Aurora Opal

Aurora Opal- Healing Properties, Color, Power & Facts

Where is Aurora Opal found?

Do you wonder what Aurora Opal is? It comes as a lab-manufactured synthetic element comprising Polymer and Silica. On the other hand, natural Opal is made of hydrated Silica. The use of the polymer in Aurora Opal lies in that it can balance the Opal and make it stable. Thus, jewelry manufacturing has become streamlined with Aurora Opal. Natural Opal tends to get cracked whenever it is used to make jewelry. Moreover, Aurora Opal is not susceptible to color fading. It comes with a chemical-resistant feature. For instance, Aurora Opal does not get affected by acetone. 

Healing Properties

Aurora Opal is for the zodiac signs of Libra, Pisces, Scorpio, etc. Did you know Aurora Opal is considered an emotional gemstone? That means Aurora Opal can impact the mood of the user. Wearers of Aurora Opal can expect to uplift their emotions while keeping obstructions at bay by wearing Aurora Opal. 
Moreover, Aurora Opal helps to bring independence as well as a sense of freedom in the wearer’s life. Besides, this gemstone can escalate cosmic consciousness and improve both mystical and psychic powers. When it comes to boosting creativity and uniqueness, Aurora Opal poses a great help. It supports the wearer in releasing anger and improving self-esteem by realizing self-worth. 

Aurora Opal can also help to boost the memory of the wearer. Moreover, this gemstone helps the wearer to gain interest and enthusiasm in the creative field. Aurora Opal welcomes reliability, loyalty, and spontaneity to the wearer’s life. Aurora Opal encourages the wearer to live a fruitful life. 
Furthermore, Aurora Opal also helps the wearers to get relief from fever and infections. This gemstone can also help in the blood purification process. Aurora Opal takes care of kidneys and regulates insulin. It also streamlines childbirth and lowers PMS (Premenstrual syndrome). 

Aurora Opal features mild vibrational energy. It can help to escalate the cosmic consciousness of the wearer. This gemstone can also help to increase the enthusiasm of the wearer to bring originality to life. In short, Aurora Opal always provides energy to the wearer whenever they need to grow in life. 
The gemstone provides energy so that the person can figure out the true self and reveal it to the world. Aurora Opal can boost the confidence of the wearer as well. As a result, the person can feel a sort of transformation in thoughts, personality, and actions.

Furthermore, Aurora Opal can work as a highly absorbent gemstone. It is also known as a reflective stone. It can absorb the feelings and thoughts of the wearer, amplify them, and return to the wearer. Even Aurora Opal can also soak in the vibrations and feelings of surrounding people of the wearer. It can send harmful energies back to the respective sources. That is why Aurora Opal can work as an excellent protective stone. 

This gemstone can help the wearer to recall past experiences and merge the same into that person’s life. Thus, the person can better progress in their life. Aurora Opal can contribute to balancing and controlling moods and feelings. Thus, people, experiencing mood swings because of mental disorders or hormonal problems, can get some relief. 

Besides, Aurora Opal can act as an outstanding gemstone when it comes to enhancing self-awareness. Aurora Opal wearers can keep regrets of the past at bay and advance their lives. The wearer can also expect to find out their hidden emotions.

Aurora Opal Facts

Aurora Opal calls for approx. one year for production in a specific ambiance. The growth of this Synthetic Opal comes as a complex layering process so that appropriate color patterns can be developed properly. The process is significant for developing a rough cut on the Aurora Opal, which is further essential for manufacturing beads. 

Next, experts start drilling as well as perfecting the beads to mold them into various sizes. Since different layers of Aurora Opal reflect beautiful colors, each of the beads becomes unique with the outstanding amalgamation of patterns as well as colors. 

Metaphysical Properties

Aurora Opal transports energies of various elements. The gemstone is linked with the element “water.” That is why, it can be considered as an ideal gemstone for regeneration, rebirth, and finding out new opportunities in life. Aurora opal also helps the wearer to get enthusiastic and lead a meaningful life. It helps in the growth and advancement of the wearer. 

Aurora Opal can be a great gemstone for someone, who wants to see changes in a certain aspect of life. That means it can be a transformer gemstone in one’s life by providing courage and enthusiasm for consistent work. 
Aurora Opal can also help the wearer to become stronger in life. It also enhances the enthusiasm to start learning new things. When it comes to becoming a better version, Aurora Opal can help. 

Witnessing, wearing, and even touching Aurora Opal can contribute to improving the psychic abilities of the wearer. Moreover, this gemstone can also act as the bridge between the wearer and the cosmic consciousness. It can also help the wearer to recall past incarnations and provide the person with prophetic abilities. 

Aurora Opal can also help to relieve different infections. It can help in the purification of the urinary and circulatory systems. Moreover, Aurora Opal may help with neurotransmitters as well as memory. 

Aurora Opal In News

Aurora Opal Color

Aurora Opal comes in a delightful princess pink shade. The gemstone makes an excellent combination of royal pink and rainbow sparkling all around the stone. The layers of pink and rainbow create excellent vibrancy and beauty. You would find Aurora Opals as rough Opals, and it is available in various colors like black opals with the combination of orange, etc. The body color of Aurora Opal is white or black. When it comes to play-of-color, the Aurora Opal is available in dominant green, multicolored, and orange or blue. 

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