The snake jewelry has become one of the most iconic motifs in jewelry.  In 1839 when Queen Victoria was engaged to Prince Albert and received a twined snake ring, with her birthstone centered in its head.

Snake jewelry is one of the oldest mythological, ancient, and aesthetic symbols. As a result, snake ornaments have been associated with many meanings. These pieces of art, and especially the Snake Rings, are in very much trend these days. Wearing silver snake jewelry can help you bring you close to your transformation. It teaches us purification and gives birth to new ideas and beginnings. 

We at Gemexi have 925 sterling silver snake jewelry with the most iconic and evergreen designs. If you are tired of wearing understated rings, then take a  look at our collection of gemstone snake silver jewelry with mesmerizing designs that will compliment any of your outfits. The winding form of this type of jewelry can loop and wrap around your fingers, giving the wearer a fascinated look. 

Our skilled artisans design our gemstone snake jewelry collection in such a way that will give you an exotic look with its ethnicity and antiquity. The silver snake jewelry is considered the timeless classic statement piece that will enhance your everyday look. Be ready to receive tons of compliments for these unique and fascinated styles. 

Shop from our wide range of compelling and captivating snake jewelry easily available at affordable and wholesale prices.
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