Spiny Oyster Arizona Turquoise

Spiny Oyster Arizona Turquoise - Healing Properties, Color, Power & Facts

Showcasing immense beauty and marvel, the spiny oysters are one of the oldest jewelry options used by the Southwest Native Americans. Harvested from the Gulf of California, these stunning oyster shells are known for their infinite beauty and allure all across the globe. When combined with other gemstones like Arizona Turquoise, the spiny oyster shells look even more charismatic than before! The Spiny Oyster Arizona Turquoise jewelry is a great combo of spiny oysters and Arizona turquoise. The Arizona Turquoise is called so because it comes from the famous Arizona mines (Bisbee & Kingman). The Spiny Oysters are also known as spondylids, spondylus, and thorny oysters. Spiny oyster shells contain bivalve mollusks. While these mollusks are eaten in many parts of the world, the spiny oyster shell is used as a supreme and matchless jewelry inlay option. The shell comes with a natural hinge and is used in various ways for jewelry purposes. The Arizona Turquoise coming from Kingman mine has very fine veins which are nearly invisible while those that come from the Bisbee mine have brown matrix upon their surface. However, both types look equally alluring!

Healing Properties

It is quite exciting and interesting to know that Spiny Oyster Arizona Turquoise jewelry contains the healing properties of both Spiny Oyster and Arizona Turquoise. 

•    Spiny oysters are known for providing strength and courage. It is strongly believed that the spiny oysters give inner power to those who are facing trouble in form of domestic violence. Those, who are in such a situation, can use the spiny oyster shells in form of jewelry and can get the courage they need to stand against injustice. 
•    As these beautiful natural treasures come from the sea, they contain all the beauty, depth, power, and tranquillity of water. Using these shells, one can stay relaxed. These shells are also believed to be quite helpful in calming down the high levels of anxiety.
•    The stunning spiny oyster shells do not only work as amazing jewelry inlay options but also convey a very important message that our identity doesn’t vanish with our departure from the world. Rather, people who protect others and help others are remembered for their kind and helpful gestures. 
•    The Arizona Turquoise is also extremely useful in relieving tension and calming down its user or wearer. It is also known for providing help in self-realization. Turquoise is also a great gemstone for keeping negativity at bay. Using this beautiful gemstone, you can stay protected from the harmful electromagnetic waves present in your surroundings. These days using electronic devices has become quintessential in our lives. Though we can’t stop using these devices, we can stay safe and protected from their harmful radiation by using the turquoise gemstone. 

Spiny Oyster Arizona Turquoise Facts

•    Spiny Oyster is also known as Spondylus meaning spines on the back!
•    The spine oyster shell is bivalve. 
•    The Spiny Oyster jewelry is one of the oldest pieces of jewelry used by the Southwest Native American people.
•    The spiny oysters and their shells can be found in many appealing colors including pink, red, brown, and more. However, the yellow-colored ones are quite rare. 
•    Arizona turquoise comes in a beautiful and refreshing blue green color and looks fabulous when combined with a spiny oyster for jewelry purpose.
•    Turquoise is known for providing calmness, protection from electromagnetic waves, and keeping negativity away from its user or wearer.
•    Spiny oysters come from the Gulf of California.
•    The spiny oyster shells are worked into luxurious jewelry forms. The other gemstones and metals are combined with these shells to create incredibly beautiful jewelry.

Metaphysical Properties

By wearing the beautiful Spiny Oyster jewelry, one can get hope and bravery back in life. It also helps the wearer or user to take the right decisions in the most difficult situations of life. Spiny oysters are also believed to enhance the patience levels in its users or wearers. People who want to increase their understanding powers can also use the astonishing spiny oyster jewelry. The Turquoise stone is an amazing stone for attaining balance in all energy points (chakras) of the body. People who feel that their mood keeps changing from time to time can use the strikingly beautiful spiny oyster Arizona turquoise jewelry to get help with the frequent mood shifts. It is said that by using this jewelry, one can become more stable in his or her behavior and mood. 

People who are unable to handle complicated situations and feel confused for taking decisions in such situations can get help through this combo of Arizona turquoise and spiny oyster jewelry as it augments understanding and decision power. One can also use this jewelry for better absorption of nutrients. It is also said and believed that turquoise jewelry is efficient in providing strength and immunity against the various diseases caused by different viruses. This beautiful jewelry is also a great option for those who want to get rid of depression and anxiety. The turquoise gemstone is also known for strengthening the body. The gemstone is believed to be helpful in providing relief for many respiration-related issues. It is also believed that using the turquoise gemstone, one can find solutions for ailments related to the eyes, neck, ears and even, the brain! 

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Spiny Oyster Arizona Turquoise Color

Spiny oysters can be found in orange, purple, pink, brown, yellow, and white shades. The multi color spiny oysters are also available. The yellow spiny oysters are rare and demand great price. The color of these beautiful colorful shells mainly depends on the diet taken by the mollusks. No matter, what the color of the spiny oyster shell is, the most important fact remains the same – the shell looks mesmerizing! 

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