to shop the most creatively designed Raw Moonstone Jewelry. Superb Assortment of Unique Designs At Gemexi, we have reimagined and designed the beautiful raw moonstone jewelry that includes alluring combos with other gemstones like Rough Kyanite, Rough Sunstone, Charoite, Opal, Peruvian Amazonite, etc. Explore our varied and rich raw moonstone jewelry collections with ease and delight and grab your favorite piece by placing an order, now!

Link Gemstone Bracelet

Ornate with the exceptional beauty of white pearls, black dot quartz, green coper turquoise, blue labradorite, and many more other natural gems, the Link Gemstone Bracelet collection at Gemexi mesmerizes anyone in just a couple of seconds!  The classic designs coupling original gemstones and sterling silver portray a unique appeal that you always desire for various occasions. With a plethora of designs and abundant choices, the rich collection of Link Gemstone Bracelets at Gemexi is worth checking out!  Explore the numerous splendid bracelets in our range and get your hands on the most fascinating Link Gemstone Bracelet that appeals to you the most!

Bali Style Ring

The delicate and intricate work is done in 925 sterling silver when combined with a variety of natural gemstones like emerald, abalone, oyster Arizona turquoise, tourmaline, citrine, and yet many more other varieties look truly fascinating! And this is what you get to witness in our exclusive and enchanting Bali Style Ring Collection! At Gemexi, we believe in delighting our customers with astonishingly beautiful jewelry that is trendy and voguish. Therefore, we have created a pleasing and super-attractive collection of Bali Style Rings. With each ring having a distinguished design and style, our Bali Style Ring collection surprises you with immense choices. Glance through the exhaustive range of Bali Style Rings and shop for your favorite ring that helps you create a wonderful style quotient!

Boho Rings

Boho Rings are a perfect fashion accessory for those who want to look adorable and unique with the most vibrant and fashionable jewelry. With nature-inspired patterns and impressive designs, the Boho rings truly help you get the desired voguish look that you always crave! If you are looking for chic Boho rings done in silver and natural gemstones, Gemexi presents a wide collection that will give you a plethora of choices in form of eye-catching and vibrant Boho Rings. Explore the Boho Rings at Gemexi that are categorized into the following and even more collections:
  1. •    Azurite 
  2. •    Mojave Turquoise 
  3. •    Labradorite
  4. •    Amethyst
  5. •    Onyx
  6. •    Chalcedony
  7. •    Carnelian
  8. •    Moonstone
  9. •    Rutile 
  10. •    Emerald
Let our Boho Rings slip beautifully into your delicate fingers so that you get an effortless and stylish look!

Chakra Jewelry

The brilliantly crafted Chakra Jewelry at Gemexi is so vivacious and catchy that you won’t stop exploring more and more options at our site! The multiple gemstone combinations, trendy designs full of style and beauty, and numerous choices all await you at Gemexi! Our Chakra jewelry is unique and different from the rest because it combines the power of natural gemstones and immense creativity. Offering all the goodness that you expect from your healing jewelry, the chakra jewelry at our store includes chakra rings, chakra earrings, and chakra pendants reflecting many fascinating designs, like: 
  1. •    Feather charm chakra pendant
  2. •    Chakra gold ring with multiple gemstones 
  3. •    Feather charm amethyst cornelian garnet chakra pendant
  4. •    Chakra amethyst carnelian garnet Wicca symbol pendant
  5. •    Multi-gemstones chakra pointer pendant
  6. •    Infinity amethyst cornelian topaz garnet silver chakra earrings
Experience perfect meditation, harmony, love, and happiness in your life by shopping the most alluring Chakra Jewelry at Gemexi!

Meditation Rings

Meditate anytime, anywhere with our easy-to-use and super stylish Meditation Rings! Totally denying the concept that meditation accessories can be dull or boring, the bright vibrant collection of meditation rings at Gemexi, instead proves that the meditation jewelry can be extremely beautiful and catchy! Check out our innovative meditation ring collection in various types of gemstones and styles including the Indonesian Bali Style Meditation Ring, Pearl Collection of Meditation Rings, Moonstone Rings for meditation, and yet more! From movable bands to rings that have adjustable size options and more, you will find a great variety of meditation rings at our store. Buy tremendously beautiful meditation rings from our store and get ready to meditate easily in style anytime!  

