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The most popular and esteemed stone all around the world is without a doubt “Diamond”. It is indeed amazing to see that a stone that is originated from jet black carbon emerges out to be so precious, shimmering, and well-liked. The cut, the clarity, the cleavage, the hardness, and the gleam, Diamond has everything in it, which has made it the most sought-after stones used in crafting precious Diamond Silver jewelery.

According to the legends, once the God of Mines told all of his nobles and aristocrats to bring almost all the precious minerals and stones that are present in the world.  They all brought rubies, sapphires, emeralds, topaz, and many other with varying hardness and shades. The God of Mines took each one of the precious stone and crushed it and compounded all of these precious gems together. Then he cast a magical spell to form a new stone that can contain the properties of all the stones, and this is how Diamond was produced. It is as pure as the drop of dew, and when seen under the light it exhibits all the colours of those gems from which it was made. 

The Diamond is the symbol of purity and innocence, love and fidelity and is the most used gemstone in wedding rings and engagements rings. There will be no second thoughts if Diamond will be regarded as the “King of the Gemstones”.

Diamond is one of the very popular talismans used in motherhood. It is thought to be capable of driving away fears and protecting the wearer from negative thoughts and emotions. It is a strong amulet that safeguards against water, fire, snake, poison, and illnesses. It is said that a person must always keep Diamond with him to be protected from evil eyes.

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Where is Diamond found?

Approximately 49% of the Diamond in the world is mined and extracted from South and Central Africa. Although other significant sources of Diamond are found in India, Russia, Brazil, Australia and Canada. By volume, Russia is the highest Diamond producing country, and if one sees by value Botswana is the highest.

Healing Properties

The beneficial and healing properties of Diamond are:

  • Physical Healer

Diamond is regarded as a master healer for its capability to unite the mind and body. It is best used as a supporting and uplifting stone, intensifying the supremacy of other minerals when working on some particular issues, particularly where blockage and clogging of energy have resulted in a physical imbalance.

The Diamond is valuable in strengthening and purifying the functioning of the brain, anxiety and sensory organs. It is considered to give support in balancing both the hemispheres of the brain and is a great remedy for strokes, epilepsy, and ageing of the cells. It also restores the energy levels of the body. However, Diamond must be avoided in cases, like depressive maniacs, paranoid psychosis, and jealousy.

Furthermore, Diamonds have been used to alleviate indigestion, constipation, urine retention, more or less all the organs concerned in removing waste from the body.

  • Emotional Healer

           Diamonds do not work directly on the emotional body of the wearer, rather their intense energy can promote and strengthen the power of any emotional circumstances, from happiness to despair, but it should be worn with caution. It may also help the wearer when he is in the bad frame of mind. It is also used in a therapeutic manner to burn emotional issues and excess sensitivity. It keeps the wearer more aligned with the spirit.

  • Spiritual Healer

Those people who feel that they have lost their self-worth and identity and are unable to step into spirituality, they must use Diamond. It brings a sense of enlightenment and radiance and cleans the aura by installing energy in the wearer. It fills the emptiness of the wearer’s life with light and purity.

  • Heals and Balances Chakra

The high-frequency energy that Diamond carries within itself heals almost all the chakras especially the crown and the etheric chakras.

The top of a person’s heads is the position of the crown chakra. It is considered a gateway to the long-drawn-out and vast universe that lies beyond our bodies. It controls our thoughts and emotions so that we can express ourselves well in front of the outside world.  Crown chakra is the origin of our values and beliefs. When crown chakra remains in balance, all the other chakras in our body become balanced.

The etheric Chakras are located above the head and are connected to more enlightened and spiritual things. They set up a connection with the soul and represents true humility.

Diamond Facts

Some facts about Diamond

  • Dreaming of Diamond signifies that you are going to triumph over your enemies.
  • Diamond is the stone for people who are born in April.
  • Diamond honours the Roman Goddess of the Winter Solstice, and the Goddess of Silence called Angerona.
  • The first Diamond engagement ring was given to Mary of Burgundy in 1477 by Archduke Maximilian of Austria on their engagement day.
  • Arabic Diamonds are supposed to pull towards iron greater than a magnet.
  • The hardness of the Diamond can only be smeared when it is rubbed with the fresh blood of a goat.
  • The first Diamond which was found on the banks of Orange River in South Africa was termed as the Eureka Diamond.
  • Out of the total Diamonds that are mined and extracted only 20% are fine-quality that are used in jewellery.
  • Even though USA produces no Diamonds, it buys more than 40% of the gem-quality Diamonds in the whole world.


