Raw Moonstone Jewelry Collection

The hustle-bustle of today’s rapid life makes us go crazy and how! So once in a while, in between the rush, we pause to savor those little moments of peace and joy that keep us sane and going. And while many decide to indulge in all sorts of luxury to attain that level of pure happiness, we say, you don’t have to. Trust the best quality moonstone gemstones to help you achieve that, just through a mere glance! Clad in transparency and effervescing kaleidoscopic hues - the gorgeous magic Moonstone gemstone is here to be your best friend in all stages of life. Whether you are distressed about something that’s keeping you up at night or have been feeling physical down, count on a real Moonstone to wipe away all your complaints. 

And if you’re wondering where can you get your perfect sterling silver Moonstone jewelry from, count on Gemexi - your trusted wholesale gemstone jewelry shop - to save you the worry. Made with authentic moonstones picked by our expert gemologists and framed in breathtaking designs, sit back and enjoy the best of both worlds with Gemexi’s raw Moonstone jewelry collection! 

100% Raw Moonstone Silver Jewelry and Its Wonderful Benefits & Uses for You!

A natural Moonstone gemstone is a paradise of benefits for every individual. But for women, it holds exclusive advantages. From helping with fertility issues to streamlining irregularities in menstruation - if you’re a woman, you definitely need the “moon magic gemstone” in your life. Besides, there’s more in store:

•    Moonstone fosters feelings of love and protection.
•    Moonstone eradicates emotional disparity.
•    Moonstone helps in calming sleep conditions like insomnia.
•    Moonstone is beneficial for the hormonal system and treats diseases like arthritis, asthma, and seasonal infections. 
•    Moonstone heals and balances the Solar Plexus chakra.

Too much potential in a single moonstone, right? Well, only when the gemstone is truly authentic and raw, to begin with. But the question is - where can you buy your precious Moonstone from? The answer is - Gemexi!

Check Out Gemexi’s Premium Range of Wholesale Raw Moonstone Jewelry

Healing with gemstones doesn’t have to be monotonous. So our craftsmen at Gemexi marry the two elements - simple and chic - to give your healing journey with Moonstone, a subtle twist of style. So whether you choose raw Moonstone jewelry earrings or settle for a petite raw Moonstone pendant - our range won’t disappoint you. Come, let’s take a stroll through our assorted collection of raw Moonstone jewelry wholesale:

    >>Raw Moonstone Jewelry Pendants

•    Natural Rainbow Moonstone with Blue Aquamarine Pendant
•    Natural Pink Opal Moonstone Silver Pendant
•    Natural Cinnabar Spanish Moonstone Silver Pendant

    >>Raw Moonstone Jewelry Rings

•    Solitaire Natural Rainbow Moonstone Silver/Gold/Rose Gold Ring
•    Natural Rainbow Moonstone with Sunstone Silver Ring
•    Natural Rainbow Moonstone with Charoite Silver Ring

Start Your Journey of Healing With Raw Moonstones - Buy From Gemexi Now!!

Moonstones heal in a variety of ways. No matter what’s troubling you, Moonstone could be your possible cure. So don’t keep yourself devoid of this blessing. Take your first step towards healing with Moonstone and shop from Gemexi’s exclusive raw Moonstone jewelry and handmade sterling silver gemstone jewelry collection now!
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