Crystal Healing Jewelry

At Gemexi, Crystal Healing Jewelry gets a new definition! It’s a perfect blend of beauty, natural gemstones, and matchless quality. Come, take a look at the astonishing collection of Crystal Healing Jewelry at our store. Providing exceptionally beautiful designs and eye-catching styles, each of our crystal healing jewelry comes with its own uniqueness. Explore the following magnetic designs and much more in our Crystal Healing Jewelry Collection at Gemexi:
  1. •    Pointer pendant in colorful multiple gemstones
  2. •    Crystal healing Lord Ganesha pendants, Snake Pendants, Om symbol pendants, and more varieties
  3. •    Variety of crystal honey bee pendants in rose quartz, moonstone, labradorite, etc
  4. •    Rings in tiger iron, onyx, and more gemstones
  5. •    Healing drops and studs ornate with the beauty of natural gemstones

Bezel Gemstone Earrings

The awe-inspiring look of our exhaustive and stunning Bezel Gemstone Earrings range will leave you mesmeric! Moreover, the perfection of bezel settings in our earrings will keep you confident and worry-free as you must be knowing that the bezel setting is considered one of the most popular jewelry settings that don’t let your gems fall off! Explore the wide collection of Bezel Gemstone Earrings embedding many beautiful natural gemstones like Ruby, Topaz, Almandine, Amethyst, Onyx, and yet more. The sparkling look, unique designs including nature-inspired shapes like leaves, flowers, etc, and varied shapes incorporating triangles, squares, rounds, and ovals in our Bezel Gemstone Earrings assortment will give you fab choices to buy from! Place an order today to get an extraordinary look for any special occasion!

Bezel Necklace Jewelry

You ought to have one or a few in your jewelry collection! Yes! That will be your very first reaction when you glance through our sparkling assortment of Bezel Necklace Jewelry. The immersive look and the fine blend of multiple natural and real gemstones like Ruby, Chalcedony, Turquoise, Moonstone, Labradorite, Tiger Iron, Malachite, Thulite, etc. in our luxurious Bezel Necklace Jewelry range will want you to buy not just one but many beautiful necklaces! At Gemexi, each jewelry product is created with hard work, deep passion, and extreme imaginativeness. Every bezel necklace reflects this distinctly! Shop colorful bezel necklaces emitting the beauty and fineness of natural gemstones in many alluring shades. Match them with your different apparel and moods and get all the admiration that you deserve!

Statement Jewelry

Express your personality through beautiful and bold statement jewelry available at our online store - Gemexi. Speaking about the rich inventiveness and refined skills of our talented artisans, every item in our Statement Jewelry range has got uniqueness and rich appeal. The fine and diverse collections include Topaz, Aquamarine, Chalcedony, Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian, Pearl, Iolite and even more choices. Pick up from a wide array of designs including the seahorse pattern, leafy motifs, net patterns, and more. Whether you want to own and flaunt an eye-catching statement ring or fashionable statement earrings, we have got the most amazing options at our store. Check out and shop from the comprehensive range of Statement Jewelry at Gemexi and let the world know about your fabulous choice of jewelry! 

Coffin Shaped Jewelry

The extremely captivating and charming Coffin Shaped Jewelry is one of the most popular jewelry trends today! Catch it on red carpet events or fashion ramps and even on special occasions attended by commoners as well as the eminent ones! It looks gorgeous and reminds us that we are lucky to be alive! You will discover many enchanting options in form of creatively crafted earrings, rings, and pendants. Moreover, the exclusive collections embedding various types of gemstones like Laguna Lace Agate, Turtle Agate, Jasper, Azurite, and yet more have helped us offer a new look to the much popular Coffin Shaped Jewelry. Check out the alluring and diverse assortment of Coffin Shaped Jewelry at Gemexi, now, and place an order for your favorite option!

Poison Box Jewelry        

Do you love wearing vintage-style jewelry with an attractive modern twist? If so, the Poison Box Jewelry at Gemexi awaits your visit! Blending the much popular box style jewelry with modern trends and designs, we have created an exclusive range of Poison Box Jewelry that includes very charming pendants and rings. The fascinating real gemstones like Tiger Iron, Turquoise, Emerald, Amethyst, Rainbow Calsilica, Citrine, and many more have been incorporated imaginatively into our Poison Box Jewelry collection. While you shop the most attractive pieces from this range at our store, you will be delighted to know that the very special Poison Box Jewelry can be used to store your precious tiny treasures safely inside it. Keep a little note or the name of your loved one inside it.

Send a message across to your sweetheart using our luxury pendants or rings. Serving as the perfect gift option, the Poison Box Jewelry at Gemexi will give you delightful choices both in terms of quality and designs. Grab the most beautiful Poison Box Jewelry at the most reasonable cost at our store. Visit our site today and glance through the amazing pendants and rings in Poison Box style! The more you explore, the more you will feel the glee of discovering fresh designs with each one being more attractive than the previous one! 

