Dioptase Jewelry Collection

A surprisingly luminous green-colored stone, Dioptase when first discovered was confused to be a ‘primitive version of emerald’. Dioptase is a comparably softer gemstone that can only be used in jewelry making if it is ‘shielded’ with gold or silver. When do so, the outcome is rustic but eye-catching. It is for this reason considered a collector’s item. It is not easy to find a unique Dioptase jewelry collection but there are a few online sites like this that has a comparable collection of meticulously hand-crafted items that will enhance anyone’s beauty. 

First discovered in 1793 by J.C. De Lamétherie from Kazakhstan, it was named Dioptase by the French mineralogist and crystallographicRené Just Haüy in 1797. The word is derived from two Greek words, ‘dia’ meaning through and ‘optasia’ meaning vision. This mineral has a high content of copper. Apart from Kazakhstan, this gemstone is also mined from South Africa, Namibia, the Republic of Congo, Chile, and Peru. It is also found in the United States region of Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico.  

What’s The Amazing Fact of Dioptase?    

Jewelry makers and collectors are always on the lookout for new and interesting gemstones. They will surely find Dioptase an interesting item for their collection. Dioptase jewelry is definitely worth buying. A translucent to transparent mineral, it reflects light with a higher intensity than glass. Before being used as a gemstone, Dioptase was also used as a coloring pigment by artists. Evidence of this can be seen in the ceramic figures of ‘Ain Ghazal in present-day Jordan. 

Metaphysical Properties of Dioptase    

DioptaseWomen's Jewelry can be worn on every occasion but should you wear it simply because of its beauty? No, you don’t. It is a highly powerful stone with several metaphysical properties that are meant to heal from within. One of the fascinating things about Dioptase is that its strong vibrations can help to overcome the karmic connections that link you to your past life. If that’s something that is hampering your present day, keeping the stone close helps a lot. 
Dioptase is also linked to the heart chakra. It re-aligns the central chakra of the body and stabilizes emotions. It helps you to live a more fulfilling life and a life that is not bogged down by past-life experiences. 

Buy Dioptase Jewelry Online Easily    

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Trusted Service, Only Here    

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