The most popular and esteemed stone all around the world is without a doubt “Diamond”. It is indeed amazing to see that a stone that is originated from jet black carbon emerges out to be so precious, shimmering, and well-liked. The cut, the clarity, the cleavage, the hardness, and the gleam, Diamond has everything in it, which has made it the most sought-after stones used in crafting precious jewellery.

According to the legends, once the God of Mines told all of his nobles and aristocrats to bring almost all the precious minerals and stones that are present in the world.  They all brought rubies, sapphires, emeralds, topaz, and many other with varying hardness and shades. The God of Mines took each one of the precious stone and crushed it and compounded all of these precious gems together. Then he cast a magical spell to form a new stone that can contain the properties of all the stones, and this is how Diamond was produced. It is as pure as the drop of dew, and when seen under the light it exhibits all the colours of those gems from which it was made. 

The Diamond is the symbol of purity and innocence, love and fidelity and is the most used gemstone in wedding rings and engagements rings. There will be no second thoughts if Diamond will be regarded as the “King of the Gemstones”.

Diamond is one of the very popular talismans used in motherhood. It is thought to be capable of driving away fears and protecting the wearer from negative thoughts and emotions. It is a strong amulet that safeguards against water, fire, snake, poison, and illnesses. It is said that a person must always keep Diamond with him to be protected from evil eyes.