Sterling Opal

Sterling Opal- Healing Properties, Color, Power & Facts

Known for rejuvenating and nurturing your mind, body, and soul, the alluring opals are worn for many more other healing purposes too. Nevertheless, it is quintessential to know that opals are found in nature as well as created in labs too. The opals that are created in labs are called Synthetic Opals. While few opals like Bello Opal, Galaxy Opal, and a few more have been created already, the one synthetic opal that looks completely like a natural opal is the Sterling Opal. The best part about the Sterling Opal is that it contains no dyes, like other lab-created opals, and is mainly made by using nano-silica in specific molds. Reflecting beautiful random veins, potch lines, and natural patterns similar to snake skin or honeycomb, the Sterling Opal looks very tempting and works as a fine jewelry making product. They are set in various rings, pendants, necklaces and other jewelry forms to create a nice and stunning range of Sterling Opal jewelry collections. It is also important to notice that the Sterling Opal is made by Jim Zachary – the same person who came up with the concept and development of Zachary's process for the Turquoise gemstone.

Sterling Opal Healing Properties

Because of its exact makeup like the naturally occurring opals, the Sterling opal is also capable of providing some healing benefits to its wearer or user. Some of the most important sterling opal healing properties are mentioned below:
  1. Sterling opal provides you emotional help – Wearing sterling opal can help you to handle your emotions in a better and suitable manner. Keeping this beautiful opal with you will aid in managing your emotions in the right way. If you feel, you are the kind of person who emotionally gets affected very soon and faces trouble due to this, you should use the Sterling Opal. It will not only strengthen you emotionally but will also help you take appropriate decisions by controlling the emotions in an apt manner. 
  2. Sterling Opal rejuvenates you from within – Do you feel that your thinking procedure has slowed down? Are you unable to find creative and better-performing ideas? Do you wish to rejuvenate yourself from within? If yes, using the Sterling Opal can help you thoroughly. The gemstone will cleanse your thought procedure and will add liveliness to it so that you can think and take decisions in a fresh way. Once you start using this opal, you will feel that your obstacle in a smooth thought process has been removed!
  3. Sterling Opal helps stimulate the heart chakra – Opening and stimulating the heart chakra is essential for every human being. The active heart chakra helps nurture the feelings of love, kindness, and joy. Once your heart chakra is activated, you learn to love yourself as well as others. Activate your heart chakra by using or wearing the beautiful-looking sterling opal gemstone and nurture your heart with humanly emotions and feelings consisting of love, sensitivity, kindness, and more.

Sterling Opal Facts

  1. Sterling Opal is a synthetic, man-made opal.
  2. It has been created by Jim Zachary who invented the Zachary process. 
  3. Sterling Opal is the first synthetic opal that doesn’t involve the use of dye in its making. 
  4. This synthetic opal is also known as the Monarch Opal. The monarch opal name is mostly used in the trading processes. 
  5. Sterling opal has the same makeup and appearance as the natural opal. 
  6. The lab-created sterling opal shows unique patterns in form of honeycombs and snakeskin along with black potch lines.
  7. Sterling opals have the dominance of green color. 
  8. They look equally beautiful as the natural opals and have their own healing abilities. 
  9. The Sterling opals show the same hardness on the Mohs scale as shown by the naturally found opals. 

Sterling Opal Metaphysical Properties

Apart from the above healing properties, the Sterling Opal is also known for enhancing the levels of energy in its users and wearers. Those who feel dull and depressed can rely upon sterling opal for augmented levels of energy. This synthetic opal is known for its energizing property and thus, numerous people around the world use it for gaining better energy and vigor. 

The Sterling Opal is also known for attracting opulence and prosperity. Thus, it is a great option for people who wish to get wealth and profusion in their lives. It is also strongly believed that the Sterling Opals are great companions for people who want to learn and understand spirituality. Using this gemstone helps study spirituality in a better manner. 

As this opal has green color in dominance, it is connected with richness, prosperity, and nourishment. People who seek better energy levels, rejuvenation, and growth in life should use the Sterling Opal for achieving the aforesaid qualities. 

The Sterling Opals can be worn in form of exquisite jewelry forms including sterling opal earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, and bands. Resembling the natural opal in appearance, a mix of colors, and showing a lovely play of light refraction, the sterling opals definitely make for great jewelry making stone. The sterling opal jewelry can be paired up perfectly with different colors of various apparel as these opals show an exciting amalgamation of few shades with green as the most dominating one. Get your hands on the tempting and unique looking sterling silver jewelry and get ready to flaunt a distinct and attractive look. Also, enjoy the associated healing benefits of this not-natural yet effective and extremely beautiful opal stone – the Sterling Opal!

Sterling Opal In News

Sterling Opal Color

The Sterling Opal looks as beautiful and attractive as natural opal. While you take a look at the sterling opal, you will notice a beautiful mix of different shades. However, the green color dominates it. Though you can also find beautiful green opals occurring naturally, the sterling opal has its own unique appearance with the supremacy of green and random veins as well as dark potch lines. The green color of sterling opal looks fresh and lively and thus, it is used in many jewelry forms for a rejuvenating look. 

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