Moon Shaped Jewelry Collection

Our moon-shaped jewelry is a collection for those who are not worried about getting carried away. The exquisite moon jewelry is for the dreamers, the visionaries, the starry-eyed hopefuls, and those who love their life a bit more than others. As the name suggests, this is a collection of star-themed and half-moon jewelry, and it's a collection that gives you an easy way to raise even the most basic outfits and dresses more heavenly. Whether it's a delicate and simple crescent moon pendant with a long and thin chain or perfectly handcrafted hoop earrings with moons in pure 925 sterling silver, every piece in this collection features a refined delicacy to elegant shapes. So whether you are looking for something small and dainty to wear along with a lovely evening dress or crisp white shirt for work, try something from our silver moon jewelry collection. These moon pieces are very sophisticated and elegant and will make you like a real-life angel.

As beautiful as the moon, as bright as the full moon, gleaming like the moon well, when it comes to comparing beauty or sheen, the moon is definitely one of the most prevalent celestial objects that we all love to quote! However, the moon-shaped jewelry is no less gripping than the moon itself when it comes to choosing the most attractive and trendiest jewelry pieces! Before we discuss the exhaustive and rich wholesale sterling silver moon jewelry available at Gemexi, let us first take a quick glance at its rich history!

The Rich History of Moon-Shaped Jewelry

First things first! The symbol of the moon has been observed in almost all ancient civilizations. While some associated it with Gods and Goddesses, others used it as a symbol signifying profound meanings. Though the moon symbol was used in different ways during ancient times, it became most popular and important during the Gregorian and Victorian eras. The half-moon symbol is quite an old one that came into use during the 2nd millennium BC. Be it the Mediterranean civilization, Mesopotamian civilization the Persian one, the Central Asian traditions, or some other cultures worldwide, the half moon designs have been observed almost in every corner of the globe. And this is where the half moon-shaped jewelry got its inspiration from! There is even clear evidence of the presence of crescent moons or half-moons on the ancient coins. The Ottoman Empire as well as the Byzantine Empire had coins with moon designs or crescent moon images on them. 

Meaning & Symbolism of Half Moon Jewelry

While you explore the enchanting wholesale moon jewelry collection at our online store to buy a catchy moon spirit jewelry piece, like moon pendants, or moon rings it will give you a delightful feeling to know that the feminine and splendid handmade moon silver jewelry has its own list of meanings and symbolism associated with it! Just check our given below quick points that indicate the meanings and significance of the alluring moon shaped jewelry. 
  • •    In the Mesopotamian civilization, the moon was considered the Goddess of pure love and productiveness. 
  • •    During the Victorian times, the newly wed brides used to wear the charming brooches consisting of a crescent moon with flowers upon them. The same symbolized the sweet natural nectar of flowers and the charm and longevity of the moon. 
  • •    The moon shaped jewelry also symbolizes the deep meaning of embracing changes in life.
  • •    The crescent-shaped jewelry or the half moon shaped jewelry has become a symbol of women's empowerment too. 
  • •    Even today, the moon shaped jewelry is highly associated with fertility, beauty, feminism, and women’s authorization, strength, and power. 

Shop Wide Moon Silver Jewelry Pieces from Gemexi

Combining our passionately crafted moon-shaped jewelry with any outfit will instantly jazz up your look! Our luxurious range of silver moon jewelry is truly fascinating both in terms of the magnetic designs and the alluring cost that we bet, you can’t afford to miss! The magnificent moon-shaped jewelry and wholesale handmade silver jewelry collection at Gemexi comprise spellbound pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings that look simply stunning with their matchless beauty. Adorned in natural gemstones like Dendritic opal, Labradorite, Amethyst, Onyx, Garnet, Turquoise, Larimar, Ruby, Peridot, Citrine and yet many more other glorious natural gems, the moon shaped gemstone jewelry at Gemexi will cater perfectly to your needs and desires of most beautiful and dainty jewelry pieces! 
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