Raw Gemstone Jewelry

The splendid beauty of Raw Gemstone Jewelry available at Gemexi will make you fall in love with it! The original look and beauty of natural gemstones are retained perfectly in each of our pieces in the Raw Gemstone Jewelry collection. Telling the tales of nature and its beautiful treasures, the raw gemstones have been used imaginatively in form of our charismatic pendants, rings, and earrings. Witness the sparkle of the Herkimer diamond. Get involved in a royal affair with our raw amethyst gemstone collection.

Check out the lovely and wide range of raw sapphires or get engrossed in the bright and refreshing shades of raw peridots. From the deeply shaded gemstones like the almandine, tanzanite, and ruby to the most soothing ones like the morganite, rose quartz, and more, you will come across magnificent options of raw gemstone jewelry at our store. Moreover, the raw gemstone jewelry at our online store looks, even more, captivating with its designs that include Tree of Life, Sear horse, horsehead, moon and the list goes on! Team up a raw gemstone pendant with any casual outfit or flaunt trendy raw gemstone earrings with your formal attires. In every style and on all occasions, our Raw Gemstone Jewelry will make you look unique and distinct. 

Raw & Cabs Crystal Jewelry        

Nothing can be more beautiful than flaunting marvelous jewelry that incorporates the beauty of natural cab crystals and raw gemstones! If you don’t have one, you are missing a major part of fashion trends and also the opportunity of adding the factor of uniqueness to your style! But when you have the most promising collection of Raw & Cabs Crystal Jewelry before your eyes, you don’t need to get frustrated anymore! Yes! We are talking about the exclusive range of Raw and Cabs Crystal Jewelry available at Gemexi. The stunning and scintillating raw gemstones like aquamarines, peridots, Oregon sunstones, opals,

Herkimer diamonds and turquoise gemstones all get a fresh and unique look when combined ingeniously with the glistening cab crystals. The combo is simply fabulous! At Gemexi, we love experimenting with the edgiest and most innovative design ideas. After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained! Our inquisitiveness and passion to create the most distinguished jewelry forms help us present one of the kind jewels to our customers. Checking out our range of Raw and Cabs crystal pendants and rings will let you understand and know the same! Just explore our collection and place an order now to add a touch of glam and beauty to your style. 

Multi-Gemstone Pendant    

Transform each day into a special one by donning the most elegant and pretty multi-gemstone pendants from our collection. Whether you are looking for a pendant with the same type of multiple gemstones or want to get your hands on the one that has different types of gemstones in it, you will find all the styles and most powerful designs in our collection of multi-gemstone pendants in Gemexi. When you have these dainty treasures in your box, you do not need to wait for an occasion! However, it is worth mentioning that whenever you will wear our colorful multi-gemstones pendants, regardless of the occasion or style, you will get tons of compliments! Sourcing astonishingly lovely real gemstones like Amber, Rhodochrosite, Sapphire, Moonstone, Labradorite, etc from the best of places around the world and including them in pretty pendants. 

We endeavor to serve you a style that becomes your jewelry trend! Shop our bright and beautiful, classy, and colorful multi-gemstone pendants today and look more beautiful than before anytime you wish to! Shop a few for yourself or buy some for your dear ones so that they feel how thoughtfully you choose amazing and enchanting gifts for them! The remarkable beauty, rich appeal, and healing abilities of our natural gemstones will take you to a whole new world while owning our luxurious multi-gemstone pendants will give you all the delight that you experience for owning the most exquisite jewelry! 

Multi-Gemstone Ring

Imbued with serenity and style, sophistication, and sassiness, the multiple gemstones rings available at our online store Gemexi are a true treasure to own. The dainty and exquisite design in each multiple gemstone ring in our collection owes its credit to our talented artisans who have designed and created rings that are incredibly beautiful and irresistibly attractive! If the world of natural gemstones has always fascinated you, and you have always wished to own some delicate jewelry accessories that show the rich combo of real gems, shopping for a statement multi-gemstone ring at our store will be a wonderful move! Check out as many as you want! From chalcedony, carnelian, ruby, and turquoise to larimar, Ethiopian opal, kyanite, opal, moonstone more you will discover the most trend-led magnificent rings at our portal. While many of you might think of rings as tiny access or with the least value in looks or style, the truth is just the opposite!

