Raw Gemstone Jewelry Collection

If the polished and shaped gems have stopped enticing you and you are looking for other jewelry options that symbolize originality, purity, and nature, you must read about the Raw Gemstone Silver Jewelry. Continue reading below and enlighten yourself with the knowledge of raw gems and crystal jewelry made from these rough or raw gemstones. 

A gemstone has been used in jewelry worldwide since ancient times. A few people use it for certain kinds of fashion trends, but others wear gemstones because of the connection advantages of these stones with their zodiac signs. However, it is important to mention that one can avail of the associated benefits of gems only when they get real and natural gemstones. Gemexi is the best option for buying wholesale raw gemstone jewelry. With over 40 years of experience, we have sold various authentic jewelry and gemstones. Our online store has built its trust among people, which is why it is considered one of the best destinations to buy authentic wholesale raw gemstone jewelry items.  

Raw Gemstone Silver Jewelry – A Quick Intro 

The lustrous, polished, cut, and shaped crystals are surely worked into stunning jewelry pieces that instantly win anyone’s heart. But there is another world of precious crystals and gemstones quite different from the jewels we use! Well, the rough gemstones or the raw crystals have their own value and charm. You can get an adorable and extremely captivating look by donning the beautiful raw gemstone silver rings or picking up any other raw gemstone jewelry wholesale. 

Usually, the gemstones and jewelry we use go through a long journey before reaching us. From cleaning, cutting, polishing, and designing, this type of jewelry is mostly one that includes processed gemstones. On the contrary, Handmade raw gemstone jewelry uses gemstones/crystals in their natural, raw, or rough form. These are unprocessed crystals that are not processed in any way and are being used as they are in the making of various jewelry forms. 

You can find a brilliant variety of raw gemstone jewelry wholesale in the form of raw sterling silver pendants, raw crystal rings, natural rough gemstone earrings, and more. The raw gemstone jewelry looks charismatic and makes you stand out from the crowd.

Quick Intro about Raw Gemstones 

Gemstones are pieces of certain minerals crafted and shaped in a certain way that can act as jewelry. Nowadays, there are various kinds of trendy designs in the form of pendants, rings, and other jewelry items in which the gemstones are contoured to create a stunning appearance for the wearer. While the finely worked-upon gemstones can draw your attention with their beautiful shapes and cuts, the lure for the raw gemstones has not faded! There are still millions of people around the world who love wearing rough gemstone jewelry or raw gemstone jewelry. This kind of jewelry is not polished or shaped in any manner. Rather, the small pieces of gemstones in their natural form are put carefully into settings that do not disturb or affect the originality and natural beauty of the gemstone. 

Jewelry with Raw Gemstone in Various Designs & Styles

At Gemexi, you can choose to shop for handmade raw gemstone jewelry in alluring designs and styles. Our huge collection of raw gemstone silver jewelry incorporates exquisite raw sterling silver pendants, natural rough gemstone earrings, and natural gemstone rings, which are perfect for any occasion. Embedding the natural topaz, Libyan desert glass, aquamarine, apatite, rose quartz, and many more other rough gemstones, we have created a unique range. The addition of designs in silver like a sear horse, unicorn, Tree of Life, half-moon, and many more choices further augment the beauty of these unique jewelry pieces. The trio rings or three stone gem rings incorporating three colorful raw gemstones are also an incredible option for someone who wants to delight the better half with a unique and memorable gift! 

Tips to Take Care of Sterling Silver Raw Gemstone Jewelry

While you explore and buy raw gemstone jewelry wholesale options at Gemexi, it is important to know how to take care of silver jewelry pieces. Here are a few ways by which one can preserve and keep their jewelry pieces fresh and newer for longer durations:

  1. •    One should ensure that the jewelry or gemstones don’t contact any kinds of creams or lotions that one might be using, as it affects the quality of the jewelry.
  2. •    It is often said that the best way to take care of any jewelry item is to wear it often. It is said that if any jewelry is kept for long without wearing it, the product's quality and shine get compromised.
  3. •    Sterling gemstone jewelry should be cleaned with the help of baking soda and water or vinegar and baking soda once in a while so that even if you wear your jewelry regularly, it shouldn’t look dirty, and the shine remains the same.

Jewelry and Gemstones have always been an essential part of human adornment. Gemexi is proud to share that we cater to every type of jewelry and gemstone needs, including jewelry made of raw gems. Our contemporary designs, as well as the classic patterns, are not only the best in looks but also in their quality and authenticity. Place your order at our store today and enjoy rough gemstone jewelry's power, elegance, and immense beauty! 

The Wide Range of Raw Gemstone Jewelry at Gemexi

If you, too, want to feel connected to your roots and stay even closer to nature, wearing exuberant raw gemstone jewelry is an amazing idea. Explore the striking range of rough gemstone silver jewelry at Gemexi, including creative jewelry items made of rough Herkimer diamond, raw pink rose quartz, rough sapphire, amethyst, tourmaline, and yet many more. The combination of 925 silver with original rough gemstones looks marvelous in our innovatively designed jewelry forms. 

Visit the raw gemstone silver jewelry collection at Gemexi and refresh your jewelry box with the unique gemstone silver jewelry that says – being natural & original is the essence of beauty!
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