Faceted Moonstone Jewelry Collection

Do you want to accessorize yourself with awe-inspiring faceted moonstone jewelry? Then, Gemexi is your one-stop destination. The uniqueness and exquisiteness of faceted moonstone jewelry pieces would take your style statement and appearance to the next level. We showcase a rich and wide collection of faceted moonstone jewelry with Rainbow Obsidian Eye as the primary stone. We will delight you with the most exquisite jewelry forms if you are looking for high-quality faceted moonstone jewelry pieces at affordable prices. 


About Rainbow Obsidian Eye

In short, obsidian is a natural volcanic glass available as an extrusive rock on the earth. Rhyolitic lava eruptions are the sources of obsidian. However, it does not belong to the family of minerals due to its formation from unheated lava. However, Rainbow Obsidian Eye belongs to the mineraloid group. Did you know a maximum of 70% silicon dioxide or SiO2 is available in Obsidian?

What about the color of obsidian? It depends on the impurities present in it, but the pure form of this mineraloid comes in a dark color. When there is iron present in obsidian, its color may become brown, dark brown, or black. 

Rainbow Obsidian is one of the popular types of obsidian. It imparts rainbow-like effects and an awe-inspiring shimmering appearance. The presence of magnetite nanoparticles causes the magnificent rainbow-like appearance of Rainbow Obsidian. Other types of obsidian are snowflake obsidian and Sheen Obsidian. 

Embellish yourself with Faceted Moonstone Jewelry

Incredible appearance and an array of striking healing properties have made Faceted Moonstone Jewelry one of the most popular ornaments in the world. Be it faceted moonstone pendants or sterling silver
faceted moonstone earrings, and rainbow faceted moonstone jewelry, leave no stone unturned to enhance the style and look of the wearer. 
Nonetheless, you should always emphasize quality when opting for any jewelry. And when it comes to Faceted Moonstone Jewelry, Gemexi is your one-stop solution.

Why opt for faceted moonstone jewelry?

Do you wonder why you should consider purchasing Faceted Moonstone Jewelry? One of the key reasons is its beauty and grandeur that would make you more appealing and styling irrespective of the occasion. However, the most enticing reason to prefer these alluring jewelry pieces is the incredible metaphysical properties of the rainbow obsidian eye. 

Gemexi always ensures the highest quality of Rainbow Obsidian to offer the top-notchFaceted Moonstone Jewelry to customers. Are you looking for wholesale faceted moonstone jewelry like faceted moonstone rings wholesale? Then, look no further than Gemexi.

Did you know the rainbow obsidian eye is also called the heaven eye? It acts as a talisman to individuals who want to see their past and foresee the future. This stone comes with incredible purification power that can make deep healing of the soul.

Do you want to safeguard yourself from environmental negativity? Then, Faceted Moonstone Jewelry can come in handy for you- thanks to the power of the rainbow obsidian eye. Moreover, the rainbow obsidian eye links the earth's core to the base of the wearer’s spine. 

Transform Your Style with Faceted Moonstone Jewelry

Gemexi offers a wide range of exquisite Faceted Moonstone Jewelry pieces to complement your style and take your appearance to the next level. The beauty of the rainbow obsidian eye stone and the craftsmanship of the pieces are enough reasons to feel attracted to Faceted Moonstone Jewelry. For instance, faceted moonstone silver jewelry has become trendy due to its power to revolutionize the beauty and appearance of the wearer. 

The amalgamation of quality and budget-friendly price structure has made Faceted Moonstone Jewelry one of the most preferred options for jewelry enthusiasts. It is high time to visit wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturer, Gemexi and choose the most appropriate jewelry pieces for you and your loved ones. 
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