These delicate pieces are a super stylish way of jazzing up your entire look. A thoughtfully chosen multi-gemstone ring from our online collection can style up your appearance in just a couple of seconds. Team up our colorful rings with your short mini black dress or combine your plain white flowy dress with a colorful multi-gemstone ring. Uniquely highlighting your attire, our bright and captivating multi-gemstone ring will make you win hearts! 

Single Gemstone Pendant

The epitome of beauty, opulence, craftsmanship, and quality, the single gemstone pendant collection at Gemexi is a must-check for every jewelry lover! The serene yet magnetic feature of a creatively and perfectly crafted single gemstone pendant is that it enhances the beauty of every attire and makes every occasion feel special! It is a jewelry style that should be owned by every woman. While we all have our own choices and preferences in jewelry, some common selections must be owned by everyone and a single gemstone pendant exemplifies the same! Shop for our splendid pendants with stunning single gem styles that include Laguna lace agate, Kambaba jasper, ametrine, bloodstone, coral, turtle agate, coral, grass garnet, and a wide variety of precious and semiprecious gemstones.

Team up a nice single gemstone pendant with a colorful top and skirt for a juvenile casual look. Add a touch of feminine beauty by wearing a nicely done single gemstone pendant with your formal pantsuit. Combine your ethnic attires with a single gemstone pendant and see how it takes your style and looks to the next level! With abundant choices and a rich variety of gemstones, our assortment of Single Gemstone Pendants will unfold incredible choices before you! Just check out the range today! 

Long Gems Jewelry        

With our Long Gems Jewelry collection at Gemexi, we ensure providing you a look that can jazz up even your minimalist design attires. The fab and exhaustive range of Long Gems Jewelry at our site will leave you awe-struck with its marvelous choices in designs. Explore the comprehensive collection of long gems jewelry in form of gripping rings that give you all the glee and thrill of owning special and unique-looking jewelry! The long gem rings consisting of alluring natural gemstones and sterling silver have the magic to enhance your look in a couple of seconds. The perfectly cut oval shape of gemstones and the wide price range that falls between USD 9 and goes up to 100 USD and above gives you a variety of choices to choose from.

Explore our Long Gems Jewelry collections wherein we have created separate categories according to different types of real gemstones. The enchanting long gems jewelry collections consisting of Turquoise, Larimar, Lapis Lazuli, Laguna Lace Agate, Topaz, Labradorite, Kyanite, Amethyst, Moonstone, and even more await your visit and glance at our site. The perfect settings, beautiful and trendy shapes, and a wide variety of gemstones in our Long Gems Jewelry range are sure to offer particular and preferred options to everyone according to their unique taste in jewelry.  

Big Gemstone Jewelry        

Capture attention wherever you go with our bold and beautiful Big Gemstone Jewelry pieces. The big gemstone jewelry has the power and way to augment your look. Picking up the most fashionable and sophisticated pieces in form of overwhelming big gemstone rings and pendants will create superb styling opportunities for you. Sourcing real and excellent quality gemstone from the best places around the world, team Gemexi has showcased a vivid variety of Bog Gemstone Jewelry comprising Mariposite, Sodalite, Laguna Lace Agate, Bloodstone, Black Golden Seraphinite, Labradorite, Kyanite, Topaz, and other alluring gemstones.

The perfect settings in sterling silver that have their unique designs add even more allure to our charming pendants and rings. While the dazzling gemstones in our big gemstone jewelry will mesmerize you with their natural beauty, the sterling silver designs like Tree of Life, Angel, Elephant, Crab, Lotus flower, Owl, Leaf, Hamsa Hand of God, and various other things will thrill you with the imaginativeness. Shop most voguish Big Gemstone Jewelry at our site and team it up with any attire to create bold catchy jewelry statements. Shop and own a few pieces for your collection or buy our radiant pieces as a lovely gift for your near and dear ones!  

Stackable Rings

As classic as the popular vintage patterns and yet reflecting multiple contemporary patterns, the collection of Stackable Rings at Gemexi is worth checking by those who love wearing stylish jewelry that blends all trends! The very popular and trend-led Stackable Rings can be worn and flaunted in many amazing ways as well as on different occasions. The overwhelming combinations including Almandine, Ruby, Moonstone, Amethyst, Citrine, and many more other beautiful gemstones make our stackable rings collection truly luxurious pieces to own! Handcrafted with deep creativity and unbound passion, each of our stackable rings is isl of magnificence and glory.

