Scapolite Jewelry Collection

Scapolite is a rare crystal found only in some parts of the world. First discovered in the year 1913 in Myanmar, its bright and fiery color makes it an attractive jewelry item. Though it is not found in abundance, it has become quite a well-known and collectors’ item because of its beauty. In jewelry making there are very few instances where Scapolite is used to create beautiful pieces. But when hand-crafted, you can get breathtakingly resplendent pieces of pendants, rings, earrings, and bangles. 

Why Are Scapolite Jewelry Considered So Unique?    

It must be conceded that you won’t find many Scapolite jewelry online stores because of its rarity. Very few jewelry craftsmen have ever seen the gemstone and even fewer have turned them into artistic jewelry items. But those who painstakingly handcraft each piece of Scapolite jewelry will agree that the fiery orange and yellow colored gemstone has a classical quality that is hard to ignore. 

Scapolite Through Ages    

Since this gemstone was only discovered about a century ago, there isn’t any recorded history of whether it was known to mankind (by any other name) before the 20th Century. Even since its discovery, there is precious little known about the stone except for the fact that it is mostly found in Myanmar, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, Norway, Switzerland, Brazil, Canada, and Tasmania.

Scapolite Jewelry Styles    

Scapolite is found in the vibrant hues of yellow, orange, pink, violet, and brown. Due to its contrasting and multi-faceted colors, its usage in jewelry making is also varying. Moreover, since this gemstone measures only about 5 and 6 on the Mohs scale it is not considered a highly durable or sturdy gemstone. Nevertheless, when craftsmen use their talent to create a unique Scapolite jewelry collection, every item is worth praising. 

Why Shop Scapolite Women’s Jewelry from Gemexi?   

Gemexi is an online jewelry stone that specializes in bringing to you rare gemstones and turning them into beautiful jewelry items. When we first heard of Scapolite, we were delighted to come across a crystal so pure, so unique yet so ambiguous that we had to try creating artful pieces of beauty. Our craftsmen worked tirelessly on each item and the results are for everyone to see. We take pride in each of the creations and can proudly claim that they have been hand-crafted with love and care by some of the best artisans in Jaipur.

Check Out The Collection At Gemexi    

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