Long Gems Jewelry Collection

Large gemstones are the only most potent decorative design element that one can adorn. Nothing is as impactful and pleasant to the eye as a large and vibrant gem. Not only do big gemstone jewelry have a considerable appeal, but with the entire range of colored stones, the variety of shades and tones attract a large group of people. A huge trend is soft pastel tones in big gemstone rings, as the more dramatic Vintage jewelry with neon and richer hues perform to reach the height of their demand in the Autumn/Winter season. These were formerly considered less charming tones for gems, but a more detailed palette has emerged this year. One way to showcase these huge stones is to strengthen their color by providing the feature gem to ‘stand-alone’ with details or purposely equaling its tones with those of other bold decorative parts in that design. However, when you wear these jewels, we are sure of one thing that it is going to turn many heads.
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