Solitaire Gemstone Ring Collection

Solitaire Gemstone rings have been more than just ornamentation for thousands of years. They have been symbols of prestige and promises. Today Gemstone Solitaire Rings still speak volumes about you. Our sterling silver gemstone rings are as expressive as they are beautiful and always one of a kind. Choose red garnet or gorgeous blue sapphire: it's your choice. Mix and match gems for a look that's exactly you. Our fantastic array of designs by our talented jewelry designers and hardworking local artisans will give you a personal touch with the handcrafted rings that you can't find anywhere else. Timeless handmade solitaire rings focused on the exquisitely cut and polished center gemstone.

Solitaire gemstone rings are an excellent gift for any occasion. Our huge selection of spectacular solitaire rings, including single stone rings, offers a wide range of unbelievable options that are certain to please! Whether for your mother's or your lover's birthday, Christmas, or anniversary, a solitaire ring is a gift that will never be forgotten. Regardless of your budget, we have the right solitaire gemstone ring you have been looking for at an unbeatable online wholesale price. And as always, your satisfaction is guaranteed with every ring purchase you make with us! If you have problems at any time or need help in picking that classic solitaire ring, our ring experts are always standing by to help you!

History of Solitaire Gemstone Ring- Quick Intro

Are you familiar with the rich history of the solitaire gemstone ring? In short, solitaire rings have been there in the world from the inception of the rings themselves, which means solitaire rings are evergreen in every respect. Ancient Rome witnessed the soaring popularity of diamonds when incorporated into gold bands. Moreover, the fashion of rings with multiple stones was unknown back then. Although the trend of solitaire rings started millenniums ago, it started getting prominence in the 1940s.

The diamond trade suffered a lot during the Great Depression and WW2. It marked the need to revive the situation of the diamond business in the world. However, De Beers completely controlled the diamond industry in 1948. Therefore, they were determined to leverage the power to reach out to the middle classes of America and take diamond sales to the next level. 

This determination and dedication to the business inspired De Beers to introduce smaller diamonds into the market. Needless to say, part of the credit for the tremendous success in diamond sales also goes to the marketing campaign by ad agency N.W. Ayer. 

The message “A Diamond Is Forever” was appreciated by potential buyers who had reserved a place for engagement rings forever. And solitaire engagement rings hit the market and reserved a special place in the heart of jewelry enthusiasts. In essence, solitaire diamond rings created a history in the jewelry world. 

Characteristics Of Solitaire Silver Rings

Choosing the right ring for any event is a cumbersome and time-consuming task. However, the evergreen trend of the handmade solitaire gemstone ring has streamlined the process. When it comes to solitaire silver rings, you can expect to explore a variety of sizes, cuts, styles, and customizable choices. If you are searching for one of the best sterling silver solitaire gemstone rings for your engagement, then a diamond solitaire ring would cater to your requirements. It is time to talk about some key characteristics of solitaire silver rings:
  1. •    Incredibly Stylish:
Nowadays, you can expect to explore various styles and designs for solitaire silver rings. And the best part is that you do not need to step out to shop for your favorite ring. Gemexi showcases rich styles Solitaire Gemstone Ring Collection.
  1. •    Suitable for all Skin Types:
You might be aware of the allergic reactions caused by some artificial jewelry pieces when adorned for longer. However, solitaire silver rings do not fall under this category. The unique beauty and magnificence of these rings at Gemexiwould enhance your beauty and take your appearance to the next level. Although the design is most important regarding rings, diamond is preferred for engagement rings.

Choose Gemexito Buy Wholesale Solitaire Silver Ring

Regarding the best wholesale solitaire silver ring collection, you should rely only on a trustworthy e-store like Gemexi. We offer a wide range of mesmerizing rings at budget-friendly costs. Our vast collection of solitaire rings wholesale would please your mind and help you shortlist your favorite options regardless of the occasion. 

The sterling silver solitaire rings wholesale of Gemexi consist of best-in-class solitaire rings handcrafted by experienced artisans. Do you want to get that most unique solitaire ring like a match made in heaven for you? Would you like to get an unforgettable online wholesale gemstone silver jewelry shopping experience? Then, what are you waiting for? Visit the Gemexi e-store today! 

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