Metaphysical Properties

According to mineralogy, Diamond is the allotrope of carbon. It is a transparent gemstone of tetrahedrally bonded carbon atoms. The crystal symmetry of Diamond is cubic in character and forms a variety of octahedrons, cubes, triangles, and other shapes. They have a perfect cleavage and a greasy lustre.

The fine quality Diamonds with perfect cleavage and clarity are used for jewellery making purposes, and those Diamonds which are not very good in quality are generally used for industrial purposes, especially for polishing and cutting.

Diamond is the hardest known gemstone on the earth, and it measures 10 on the Moh’s scale of hardness. The solidity and hardness of Diamond contribute to its aptness as a gemstone.

Diamond at a Glance

Cleavage Perfect, in four directions
Other Names NA
Crystal Habit Octahedral
Streak White
Refractive Index Over the Limit 2.417-2.417
Diaphaneity Transparent - Opaque
Moh's scale (hardness) 10
Sources South and central Africa, India, Russia, Brazil, Australia and Canada
Chemical formula C
Lustre Adamantine
Color Typically yellow, brown or gray to colorless. Less often blue, green, black, translucent white, pink, violet, orange, purple and red.
Chakra Healing Heart chakra, Crown chakra
Birthstone April
Zodiac Aries

Diamond Color

Diamonds are most often thought to be colourless, but there are various shades and tints in which Diamonds are available, like black, white, brown, yellow, pink, red, green, wine, blue, lilac, etc. The most common colours in Diamonds are brown and yellow, and the colours which are very rarely found in Diamonds are blue and red.

Diamond Colors

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Diamond is a gemstone! Actually I have always worn Diamond simply as a valuable charm or as a jewel stone but after reading your article I have come to know that Diamond is a precious gemstone that is beneficial for the wearer in various ways. Thanks Jewelexi for this useful information. My question is as all the gemstones are worn in a particular or specific finger so in which finger one should wear Diamond? Please tell me as I again want to wear Diamond but this time as a gemstone so that I may enjoy all the properties associated with it to the fullest.
Reply on 15/11/14
The middle or last finger is suitable to don diamond ring. Apart from this you may festoon it in any material whether it is silver or gold whichever you want there is no such specificity.
Reply on 25/11/14
Diamond heals crown and etheric chakra of the wearer. i want to know some more about its chakra healing. Can you please tell me?
Reply on 29/11/14
This gemstone controls the emotions and thoughts of the beings in terms of chakra healing. For more you may read an article above.
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i love diamond..but it's not my birthstone..so should i tune it or not? please suggest..
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hey Alive...hws u??? actually i want to help you out...Diamond is not your Zodiac...isn't it? but it is not mine too...but i love Diamonds even more than any other thing in this world :)but i wear it and buy frequently...you should also enjoy wearing diamonds...why don't you try the jewelry section of Jewelexi...they have many designer jewels.. you are going to love all..so don't miss them...enjoy diamond...like me...
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Cathy Wilson
Hey Jewelexi, your jewelry section is amazing. I am in love with the jewels. Can you please tell me how can I get them? The price list is also missing here. Help me please..
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I love my black diamond. It's a bit capeehr than the white or colored ones, but I like having something that is a bit different than the rest. Also, I am sure my now husband wouldn't have been able to actually give me a real diamond as we are both studying and therefore are permanently low on money.
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we love black diamonds too specially as they can go on any dress and occasion.
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Diamonds are just so amazing and beautiful. I have a big fond of buying this gem But unfortunately i don't have enough money to buy it :(
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Diamond is that for which ever women dream too. Your stone quality is so nice.
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Every woman loves a diamond and as I also.
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What a beautiful gemstone and its healing properties are also so beneficial and interesting. It helps me a lot with
my health-related problems.
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Incredible work and services are given by you. Thanks Gemexi!!
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