The colorful look of these rings is aesthetic and you can add as many rings to your style as you want! Create a stack of rings on either or all of your fingers for a bold statement look. You can also shop for a single stack that will bring extra charm to any of your styles. We have included various types of natural gemstones in various shapes and cuts so that you get a wide range to choose from. The square shape, round shape,e, and oval shape are attained with acumen by our talented artisans who are richly experienced and highly skillful in jewelry making. If you are looking for the most unique stackable rings online, Gemexi is your undisputed choice! 

Big Size Cocktail Rings

Hunting for some splendid and unique bold jewelry pieces? Check out the Big Size Cocktail Rings at our online store! Creating quick magic of gaining infinite attention and imbued with awesome designs and natural gemstones, the collection of Big Size Cocktail Rings at our site is worth exploring for every fashion lover! If you follow the style mantra ‘Less is more, our cocktail rings in big size will serve your purpose best. Wear these big and bold rings with your dazzling party gown and get a unique evening look. Create memories with a bold ring by wearing it with your beach dresses. Turn every casual outfit and occasion into a special one by shopping and wearing colorful and dazzling big-size cocktail rings available At Gemexi.

Done in many catchy shapes like oval, round, drop, pear, triangular and rough shapes, the breath-taking designs of our cocktail rings will stun you with delight. The natural appearance and allure of Italian Murano Glass, Turquoise, Kunzite, Aragonite, Larimar, Spiny Oyster Arizona Turquoise, etc get even more enhanced when set in form of striking cocktail rings. The wide price range, variety of options in designs, and the different types of gemstones make our Big Size Cocktail Rings collection truly attractive. Place an order today for your favorite big-size cocktail ring now!

Solitaire Gemstone Ring

Solitaire gemstone rings are the epitome of beauty, love, promise, and commitment. They have always remained in style and demand. And most importantly, the Solitaire gemstone rings will always remain in trend, no matter what! Therefore, we thought to curate a unique Solitaire Gemstone Ring collection that truly matches your expectations and desires when you are looking for the most compelling and magnificent solitaire rings made of natural gems. Talk about designs and our range will delight you with the most novel patterns. Talk about shapes and our collection will reveal manifold choices in form of rectangular, square, round, and long shapes. And yes! When it is to the types of gemstones used in our solitaire gemstone ring assortment, there is just no limit.

Discover Ethiopian Opal, Tanzanite, Ametrine, Pearl, Fluorite, Chalcedony, Emerald, Moonstone, Sapphire, and many other luxurious and gripping gemstones in our online collection of Solitaire Gemstone Ring. Surprise your mom with a lovely moonstone solitaire ring. Gift your soulmate a sparkling solitaire gemstone ring done in emerald or sapphire and observe her lasting smile!  Explore our exhaustive collection today and place an order now before the best pieces fly off the shelves! We bet you won’t be able to quench your thirst for owning a beautiful solitaire gemstone ring by buying just one from our store! And surely, we would love to have you here at our site again and again!

Precious Gemstone Jewelry        

Own and cherish the beauty of gorgeous precious gemstones by shopping for excellent quality Precious Gemstone Jewelry at Gemexi. The most alluring fact that you will get to enjoy while you buy Precious Gemstone Jewelry at our online store is that you will discover a wide array of beautiful gemstones. Our assorted range of Precious Gemstone Jewelry comprises unique, rare, and precious gemstones like almandine, ruby, citrine, amethyst, topaz, sapphire, Ethiopian opal, tourmaline, aquamarine, and yet many more other gripping gems. From classic pendants to create necklaces, and incredible drop earrings to smart studs, rings, and more, you will find a variety of jewelry forms in our Precious Gemstone Jewelry collection. The vivid variety of natural gemstones, their unbelievably beautiful lusters, natural patterns, and the innovative designs in our collection will leave you awestruck!

Gemexi is the perfect destination for every gemstone and jewelry lover who loves buying the most beautiful, catchy, and high-quality gemstones and jewelry at the most reasonable cost. We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that we source our gemstones from the best places around the world and offer captivating jewelry pieces made of only real and natural gemstones. Explore our site now to bag some of your favorite jewelry pieces now! 

Crown Jewelry        

Enter the world of power, strength, and, responsibility by wearing the much popular Crown Jewelry! Just as the name suggests, Crown Jewelry has got a direct connection with the monarchs and the royal families. While there are tales of admiration and inspiration linked to this jewelry, in simple words, you can say that the crown jewelry represents power, authority, and duties as well. No doubt, it also makes you feel special and valued, just like a queen! After all, it’s the crown that catches all the attention! If you too are a fan of sparkling jewelry pieces done in the crown style, Gemexi offers you a wonderful collection of Crown Jewelry. The finely created and luxurious-looking, earrings, and other jewelry forms will unfold irresistible beauty before you! The superb cuts of natural gemstones, the fashionable and attractive shapes of our crystals, and the very unique crown design and settings will reveal a whole new world of lure, beauty, and aristocracy before you. We bet you won’t be able to leave our online store without placing an order for a few of your desired scintillating Crown Jewelry pieces.

