Faceted Gemstone Jewelry Collection

Faceted gems jewelry is a unique collection of our website, where every piece is exquisitely crafted. Made from only the highest quality 925 sterling silver, these are awe-inspiring pieces in function and form. Each of our cut gemstone jewelry is made to last and are kept streamlined, making them easy to use and maintaining the overall aesthetic of the items clean and crisp. Gemstones are a natural gift of nature and are mysterious in themselves. However, the true potential of a bling gemstone is enhanced by man's touch – the cutting, which delivers the stone's internal glow and creates mesmerizing beauty, making a gem so exciting to the human eye. Brilliant cuts are pretty different from step cuts. For one thing, faceted gemstones have cuts that sometimes look to form rounded lines. Individual facets are angular or kite-shaped, though recently, a hearts and signs technique has been added to the mix.
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