Our moon shaped jewelry is a collection for those who are not worried about getting carried away. The exquisite moon jewelry are for the dreamers, the visionaries, the starry-eyed hopefuls, those who love their life a bit more than others. As the name suggests, this is a collection of star-themed and half moon jewelry, and it's a collection that gives you an easy way to raise even the most basic outfits and dresses more heavenly. Whether it's a delicate and simple crescent moon pendant with a long and thin chain or perfectly handcrafted hoop earrings with moons in pure 925 sterling silver, every piece in this collection features a refined delicacy to elegant shapes. So whether you are looking for something small and dainty to wear along with a lovely evening dress or crisp white shirt for work, try something from our silver moon jewelry collection. These moon pieces are very sophisticated and elegant and will make you like a real-life angel.
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