The astonishing patterns and forms in our Crown Jewelry assortment include many highly attractive gemstones like laguna lace agate, almandine, amethyst, pearls, onyx, rose quartz, rhodochrosite, malachite, citrine, sapphire, chalcedony, amazonite and yet many more! Visit our site now to shop for exclusive Crown Jewelry that is worth collecting! 

Three Stone Rings        

Realize your dream of discovering the most tempting and splendid Three Stone Rings at Gemexi! Our comprehensive range of Three Stone Rings is candy for the eyes and a treat for your appearance. Representing the beautiful concept of pat, present, and future, the three-stone rings remain always in demand in the entire world. However, to grab the most exceptional designs in this category, you ought to visit our online store where you will find pretty pieces that include only the natural gemstones in amazing cuts, shapes, and settings. Glance through our awesome combos of gemstones in three-stone rings. Observe the beauty of designs that are a trend in themselves. From the very charming Kyanites, Emeralds, Ethiopian Opals, and Garnets to Lolitases, Topaz gems, Citrines, and more, you will come across a wide array of resplendent

Three stone rings at our site. Shop the most desired and elegant Three stone rings from our store. Gift them to your better half and see how special and delightful they feel! A symbol of love, commitment, and promise, the three stone rings are a must-have for everyone who loves having special jewelry with a deep connection associated with it. Gemexi is committed and devoted to offering the top-quality Three stone rings that represent the fineness of making, the most unique designs, and the incorporation of natural gemstones. 

Minimalist Petite Ring

The winsome designs of minimalist petite rings at Gemexi will win your heart at the very first glance! The delicate thin bands, small gemstones, and simple yet elegant patterns in our range of minimalist petite rings will give you plentiful choices in terms of styling! Yes! While you shop and own some beautiful petite rings with minimalist patterns in them from our store, you will get to flaunt them in endless ways! Wear them as they are or combine them with the bold and beautiful rings to create a unique fashionable style of your own. The petite rings available at our store are also an amazing choice for those who want to wear elegant and sophisticated-looking jewelry regularly. Whether it's your office attire or a casual one, you can wear, combine and flaunt our innovatively crafted minimalist petite rings with different dresses.

The dazzling look and combos of gemstones like larimar, aquamarine, labradorite, garnet, rainbow topaz, moonstone, coral, etc. are simply breath-taking! Check out our exhaustive collection of minimalist petite rings and place an order today to own the most beautiful rings that look delicate, graceful, and stylish even in their simplest and minimalist patterns. Once you check our designs, you won’t think twice to place an order today!

Fancy Shape Jewelry        

Get ready to look beyond the common shapes and designs in gemstone jewelry. At Gemexi, we redefine, reimagine, and recreate jewelry that leaves you stunned with its creativity and magnificence. We present just another feather in our cap of creativity, our very exclusive Fancy Shape Jewelry - a range that is devoted to unique shapes and never-like-before designs. Witness the shapes and cuts of gemstones that you must have never noticed before. Check out our pear shapes, oval shapes, hexagonal patterns, semi-circles/ half-moon, triangular shapes, and a wide range of elongated shapes in gemstones that capture anyone’s attention in no time! The gorgeous and graceful rings, pendants, and earrings reflecting the beauty of fancy shapes in our astonishing collection of Fancy Shape Jewelry are a must-have for everyone who loves to own and wear beguiling unique jewelry.

While we have included almost all stylish and innovative shapes in our collection, we are always ready for the bespoke orders also. Hence, if you wish to see any of our gemstones’ shapes in a particular design, just let our team know about it and we will deliver your dream jewelry consisting of the most fanciful shaped gemstones. From onyx, lapis lazuli, and laguna lace agate to carnelian, turquoise, moonstone, and many more other varieties, you will find the most magnificent natural gemstones in our range of Fancy Shape Jewelry!

