Diamond Rough - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Diamond rough or raw diamond can be found in various forms including the cubic form, the sliced form or the tumbled form. The simple definition of a rough diamond is the one that has not yet been engraved, cut or polished. The best part about Diamond Rough is that it preserves its original and natural beauty the way it is! Diamond rough or rough diamonds are the ones that come straight from the diamond mine. In fact, the rough diamonds are the raw diamonds. At the first glance, these raw diamonds look like the remains of glass to the layman’s eyes. When you touch them, you will feel an oily surface upon them. Once these diamonds are cut and polished, they start looking much more beautiful than before and naturally, the latter form is comparatively much more expensive than the raw form. 

Where is Diamond Rough found?

In the beginning the rough diamonds were mostly found in water or among the beach gravel. However, at present, they can be sourced from various igneous volcanic rocks at certain important places around the world. The chief locations for the same include South Africa, Siberia and Australia.

Healing Properties

• Brings lucidity in mind – One can use diamonds for bringing clarity to the mind. Helping you remove the fears and inviting deep clear thoughts, these crystals are a great option for someone who wishes to get lucidity in mind and thoughts. 
• Improves creativity & inner vision - Diamonds are also believed to enhance the inner vision in its wearer. These sparkling crystals are also helpful in improving your creative side as well as your imagination and originality. Using diamond you can open your mind for innovative and novel things. 
• Helps you get rid of nightmares – Diamond crystals are very much beneficial for those who want to get rid of the nightmares. Using these crystals, one can keep th bad dream away. 
• Enhance psychic powers - Diamond crystals are a wonderful option for those who want to improve their psychic powers. The crystals are known and loved for improving telepathic abilities and clairvoyance in the wearer.
• Helps remove fear – If you feel that fear is keeping you constraint in life, use diamonds as these amazing crystals will help you fight and remove fear. Giving you an amazing feeling of bravery and victory, these crystals will aid you in keeping a control over your fearful feelings. 
• Attracts victory and power – Diamonds are also used for inviting power, victory and bravery in life. 
• Provides help in healing - Raw Diamond Crystals are a wonderful option when it comes to bringing healing to any part/area of the body. 

Diamond Rough Facts

• The term “diamond” has been taken from the Greek term “adamas” which means unconquerable. It has been called so because diamond is known for its unbeatable hardness as well as durability. 
• In the old times, the diamond crystals were used against poison. They were also connected with bravery, respect and clarity.
• Diamonds are also popularly known as the “Crystals of Light”.
• The beautiful property of dispersing sparkling prisms of life makes these amazing diamond crystals a true treasure to cherish.

Metaphysical Properties

Diamond crystals are associated with proper meditation. They are also loved and demanded as great enhancers of energy. They emit energy in form of vibration and connect the same with your consciousness. These beautiful crystals of diamond are also an important option when it comes to enhancing your psychic abilities. An important fact about diamonds is that they are made of Carbon in its most steady form. A close and detailed analysis of rough diamonds will show you that they consist of crystallized carbon atoms. These carbon atoms further show a cubic arrangement. The rough diamonds can be found in cube, dodecahedron and octahedron forms. 

Diamond Rough In News

Diamond Rough Color

Rough diamonds come in a range of enchanting shades including white, black, yellow, gray, brown, purple, red, blue, orange and pink. However, the most popular and coveted color in diamonds is the alluring white.

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