Kammererite - Meaning, Properties, Color, Power & Facts

With a perfect basal cleavage and vitreous pearly luster, the beautiful purplish pink Kammererite stones will capture your attention instantly. Filled with lovely abundant energy and amazing appeal, these superb stones are among those rare gemstones that do all the desired good to your body as well as mind. However, these crystals are widely and particularly popular for their fabulous ability of creating balance in your mind. The stone is named after August Alexander Kämmerer who was a Russian mining director as well as a chief chemist (Saint Petersburg, Russia). 

Instilling calming thoughts and inspiring a clean and flawless thought procedure, the Kammererite crystals work on both the left hemisphere and right hemisphere of the brain so that a final state of right balance is achieved by your brain. Be it the deep state of meditation that you have been looking for or the desire of contacting the angelic realm, this magnificent gemstone will help you in many ways. 

Kammererite Healing Properties

  1. The Kammererite gemstone sends positive vibes and energy to both sides of one’s brain and contributes significantly in achieving a relaxed and balanced state. Due to its wonderful energy and healing powers, the stone is often recommended and used for anxiety issues.
  2. One can also use this gem to get rid of various body pains.  
  3. One of the best mediation crystals, it helps you focus in the best possible manner so that you can enjoy the deep mediation experience. 
  4. It is also used by those who want to walk confidently on the path of spirituality. The stone emits powerful and positive energy which is used by both the mind and heart of the user. The same helps to learn and understand spirituality in a better way.  
  5. If you are looking for a gemstone that can help you cope up with any sort of the change in your life, then wearing Kammererite is the right choice. It will help you become flexible according to the situation so that you get adjusted to the same in a smooth way.
  6. Take help of this stone in case of bodily pains like joints’ pain, pain in muscles, etc.
  7. Kammererite is not only helpful in various types of body pains but it is also quite good in healing your emotional wounds. It fills you with energy so that you feel strong and become capable of fighting various emotional situations.
  8. Another important healing property of this stone is the absorption of vitamins as well as minerals. If you feel your body does not absorb essential nutrition, you can take help from this precious and rare stone.  
  9. The stone is also believed to promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut of its wearer or user. Thus, it is also a nice option for gut health.

Kammererite Facts

  1. This rare gemstone is highly loved and respected for its power of bringing balance in the brain. 
  2. The presence of chlorite in this gem is responsible for its various shades like purple, deep purple, pinkish purple, and a few more. 
  3. The stone can also be used with other precious stones for fulfilling various purposes. For instance, it can be used with Moss Agate and several other stones to attain the best brain state. 
  4. Kammererite gems are known to send good and strong vibes to the mind so that it can think in the right way.
  5. You can count upon this gem as one of the best stones for meditation. 
  6. Because of perfect basal cleavage, this stone can split quickly into layers. Thus, its cutting requires a lot of care and skill. 
  7. Turkey is the chief source for this beautiful stone. The other main sources of this rare stone include the United States of America and Russia.
  8. The stone gets formed or crystallizes in mass form. The pyramid and hexagonal forms are two popular forms of the same. 
  9. The stone is often advised for being worn on the crown area as it activates the crown chakra in a wonderful manner. Though, it is also helpful in the activation of several other chakras like third eye chakra, etc.
  10. As mentioned earlier, the stone requires great skills and experience for its cutting, though it never stops it from entering the jewelry world! Today, millions of people love the beautiful Kammereritejewelry which looks luxurious, unique, and highly fascinating.

Kammererite Metaphysical Properties

  1. One can keep his or her mind absolutely focused with the use of this amazing stone. It gives you loads of energy and saves you from exhaustion. Sending wonderful vibrations to your brain creates the right balance in it so that you stay calmed, focused, and balanced. Therefore, it is a lovely stone for those who wish to have perfect meditation. It stimulates your various chakras, especially the third eye energy point or chakra and the top chakra (crown).
  2. People who wish to enhance their psychic abilities may also use this stone because it stimulates chakras well. The crystals also possess a strong action in the higher chakras, which include the soul star chakra, the higher etheric chakra, and the crown and third eye chakras.
  3. If spirituality is your forte, the stone will aid you in the same by helping you communicate with the angels. All you need to do is to combine it with several other stones like Blue Celestite, Angelite, or Selenite and you can start your effort of contacting the angels. 
  4. One can also strengthen the power of intuition using this enthralling stone.

Kammererite Color

The color of this stone is one unique factor that attracts anyone’s immediate attention. It is mainly found in dark purple and pink-purple hues. It can also be found in few other shades like red purple, pinkish purple, pink, etc. The presence of chlorite and chromium is chiefly responsible for different shades. 

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