Snake Jewelry        

The whimsical designs and transcendent quality of Snake Jewelry at Gemexi are worth checking for every jewelry aficionado. Complimenting any dress and making you stand out of the crowd in any event or occasion, our snake jewelry is made of splendid and rich designs that incorporate fine quality natural gemstones. The exuberant collection of Snake Jewelry at our online store encompasses fascinating gemstones like phosphosiderite, turquoise, pearl, abalone, lapis lazuli, moonstone, ruby, sapphire, and other enchanting pieces. Using 925 sterling silver and original gemstones from the best places around the world, we have created beautiful snake jewelry in form of exquisite snake pendants, snake rings, and snake earrings. If you are looking for unique and stunning jewelry with profound meaning associated with it, our snake jewelry assortment will give you plentiful options.

The entwined snake patterns in sterling silver have been used creatively in the formation of pendants, rings, and earrings that look quite catchy, fashionable, and incredibly impressive. Shop your favorite snake jewelry from our online store today and get ready to flaunt your classic choice in jewelry with our astonishing designs. Considered as helpful and supportive jewelry for adopting changes smoothly in life and instilling purification, the snake jewelry is surely an awesome choice for beautiful and meaningful jewelry options.   

Chandelier Gemstone Earrings        

Add superb elegance and sophistication to your style with our perfectly crafted chandelier gemstone earrings! Comprising sterling silver and natural gemstones, the chandelier gemstone earrings collection at our online store offers remarkable and plentiful choices for exquisite-looking jewelry. The best part of our chandelier gemstone earrings is that you can pick beautiful pairs of earrings that compliment any type of outfit. Be it your evening party look or a casual get=together, a formal official gathering, or a grand celebration, the chandelier gemstone earrings at Gemexi are there to add tons of attraction to your persona.

The original gemstones included in our chandelier gemstone earrings collection have a wide array of natural gemstones like tiger iron, lapis lazuli, labradorite, laguna lace agate, turquoise, rose quartz, abalone, chalcedony, amethyst, and more! The delicate designs, attractive swaying, and variety of shapes including the pear shape, the elongated shapes, and more enrich the beauty of our chandelier gemstone earrings. If you want to own a piece of jewelry that gives all the beauty and attention that you desire, owning a single colorful pair of chandelier earrings bought from our store will serve the purpose well! Refresh your box of jewels as well as your look with our impressive and exhaustive range of chandelier gemstone earrings. Glance through the stunning range today at our store!

Gemstone Tennis Bracelet        

Flourished with colorful natural gemstones that are cleanly embedded into creative designs, our range of Gemstone Tennis Bracelets will make you fall in love with it immediately! The graceful look and incomparable delicate appeal of the tennis bracelets are revered all over the world. Gemexi has gone the extra mile to create a unique collection of Gemstone Tennis Bracelets that you won't find anywhere else! Our gemstone tennis bracelets feature many alluring traits. The inclusion of natural gemstones, the fineness of cut and shapes, the uniqueness of designs, and the magic created with sterling silver links and closures are simply adorable. Whether

It is a perfect beach look or an evening out with your sweetheart, a romantic date, or a festive celebration, wearing our striking gemstone tennis bracelets will surely make you turn numerous heads towards you! From peridot, garnet, citrine, and topaz to sapphire, Ethiopian opal, coco nova jasper, labradorite, moonstone,e, and more, you will find a dazzling collection of most enchanting gemstone tennis bracelets at our online store. Grab as many pieces as you want! Wear them regularly or occasionally as you wish to! Own the most charming and delicate gemstone tennis bracelets at the most affordable cost available only At Gemexi!

Raw Gems Wire Wrapped Stud        

Finding the most stylish and gripping jewelry is truly half the battle won when you want to look stylish and stunning! The Raw Gems Wire Wrapped Studs collection is a beautiful choice in the same regard. The wire wrapping jewelry technique is indeed one of the oldest and most popular handmade jewelry techniques in the world. At Gemexi, we have tried to retain the essence of this age-old technique while adding dollops of creativity to the same! Our wire-wrapped studs flawlessly embed the raw gemstones. The clasp, prong, and other settings have been used creatively in certain pieces so that the gemstones stay fixed and you stay worry-free while flaunting your style and beauty at any event.

Our rich and colorful tourmaline earrings collection, the lovely raw tanzanite wire wrapped earrings collection, rose quartz wire wrapped studs and many more other varieties will unfold tons of beauty before you! We have utilized both the sterling silver and gold metal in our wire wraps. If you are looking for a sparkling pair of wire-wrapped earrings that can be worn with any outfit without a second thought then our natural white Herkimer diamond wire-wrapped studs will give you an amazing option. From most incredible designs to endless choices, you will find marvelous pairs of earrings in our online Raw Gems Wire Wrapped Stud collection.     

