Raw Ethiopian Jewelry Collection

Sparkling, immaculate, and reverberating with power - an Ethiopian Opal is a wish come true for those seeking the perfect healing gemstone. Belonging to the magnificent and wildly popular Opal clan, Ethiopian Opal is your one-stop solution for excelling in life. In terms of emotional healing, this beautiful gemstone is believed to aid you in better and clear communication. But that’s not all! Ethiopian Opals also largely help you in soothing many physical concerns and illuminating your concealed spirituality. It is for these and more reasons that in gemology, wearing authentic, raw Ethiopian Opal translates to welcoming wholesomeness into life.

At Gemexi, we host a range of 100% raw and pristine Ethiopian Opal laden with incredible healing benefits. Through our master craftsmanship, we have made sure that each Ethiopian Opal jewelry that reaches you is a blend of both - fashion and wholesome!

Benefits of Raw Ethiopian Opal Jewelry For Your Body, Mind, and Soul

Ethiopian Opals are enriched with benefits that have the power to turn your life around. Yet, if you are wondering whether it would be the right pick for you or not, here’s a quick bite of everything you need to know about raw Ethiopian Opal’s healing benefits for the body, mind, and spirit:

•    Ethiopian Opal fosters better decision making
•    This Opal is good for the eyes, hair, nails, and skin 
•    This stone encourages calm and composed vibes
•    It eliminates negativity from life
•    This crystal heals and balances the Crown chakra

Truth be told, these benefits only transpire in real life when the healing stone is all-natural handmade silver gemstone jewelry and untouched. Here at Gemexi, we design our jewelry with gemstones coming straight from nature’s lap. Let’s take a quick glance at Gemexi’s exclusive raw Ethiopian Opal jewelry collection. 

Discover the All-New Range of Raw Ethiopian Opal Jewelry Wholesale at Gemexi

From pretty and dainty pendants to offbeat and one-of-a-kind rings - at our store, you will find the kind of Ethiopian Opal jewelry you just can’t miss out on! Whatever you decide to choose, we promise - our skilled craftsmen will give you nothing but the best. With the combined power of other incredible secondary healing crystals and designed with utter precision, check out some of our most loved raw Ethiopian Opal silver jewelry at Gemexi:

•    Raw Ethiopian Opal & Citrine Fancy Silver Pendant 
•    Raw Ethiopian Opal & Natural Ammolite Rough Fancy Silver Pendant
•    3 Stone Raw Ethiopian Opal & Tourmaline Silver Pendant
•    Solitaire Raw Ethiopian Opal Silver Ring
•    3 Stone Raw Ethiopian Opal & Peridot Silver Ring
•    Raw Ethiopian Opal & Rough Blue Topaz Silver Ring

Shop Raw Ethiopian Opal Jewelry From Gemexi 

Gemstones and crystals are the harbingers of good luck and fortune. When you decide to add the element of powerful crystals to your life, you know you are doing the right thing. So wait no more! Shop Gemexi’s exclusive wholesale raw Ethiopian Opal earrings and wholesale raw Ethiopian Opal rings and let the magic of positivity and fruitfulness unfold. 
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