Rhodusite - Healing Properties Of Rhodusite, Color, Power & Facts

If you are planning to buy the enchanting Rhodusite jewelry or gemstone, it will be really beneficial for you to know a bit about this lovely treasure of nature! To begin with, let us tell you that Rhodusite is an amphibole mineral. In turn, the amphiboles belong to the category of insolicate minerals. These minerals are widely known for their wonderful property of getting formed in needle-like crystallized form or the prism form. Hence, this gem also occurs in this unique pattern of nice elongated fiber. It is also known as the magnesio-riebeckite. If blue is your favorite color in jewelry, you would surely get attracted towards this amphibole mineral which is found in few shades of blue. This mineral has attractive chatoyancy. When you look at it closely, you will see an amazing band of light that gets reflected from the internal inclusions. With a significant hardness, nearly perfect cleavage, and of course, a lovely look, the magnesio-riebeckite aka Rhodusite makes for an exciting choice for jewelry.

Healing Properties

As this gemstone has a strong connection with riebeckite and magnesium, it contains the significant healing powers of both. Let us take a quick glance at how wearing the beautiful Rhodusitejewelry or carrying this gemstone can help you!

•    Great for spirituality – If you think that something is stopping you from walking upon the path of spirituality, this mineral can absolutely help you out. It is believed to remove the hurdles in your spirituality path. 
•    Invites happiness – Keep this magnificent gemstone with you and see how your life takes on to the happy mode. It is believed to invite joyousness in its carrier’s or wearer’s life.
•    Clears confusion – Do you think you face difficulty while tackling the complicated or confused situations in life? Use this blue gem and observe how you clear away any sort of confusion!
•    Superb option for meditation –Meditation is a brilliant way to keep stress away. Stress leads to many physical and mental issues. If you seek perfect meditation, you can take the help of this gemstone. It is said to be a great helper in meditation. It improves the power of focus and helps you concentrate in the right way so that you can actually benefit from the right way of meditation. Many people who think that they can’t meditate because of lack of concentration can take help from the rhodusite gemstone. 
•    Improves the power of intuition – Be it the path of spirituality or the general life, the strong sense of intuition helps you for sure! If you believe that you have the psyche ability and you want to enhance the same, relying upon this blue gem is a wise decision. It is considered to improve the power of intuition. 
•    Helps control anger and aggression–Have you ever given it a thought that keeping your anger and aggression under control can help you in avoiding unnecessary mess? If you feel that you are unable to control your aggression or anger, carry or wear this gemstone and you will observe soon that you have learnt to control your aggressive behavior!
•    Helpful in various physical problems – Do you combat physical problems related to the pineal gland, eyes, endocrine gland, or metabolism. If so, using this gem can help you in different ways. It is believed to provide healing effects in problems related to the eyes and the aforementioned glands. It even simplifies the process of learning. Apart from these properties, the gem is also recommended to those who want solutions for problems related to blood pressure.

Rhodusite Facts

•    This fascinating mineral was discovered in the year 1959. 
•    It contains lovely chatoyancy with a streak that is pale to blue-grey in color. 
•    It has conchoidal to uneven kind of fracture.
•    The fibrous crystal kind of pattern in this amphibole mineral is quite steady.
•    The tenacity of this amphibole mineral is brittle. 
•    The semi-transparent appearance of this mineral gives an enthralling appearance and unique attraction. 
•    The beautiful gemstone occurs in a few places (USA, Italy, Russia, Bolivia, etc.) around the world. 
•    Rhodusite is also known as magnesio-riebeckite. 
•    It was named as MagnesioRiebeckite in the year 1957. This name was given by Akiho Miashiro. The chief reason for calling it so was due to the amount of magnesium found in it and also because of the connection with riebeckite. 
•    On the Mohs scale, the gemstone shows a hardness of 6. 
•    The nameRhodusite is inspired from the Island of Rhodes. 
•    It contains a monoclinic crystal system.
•    The mineral shows an alluring vitreous to silky luster.

Metaphysical Properties

With a lovely vitreous to pearly luster, this mineral is worked into fine jewelry. This lovely blue beauty is believed to provide protection to travelers. If you feel insecurity, hesitation, or fear while traveling, keeping the rhodusite by your side will give you the needed courage and strength. It is also said and believed that using this gem is also extremely helpful in solving various types of problems. Those who are studying Math or are into the Math related profession can also benefit from this gem.

Rhodusite Color

Rhodusite is mainly found in few attractive shades of blue. It also contains unique pale to blue-gray streaks. As it is also called magnesio riebeckite, it is important to mention that riebeckite itself is found in shades like black, deep blue, green-yellow and black colors.

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