Brucite - Meaning, Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Have you heard about brucite? Brucite crystal is a bundle of benefits! From inducing love, health, wellness and spirituality into your life to uplifting your mood and unveiling yet many more other delightful surprises, the brucite crystal is definitely worth owning and wearing.

Let us dig deeper and know about the brucite meaning, brucite spiritual meaning and many more other important advantages to contemplate the beautiful brucite crystal closely.

Brucite Meaning or History

Before we discuss the brucite spiritual meaning, let us talk about the meaning of this amazing stone. Well, the meaning of Brucite is related to Archibald Bruce. He was a popular American mineralogist who discovered the brucite crystal. The beauty of this crystal lies in its amazing range of colors and translucent appearance which takes specific shades like pink, red, yellow and more. This mineral is fibrous in nature and can be found in plated form, chunks and even horizontal form too. The most important historical fact related to the brucite crystal is that it was initially used for multiple industrial objectives, for example, in the creation of paper, fertilizer formation, etc. While history witnessed brucite as a crystal used for fulfilling industrial purposes, it is now revered for its beauty, jewelry purposes and countless brucite healing properties! 

Where is Brucite found?

The exquisite and magnetic Brucite comes from several locations around the world. Some of the well-known locations for brucite are Russia, Pakistan, the Czech Republic, the USA,South Africa, Spain, Canada, Thailand and Turkey. 

Healing Properties Of Brucite

  1. The Brucite crystal boosts the healing of bones that are cracked or fractured.
  2. One can get relief ie headaches, migraines and joint pains by using the brucite crystal. 
  3. Anyone who is facing troubles related to rising or declining temperatures of the body can find relief through this beautiful stone. 
  4. This stone embeds amazing energy that aids in fighting stomach problems too. 
  5. The scars and bruises can also heal quickly with the regular use of brucite. 
  6. Various muscle problems including body aches and stiffness can be addressed well with this crystal. 
  7. On the emotional level, the crystal is known for providing significant energy levels that help strengthen relations and combat various troubles. 
  8. Be it the beginning of a new project, or business, having Brucite at your side gives you immense confidence and positivity that helps remove nervousness and cold feet. 

Brucite Facts

Lets’ take a quick look at some of the interesting facts related to this lovely crystal.
  1. The fascinating brucite crystals are available in an alluring range of captivating shades including red, pink, green, grey, and more. 
  2. Recently, the yellow Brucite stone has been discovered in Pakistan.
  3. The stone is known to enhance the power of decision-making. 
  4. It is considered a lucky stone for starting any new business or venture.
  5. Brucite has the power to remove various types of body aches.
  6. It displays a lovely lustrous appearance.
  7. Earlier the stone was used only for industrial purposes but now it has got immense popularity in the world of healing crystals and jewelry. 

Metaphysical Properties Of Brucite

Even with a quick glance at the stone, you will notice that Brucite has a wonderful translucent look with a stunning pearly luster. Moreover, the specific colors give a vivid look and uniqueness to this stone that is found in red, pink, green, grey, and the recently discovered yellow shade. Examining the stone closely will let one conclude that it is a fibrous mineral with horizontal plates, rosette and other structure types. Be it about supporting and speaking the truth, making a quick wise decision, strengthening relationships, removing nervousness, inducing spirituality, or gaining health, Brucite acts as a lovely companion for its users or wearers and delights them with significant healing results and immense joy.

Why Would You Use Brucite?

Wondering why you should use this beautiful crystal? Indubitably, the brucite jewelry can make you look and feel special! However, that’s not the only reason why one should wear it! The multiple advantages offered by brucite make it a cherished crystal. Carry it, use it or wear it to enjoy the multiple benefits. 
  1. Wearing brucite, gives you confidence and removes your nervousness. Be it stage fright or talking to a stranger, the crystal will trigger confidence and a positive attitude so that you proceed smoothly further.
  2. If you have been striving to improve your power of expression and communication, it’s time to use brucite. It is known for its ability to stimulate the throat chakra resulting in confident communication and clear expression. 
  3. Do you often get stuck while trying to express yourself? Do you often feel the loss of words while trying to present your ideas or thoughts? If so, brucite healing properties will act as a savior for you! The stone is believed to improve the power of expression in its users and wearers. Once you start wearing this crystal, you will see the positive results in form of clear and confident expression of your thoughts. 
  4. In case, you have always wanted to support the truth but have never felt the confidence or gained the courage to do the same, using brucite will make a drastic change. Again, stimulating your throat chakra, it will give you the ability to speak the truth with confidence. 
  5. Have you ever faced a situation in your life wherein it becomes a daunting task for you to make others understand your feelings and thoughts? With brucite at your side, you can get rid of this trouble too! It is strongly believed that the stone nurtures clear ideas, better expression and impressive communication skills so that you speak with lucidity and others absolutely understand what you are trying to say! 

Brucite Color

If you have been wondering about the chief reason behind the availability of Brucite in a wide color palette, let us tell you that this crystal comprises magnesium hydroxide which makes the crystal appear white or colorless. The presence of other minerals is responsible for bringing in various shades. The tints in grey, bluish-green, pinkish white, light green and yellow give an attractive colorful yet waxy look to this stone. It also means that you can choose to wear the brucite of your preferred shade in form of exquisite brucite jewelry. The raw brucite jewelry looks very suave and sober. 

  • CleavagePerfect on {0001}
  • Other NamesBrucite is called nemalite
  • Crystal HabitTabular crystals; platy or foliated masses and rosettes – fibrous to massive
  • StreakWhite
  • Refractive Indexnω = 1.56–1.59 nε = 1.58–1.60
  • DiaphaneityTransparent
  • Mohs scale (hardness)
  • SourcesBrucite found in Russia, Pakistan, Czech Republic, USA, South Africa, Spain, Canada, Thailand, Turkey
  • Chemical formulaMg(OH)2
  • LustreVitreous to pearly
  • ColorTints in grey, Bluish-green, Pinkish white, Light green and yellow to brownish-red, Brown
  • Chakra HealingNA
  • Birthstone
  • Zodiacaries
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