Gem Silica

Gem Silica - Healing Properties, Color, Power & Facts

When life seems to be going in the way other than the plan, it starts to cause pressure, tension and stress in that person. Though this seems to be one of the most common problems that many people are seen facing in the modern world, in real it might just not be that easy. It is always advisable and safe to deal with these conditions in the people so that they start to be happy and life free of tensions. None of us like to suffer something like this and so, does many things to get saved. Not everything seems to work or maybe sometimes nothing seems to work.

This is exactly when people start assuming their life would never change and be the same. That is definitely not the truth. Did you know that the naturally occurring gemstones can deal with many life problems and bring in peace into life?! If your answer is no then trust this. The gemstones are wonder elements of the Mother Nature which are mostly available in abundant. Having a gemstone at your side is proved very beneficial to people as it started to remove all the negative visions and impacts from the life. Here, is one such gemstone that is an eye feast to the eyes and also works efficiently in removing all the troubles from life.

Where is Gem Silica found?

This wonder stone is known to be the Gem silica gemstone. Not found in abundant but has the best healing powers and various other divine properties. This being one of the precious and rarest gemstones ever is also one of the most desirable gemstones ever.

Recent statistics have shown that the mines from which these gemstones in their crudest form is extracted are far from meeting the demand scale.

Healing Properties

Here are the healing powers of the gem silica gemstone. These healing properties will take you to a ride of surprise. Here you go.

  • No more hidden feelings –

There might be a lot of you who might be struggling a great deal to talk their hearts out. That might seem to be simple, but in real it is difficult though. Most of the people do not speak their heart’s feelings because they are scared of rejection and failure. Do you also want to talk your heart’s feelings out?! Then here is the deal. Get the gem silica gemstone home and make sure you have it worn in contact with your skin. You purpose will be served for sure.

  • Purified home environment –

A lot of times it happens that the negativity and some of the evil powers enter our peaceful homes. This gets in disturbances and makes us lack peace to live. This is definitely what we are looking for. So, the best thing that can be done about this is to get home this wonderful gemstone that is capable of protecting your home sweet home from all these evil effects.

  • Problem solving buddy –

Okay, this might seem to be unrealistic to a lot of people out there. But trust this; you will be happy to have the gem silica gemstone at your side. Life sometimes seems to be difficult with all the possible doors or ways closed for you. It will help your thought process and problem-solving abilities to function at their best to get you rid of the nagging problems.

  • Kicks away bodily troubles –

Some health issues like blood pressure, heart problems, thyroid etc are most annoying and painful ones too. Well, the stone might completely not be able to eradicate these from the body, but will definitely help in maintaining in a way that they do not become severe.

  • Attracts wealth –

Who doesn’t want wealth?! All of us want, right?! Did you know that the silica gemstone is capable of attracting positive vibes and wealth into life? Well, if you are not aware of this fact, no worries because it is not too late. Get yourself the stone and attract wealth and prosperity into your life.

  • Empower your wisdom tracks –

Wisdom is one thing that drives us all away from troubles and other disturbances in life. It happens that our wisdom sometimes seems not to be working wise and that might lead to additional problems. This is not desirable at all. It is time to enhance the power of your wisdom and be wise head. With this you will be seeing yourself achieving things as planned and desired.

  • Release of physical toxins –

The reason for physical troubles like body pain, gastric problems, head ache, stomach ailments are reason of presence of toxins in the body. It is best to get them out of the body timely in order to make sure that you no longer have to face physical issues.

Gem Silica Facts

Gem Silica – Few Significant Facts

The natural productivity of the gem silica gemstone is decreasing which is making it hard to meet the growing demand almost every single day. The deposits of this gemstone are in their least quantities and mostly near copper deposits. This gemstone is said to be associated and resemble quartz, malachite, chalcedony. Though they all resemble alike, they have different properties quite different from each other.

The primary regions in which this stone is available are Arizona, Philippines, Peru, Taiwan and so on. Of all the regions listed here, Arizona is said to have the highest quality gem silica gemstones ever. The hardness of this gemstone is at the right scale making it easier to mold into different shapes that best suit into different jewelry.

The one primary component of this gemstone is the chrysocolla. The existence and the supply of this gemstone is so low that they are not usually seen in the jewelry stores or malls. Since the stone is rare, there are just a few jewelry dealers get their hands on it. Did you know that the gem silica gemstone powers are enhanced when kept in water

Metaphysical Properties

The gem silica gemstone is well known to heal the body through vibrational healing techniques. This is one of the most common and divine methods opted by a lot of people to get themselves cured. This is most desirable one but a lot of people find it hard to connect with the vibrations of healing. The gem silica stone helps you with it. The stone is also known to enhance the activity or the activeness of the most crucial chakra of the body i.e. the throat chakra. The stone after coming in contact with the skin helps in making your career visions clear and easy to achieve the same.

For all the people of the creative side of their careers, the gem silica is one of the best solutions ever because it helps them to bring forward their creative self and thus, excelling in the field. The color hue i.e. blue-green is known to invite joy and peace into life, making your life worth living. It activates the heart, throat and the eye chakras that are considered to be the most important chakras in the human body. This gemstone is also well known to work best when jewelry in combination of different metals is worn. Though not all the combinations are proved to be fruitful, but there are some which are highly beneficial.

Gem Silica Color

The appearance of this stone is as beautiful as anything in this world. The blue-green gemstone is said to have its color due to the presence of copper in it. One main attraction of this stone is its color and the properties that it carries on. It is generally found in the region where there is abundant of copper available. So, this is one of the main factors that is enough to identify the presence of the gemstone.

This gemstone, unlike the other gemstones, is on the hardest scale due. This makes it quite easy to be molded into different jewelry pieces.  There are a lot of people that often confuse between this gemstone and the other quartz that exhibit the same shade of color. It is definitely clear that the quartz in blue color and the gem silica are two different stones with a different set of properties. Not completely transparent, this stone is in the form of translucent. This takes its beauty to the whole new level. Most people prefer to have this gemstone by their side to protect themselves from negativity which is a trouble to us all. The top quality in this gemstone will cost a lot when compared to the ones that have medium quality.

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