Three Stone Rings Collection

Three stone rings or Trilogy rings are a true classic and very traditional. The main element of these rings is that they feature the center with the main stone and two stones on the side. The side stones can be of similar sizes or smaller. The three stones rings represent the love that encompasses past, present, and future. That's why it is also known as a promise ring. The simple and elegant three-stone rings can add more sparkle to your outfit. 

Trio gemstone rings are becoming increasingly popular because of their exquisite beauty and alluring designs. Three stackable stone bands can come in different cuts and shapes; there is no shortage of designs to choose from as they can be made in numerous different combinations of various gemstones. From depicting love to showcasing promises for the future, the trinity rings say it all. So add a splash of colors to your life by adding these rings to your wardrobe. 

The sparkling trio of Vintage-style three-stone rings made with gemstones can give you a beautifully balanced appeal and carries more bling than most other designer rings. So, if you want to buy a versatile, good-looking ring, then do not look any further. These solitaire promise rings are made just for you. 

At Gemexi, we provide three stone trilogy rings made with 925 sterling silver to enhance your outfit, whether casual or ethnic. Choose from a wide collection of gemstones that you truly adore, as these rings will add sparkle and beauty to your hands. Handmade with love and eye-catching deisgns, these rings will surely win anyone's heart.
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