Plain Sterling Silver Jewelry        

The magnificence and grandeur of plain sterling silver jewelry are truly unmatchable in every sense. Showcasing comprehensive designs and offering the flexibility of complimenting every occasion and outfit, the sterling silver jewelry is always there to stay! Considering the unsurpassable beauty, attraction, and features of stylish silver jewelry, Gemexi has created an incredibly beautiful collection of Plain Sterling Silver Jewelry. The gleaming look of silver when combined with the excellence of craftsmanship gives matchless results! And this is what you get to witness in our collection of plain silver jewelry. The absolute devotion and passion of our artisans get reflected explicitly in our plain sterling silver jewelry range.

Check out our marvelous collection that encompasses many astonishing designs. Our Indonesian Bali style collection incorporates stylish and catchy designs in form of silver bulls, hearts, turtles, owls, clowns, and tree of life patterns. From beautiful nature-inspired themes to meaningful symbols and fashionable patterns, we offer something for everyone! The attractive price, quick delivery, free shipping, and perfect customizations are other amazing features that you get to enjoy while placing orders at our site. Just explore our comprehensive and rich range of Plain Sterling Silver Jewelry today and get ready to own the most sophisticated and charismatic jewelry!

Modern Flat Gemstone Jewelry        

Known for its impeccable craftsmanship and excellent quality jewelry, Gemexi is your true companion that caters perfectly to all your jewelry and gemstones’ needs. We now present a whole new range of astonishingly beautiful Modern Flat Gemstone Jewelry that embeds breath-taking designs in form of earrings, rings, and pendants. From malachites, pearls, and carnelians to onyx gems, tiger iron gemstones, and almandines, you will discover a wide variety of flat coin gemstones in our amazing and rich collection. The flat gemstones have been in use for a long time. The fascination and demand for flat gemstone jewelry have never faded away!

On the contrary, it has grown even more with time. Contemplating the growing demands and popularity of flat gemstones, Gemexi has come up with an entirely fresh range of Modern Flat Gemstone jewelry that showcases luxurious statement pieces for almost all sorts of occasions. Be it a romantic evening date or a formal gathering, a launch event, or a casual party with friends, our modern flat gemstone jewelry options will surprise you with adorable and enchanting options that you won’t find anywhere else! Come, take a look at our amazing range today and place your order for your desired piece of jewelry at our online store! 

Raw Kunzite Jewelry        

Keen on wearing jewelry that loads you with tons of compliments? Glance through our extensive and diverse range of Raw Kunzite Jewelry that comes with splendid designs, ease of wear, and affordability factor! The serene look and natural beauties are perfectly retained in our incredible collection of Raw Kunzite Jewelry. Check out our vivid range of pendants and rings done in raw kunzite and sterling silver. The powder pink shade of this amazing gemstone when combined with sterling silver creates a fab look! Moreover, the lure gets even more augmented when our talented artisans blend the same into a creative pattern.

If you are in search of soothing, enthralling jewelry that has a minimalist pattern and calming shades, you must quench your thirst by shopping the most stunning Raw Kunzite Jewelry available at our online store. While our all-inclusive range will cater well to your needs and choices, we would like to tell you that we are also open to customizations. When you place an order at Gemexi, you can stay assured about the fine quality of jewelry, originality of gemstones, timely delivery,y and of course, receiving happiness when you unwrap your order! Let us know what you have got in mind in terms of raw kunzite jewelry and we promise to deliver you the most fascinating piece that truly matches your requirement and desire! 

Gemstone Dangle Earrings        

Imbued with kaleidoscopic shades in form of natural gemstones and encapsulating the most refreshing designs, the Gemstone Dangle Earrings available at Gemexi are a true epitome of beauty and luxury! Once you glance through our rich range of gemstone dangle earrings, you will realize how these beguiling designs can help you jazz up your look in an effortless manner. While you wear innovative designs in form of charming gemstone dangle earrings available at our online store, you will get to witness the beauty of unique gemstones like Mexican Laguna Jasper, Spiny Oyster Arizona Turquoise, Aquamarine, Mookaite, Aragonite, and many more other compelling gemstones.

The best part is that all our gemstones are 100% original and sourced from the most authentic locations around the world. This in turn simply means that you will get to avail and relish all the associated healing benefits of natural gemstones while adding these style essentials to your personality! Treat yourself with our vivid and colorful gemstone dangle earrings or gift them to someone near and dear! The refreshing look and gripping designs of our gemstone dangle earrings will impress anyone at the very first glance. Explore our comprehensive range of Gemstone Dangle Earrings online today and get ready to look more beautiful than before!