Raw & Cabs Crystal Jewelry Collection

Feel the originality and uniqueness of nature by wearing the beautiful crystal cabs jewelry available At Gemexi. The pure and natural gemstones in their raw form and combined with cab crystals helped us create a matchless Rough Stone Cabs Crystal Jewelry Collection.

While almost all of us are well aware of the raw gems (the purely natural form of gems), many of us might not be knowing what exactly cab jewelry is! That’s why, we think, it is essential to enlighten you with knowledge on cabs or cabochon jewels. 

The Immensely Beautiful Cabs Crystal Jewelry

Cabs are just another name for cabochons. When crystals or gems are cut and polished and given a beautiful curved and convex top, they are called cabochons. These cabochons or cabs can be found in many alluring balanced shapes like rectangles, ovals, hearts, free-forms, and squares. The cabs look amazing in their various shapes and immense luster and thus, make for a perfect jewelry option. At Gemexi, we have combined the cabs with raw gemstones in multiple tempting ways and designs. Some of the popular choices for the same include the following:
  1. •    Herkimer diamond & Kyanite ring 
  2. •    Amazonite & Herkimer diamond ring
  3. •    Charoite & Herkimer diamond pendant
  4. •    Ring with doublet opal & Herkimer diamond
  5. •    Rose Quartz & Raw Peruvian amazonite ring
  6. •    Ring with black Tourmaline & raw Peruvian amazonite

Get Engrossed in the Vivacity and Variety of Raw Crystal Cabs Jewelry at Gemexi

The cab jewelry at our store finds a new definition! We say so because we have created an entirely new and innovative range consisting of rough gems and cabochons. Picking up glittering natural gems that compliment the beauty of cabochons, our talented artisans have presented a tempting crystal cabs jewelry wholesale range. Whether you love wearing jewels with minimalist patterns or wish to grab the ones that have a touch of intricate designs, you will discover all sorts of styles, here, at our gems and jewelry store. Contemplating the latest trends and demands, we have tried to include a wide color palette in form of colorful gemstones and cabochons so that you get to buy jewelry with your favorite color of gems and cabs embedded in it. While you can surely pamper yourself with the carefully and passionately created rough stone cabs gemstone jewelry available at our store, you can also consider these enchanting pieces as a unique gift for your near and dear ones. From delicate rings and pendants to earrings, bracelets, and more, you can select the most fascinating cabs and crystals jewelry at our site. 

Offering a wide variety of designs and styles, we give you the choice of shopping for your favorite piece of jewelry with us. Our unique designs, careful selection of cabs, and use of only natural gems have helped us become a premium choice for our wide base of customers worldwide. Be it the trusted and popular gemstone cabs wholesaler that you are looking for or simply, the most authentic online destination for buying raw and cab crystals jewelry and handmade wholesale gemstone silver jewelry, Gemexi is your best choice!
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