Welcome to the brilliant collection of dazzling handmade faceted gemstone jewelry at Gemexi! Incorporating intricate, sophisticated as well as minimalist designs, our range of wholesale Faceted Gemstone jewelry will leave you awestruck at the very first glance. If the beautiful and lively colors of gemstones like Amethysts, Peridots, Citrines, Topaz and many more others have always fascinated you, our unique handmade faceted gemstone jewelry wholesale collection will give you superb options to buy gemstone rings, pendants in a wide color palettes and unrivalled designs.

Variety of designs to compliment your look

We, at Gemexi, absolutely understand the significance of this tiny adornment called ring! The thoughtfully chosen rings can uplift your style in just a couple of seconds. Therefore, we have designed and created each of our ring with complete care and extremely creative ideas. Be it the simple minimalist patterns for an impressive and elegant look or the intricate ones that are meant to be flaunt on special occasions, you will discover a wide variety of handmade faceted gemstone pendants in our wholesale faceted gemstone jewelry collection. Some of the popular and much beautiful patterns in our colorful faceted gemstone pendant & rings include the following:
  1. •  Rings & Pendants with double gems of same category
  2. •  Rings & Pendants with two different types of gems
  3. •  Pendants having a combo of three or four different gems
  4. •  Spiral, adjustable rings with vivacity of colorful gems
With marvellous cuts, shapes, variety of unique designs, and matchless appeal, our wholesale faceted gemstone pendants & rings are a treasure to own! Glance through our wide range of beguiling handmade faceted gemstone pendants, rings and pick the one that best suits your needs as well as occasion. 

Shop handmade faceted gemstone jewelry for a variety of occasions

Many times, we simply pick up any pendant for any occasion! But that’s not the case for those who actually know the importance of wearing the right kind of jewelry on particular occasions. The world of handmade faceted gemstone pendants wholesale assortment at Gemexi caters to a wide variety of choices. We have included all sorts of designs and styles in our enthralling jewelry. Hence, if you are one who loves to wear simple elegant designs, you can go for the Natural Peridot Rings or the Natural Topaz Pendants that embeds two gems of same category in a lovely style. Combining original gemstones with 925 Sterling Silver, our team of artisans have created a unique collection of gemstone jewelry that you won’t find anywhere else!

Shop for handcrafted faceted gemstone jewelry that you can wear on special occasions or go for the ones that can be worn on regular days too. Choose the bright colors of ruby or go for the soothing yellow shades of citrine. The variety of colors, gems and designs will perfectly cater your different choices. However, if you do not get the perfect pendants, rings, do not hesitate, just let us know your imaginative design and we will get that customized for you. We offer flawless and timely jewelry customizations so that you can celebrate your special and important days with your choice of jewelry!
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