Cage Jewelry Collection

Cage jewelry basically speaks about beautiful personalized styles in form of a cage pattern. Mostly, this jewelry includes a stunning cage pattern that embeds precious gemstones, pearls, crystals, or more. The wrapping is done using plain silver wires or other wires. Though there is no limit to how much you can experiment with the customization in cage jewelry collections, it is also a great idea to grab a few readymade choices from the fabulous wholesale cage jewelry collections available At Gemexi!

Exquisite Cage Jewelry Collections At Gemexi

Get ready to redefine your style and appearance with our novice cage jewelry collections. Full of cheerful appearance and infinite attraction, our cage jewelry options are truly candy for your eyes and a treat for your personality. We have used the natural scintillating gemstones creatively in our wide range of cage jewelry. Blending sterling silver and natural gemstones, we have showcased a collection that will give you superb jewelry choices for various occasions. You can explore and choose to buy from the following category of cage jewelry available only at our site. 

•    Twisted Wholesale Cage earrings – The twisted cage earrings at our site offer many overwhelming choices. Check out these lovely earrings carefully and shop for the one that lends a perfect match to your outfit. Buy the beautiful twisted cage earrings with refreshing malachite or shop the ones that have the soothing feminine touch of rose quartz. From tanzanite, quartz, and emerald to lapis lazuli, green chalcedony, colorful fluorite, and more, we have a comprehensive collection to cater to different choices and requirements. 

•    Twisted Wholesale Cage Pendants – While you come across a plethora of amazing choices in this category, the unique green turquoise Tibetan enamel pendant needs a special mention. Embedding the sacred and respected green Tibetan turquoise, this pendant combines the beauty of healing and style in the cage design. Also worth checking are the other cage pendants that have the engrossing beauty of creative twisted cage designs encasing various gemstones like citrines, rubies, and more. 

Add some fun to your style with our gorgeous and colorful gemstone cage jewelry

Crave to get a perfect look for a special occasion? Regardless of whether you choose to wear a traditional or modern outfit, our creatively crafted wholesale cage jewelry collections will give you choices that perfectly suit various dresses and occasions as well! Try out the twisted pendants in cage pattern with your body-hugging dress or pick up a pair of dangle earrings in cage-style to flaunt with a casual top and skirt combination. The trendy look and fresh appeal of our cage jewelry will add tons of attraction to your style. You can even create a unique and pretty look by choosing to wear attractive cage earrings with a cage pendant that will look like a complete set. Check out the given below styles at our site to get an idea about the beauty of our imposing cage jewelry. 
  • •    Dangle earrings in a pretty cage design with brown smoky topaz
  • •    Cage pendant with original Ruby gemstone
  • •    Cage drop earrings in natural sodalite gemstone and sterling silver.
  • •    Sterling silver and bright yellow Citrine rough earrings in cage design
  • •    Natural green Malachite cage pendant
Do you have a particular gemstone or handmade sterling silver gemstone jewelry in mind that you want to see wrapped in a thoughtful cage jewelry style? If so, share your idea with us. Speaking about your superb creativity and imagination, the customized cage jewelry is something you can choose as a lovely gift for your loved ones! Our customization team will take care of your shared concept and will offer you a flawless and highly attractive personalized cage jewel. 
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