Gold Polished Silver Jewelry Collection

Everybody loves the brilliant bling of Gold! Its beauty and appeal are unrivaled, dominating, and purely aesthetic. No matter how much we feel attracted to the different types of modern and fashion jewelry trends, the unalloyed truth is that Gold rules the jewelry world, and its charm is infinite. Contemplating the profound love for gold and considering the charisma it can add to any jewelry piece and someone’s personality, Gemexi presents an exquisite and exclusive range of luxurious Gold Plated silver jewelry for all its loving customers.

Get the Essential Bling through Exquisite Gold Plated Handmade Silver Jewelry

The charm and magnetism of passionately crafted gold jewelry can be observed in our exhaustive Gold Plated jewelry wholesale range. With each piece sparkling with the beauty of 925 sterling silver polished in gold in a careful and refined manner, our alluring range of gold-plated antique silver jewelry and handmade silver jewelry wholesaler from India will make you go gaga! The range of Gold plated Jewelry at our online store showcases abundant compelling choices that can jazz up your style statement effortlessly! Want to get an idea for the same? Just check below!
  • Shop for the nicely done 925 sterling silver gold plated necklace–Gemexi is the right destination to discover an astonishingly beautiful gold polished silver necklace wholesale assortment. We are specialists in beautiful designs in jewelry. Incorporating both modern and traditional styles in its design strategy, we create versatile jewelry that can be worn with various outfits. Shop and own the charming sterling silver gold plated jewelry from our site that is ornate with the beauty of original gemstones, the shine of gold, the richness of silver, and the incomparable skills of our artisans. Choose according to your favorite gemstone or pick up a necklace that has a gemstone of your loving shade, go for the minimalist pattern or buy the necklaces that show the beauty of intricate designs! The choices are numerous! The varieties are super alluring! Moreover, our site's easy and clean interface will help you search and glance at our products in a super convenient and satisfactory way.
  • Buy the gold plated silver rings with stunning beauty–Rings, the tiny jewelry accessories, are often not given much attention compared to other jewelry forms. However, when rings are designed with devotion and imaginativeness, they can be the reason for attention! This is what you will get to witness in our collection of marvelous silver gold plated rings. With a rich centerpiece in the form of a precious or semi-precious gemstone and smooth gold plating, each ring in our range of gold-plated silver jewelry is a treasure to own. Buy them for your engagement or choose them as your wedding ring. If you love our work and effort, you can contact us for a personalized gold-plated silver ring. We offer quick, perfect, and timely jewelry customizations too.
  • Grab the pretty gold plated silver pendants with unique artistry- Having an attractive pendant simply means that you can catch all the attention in just a couple of seconds! Swinging delicately around your neck and adding the golden glow to your face, each of our gold-plated silver pendants has a super alluring real gemstone that helps you get an overall unique style statement. 

While you can explore many other choices in the gold plated silver jewelry range at our store apart from the ones mentioned below, Gemexi also feels delighted to share that we have got amazing collections in the form of: 
  1. •    Ethiopian Opal Gold plated Silver Jewelry 
  2. •    Labradorite Gold Plated Jewelry 
  3. •    Amethyst Gold Plated Silver Jewelry 
  4. •    Topaz Gold Polished Silver Jewelry 
  5. •    Moonstone Gold Plated Jewelry 
  6. •    Larimar Gold PlatedSilver Jewelry 
  7. •    Turquoise Gold Plated Silver Jewelry 
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