Emerald - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

One of the most precious stones of all, Emerald holds its own significance in the world of gems and jewels. It is a variety of mineral beryl and is green in color due to the presence of chromium and sometimes vanadium. Like all the other stones, Emerald is also judged on the basis of four C’s of Connoisseurship: Color, carat weight, Cut, and Clarity. The fineness of Emerald is identified by how transparent it is and how intense is its green hue. Emerald Jewelry is sometimes treated with oil to enhance its transparency and excellence.

Emerald is signified as the stone of goddess Venus and has been thought since ages as the stone of love and hope

Emerald has been the stone that is fascinating people almost since six thousand years. It was sold in the market of Babylon almost 4000 years back. This pious green crystal was worshipped by the Incas as the people of Inca civilization used to believe that it is the abode of a goddess.

In Egypt, emerald was considered to be the stone that bestows eternal life; it was also the favourite stone of Queen Cleopatra. Some of the emerald mines that were discovered in Egypt were also named as Cleopatra’s mines.

Where Is The Emerald Gemstone Found

This spectacular green jewel is found in over thirty countries around the word, like Russia, India, Zambia, Brazil, Pakistan, Canada, China, Ethiopia, Egypt, Spain, Switzerland, Tanzania, Somalia, etc., but the superlative Emerald stone can be acquired from Colombia and South America.

Healing Properties Of Emerald

The valuable and beneficial properties that Emerald offers to those who wear it with complete belief are:

  • Physical Healer

Emerald can protect a person from diseases, like gastritis, diarrhoea, dysentery, breast cancer, stomach cancer, mouth cancer, meningitis, insomnia, asthma, ulcer, amnesia, epileptic seizures, labour-pain, hypertension, nerve problem, paralysis, etc. For some of the health issues mentioned here, a combination of Emerald and some other stone is advised by the experts for better results. 

The elixir of emerald was believed to cure cardiac ailments and gas. An eye bath can also be taken from the water in which emerald crystal was soaked for overnight. This water can treat the eye infections and provides relief to the burning eyes.

This green jewel is said to improve the concentration levels of the individuals especially the children. The stone also holds the power of enhancing reasoning, intellect, memory and spirituality.

  • Emotional Healer

Emerald is basically a crystal of the heart, which makes it an outstanding emotional healer. It nourishes the aura and the emotional field thereby healing misfortunes and heartbreaks. It instils wealth, gentleness, optimism, and encouragement in the person so that he truly believes in himself and his abilities. It clears away the negative patterns of the mind and heart. The stone of recovery and regeneration, emerald brings vitality and freshness in life.

Emerald is said to spread harmony and understanding in the partners, which can lead to a successful marriage.

  • Spiritual Healer

Emerald is a stone of ambition and motivation. By opening the heart chakra, it opens and clears ways, which leads to the spiritual journey and divine love. It lets the wearer live life with ease, and always listen to the heart before taking any emotional decision. It allows the person to offer compassion and unconditional love to the relationships.

The use of this gemstone can help a person in getting rid of the evil spirits, nightmares, and curses.  It leads a person to a peaceful and harmonious life.

  • Heals and Balances Chakra

Being the chakra of the heart, emerald is believed to activate the heart chakra. One’s heart chakra is thought to be the fountain of feelings and emotions that one limits till his heart. The heart chakra is the one that facilitates the interaction of the human being with that of the world. When the heart chakra is blocked it gives the feeling of being blocked and controlled in a relationship. The energy of this amazing green crystal resolves the blockages by re-balancing the heart chakra.

Emerald also stimulates the heart chakra in this manner that it makes the wearer understanding and respect giving to others.


Emerald Facts

Some facts about Emerald

  1. A perfect green Emerald can be more valuable and prized than a Diamond. 
  2. Emerald is said to protect an individual from false friendship, and it apparently also changes its color when false people are around.
  3. It is also considered as a beautifying agent.
  4. Emerald is believed to maintain the financial stability of a person as it is assumed as a stone that has the power to hold money.
  5. Emeralds are recognised as one of the four precious stones of the world.
  6. Colombia has the world’s notable Emerald museum.
  7. One of the largest Emeralds ever discovered is the 217.80 carats Mogul Emerald, which is about 10 cm high.
  8. Emerald is the traditional birthstone for the people born in the month of May.
  9. This green crystal is the zodiac stone of Cancer.
  10. Emerald Jewelry is highly recommended as a gift.
  11. Emerald was also used as a talisman by Aristotle, Moguls in India, and Alexander the Great.



Metaphysical Properties Of Emerald

The chemical name given to this wonderful stone is beryllium aluminium silicate, which is generally found in a hexagonal crystal structure.

The hardness of Emerald on Moh’s scale is in between 7.5-8.0, which is somewhat good in comparison with the other silicates.  Generally, at least 2 carat of Emerald is advised to be worn by the concerned person.

Emerald is the birthstone of the people who are born in May.  It is associated with the constellation of Taurus called the Bull.

Emerald is believed to be related to the heart chakra.

Emerald In News

Emerald Color

Emerald is found in green color, but sometimes it can also be in a bluish-green form. Emerald get its splendid green hue due to the presence of chromium compounds.

Emerald Colors

  • CleavagePoor, in one direction
  • Other NamesJardin (french)
  • Crystal HabitMassive to well Crystalline
  • Streakwhite
  • Refractive Index1.577-1.6
  • DiaphaneityTransparent - Translucent
  • Mohs scale (hardness)7.5
  • SourcesRussia, India, Zambia, Brazil, Pakistan, Canada, China, Ethiopia, Egypt, Spain, Switzerland, Tanzania, Somalia, Colombia, and South America.
  • Chemical formulaBe3Al2(SiO3)6
  • LustreVitreous
  • ColorLight To Very Dark Green To Bluish Green, Slightly Yellowish Green
  • Chakra HealingHeart chakra
  • BirthstoneMay
  • Zodiaccancer
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    Wearing this stone without consultation can impact negatively. So we will suggest you to consult your astrologer before wearing this stone.

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