Native American Jewelry Collection

Every piece of Native American Jewelry, from necklaces to bracelets, rings, and earrings, tells a story. The art of Native American symbols started in the 1800s when the Navajo people came into contact with the Spanish. Native American jewelry is also called Navajo Jewelry/Hopi jewelry. Navajo people mainly used to work with turquoise gemstone. These real turquoise jewelry are considered a symbol of power. Made from sterling silver, blended with materials like stones, turquoise, coral, shells, and feathers. They are incredibly beautiful and are renowned worldwide for their unique style and distinctive designs. These Spiritual Native American symbols and meanings are known for showcasing many beautiful symbols of the natural world; one of the most common symbols is a feather. The Native American feather jewelry will enhance your overall look and put light and freshness on your day's outfit. This kind of jewelry will give extra color to your look and adapt to any style, ethnic or casual. We at Gemexi are proud to offer a variety of Zuni jewelry featuring the symbols sacred to the Native Americans of the region. Each piece of jewelry is made and designed, keeping in mind the aesthetics of the individual artist. You'll love to wear jewelry as they are delightful and awe-inspiring.

Offering an amazing blend of aesthetic nature-inspired designs with natural elements, the Native American style jewelry surely looks unique and extremely appealing. A perfect fit for various casual and festive occasions, the authentic Native American jewelry incorporates beautiful natural gemstones, feathers, and a few other nature-gifted elements. At Gemexi, jewelry lovers and admirers explore, pick and buy from an all-inclusive wholesale Native American jewelry assortment. 

History of Native American / Navajo Jewelry

Are you a fan of Native American sterling silver jewelry? If so, you must know a bit about the history of native American jewelry. To begin with, let us tell you that this beautiful jewelry is almost twelve thousand years old! While the paleo Indians used creative ideas of converting natural elements into wearable jewelry forms, the trend was further adopted and worked upon by the native American tribes. While various native American tribes got involved in the creation of this jewelry with time, the chief tribe that is often associated with this jewelry is the Navajo people. The importance of Turquoise Gemstone in their designs introduced the idea of presenting tribal jewelry designs with absorbing blue turquoise gemstone. It is worth mentioning that Turquoise is revered all across the world, especially among the native American tribes, for its various powers and healing abilities. 

Wholesale Native American Indian Jewelry in a Variety of Styles

Like any other jewelry, the native jewelry collection can also be witnessed by many innovative designs while retaining the original traditional beauty. Today, the wholesale native American style jewelry showcases a fine amalgamation of intricate and elaborate patterns in Native American necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, and Native American bracelets. The inclusion of various types of gemstones has further augmented the variety and lure of this stunning jewelry. Whether you are looking for vintage Navajo turquoise jewelry, Native American feather jewelry, Native American turquoise jewelry or some other native American style jewelry with a dash of contemporary designs, the wholesale native American jewelry will delight you with the most amazing patterns beyond your expectations!

Buy Genuine Native American Silver Jewelry from Gemexi

Gemexi is the best choice for all those who want to buy authentic Native American jewelry and handmade sterling silver jewelry. Our wholesale native American jewelry range has rich designs, including gemstones and sterling silver. The superior native American style jewelry collection at our online store has got fine pendants, native American earrings, necklaces, and rings done in 925 sterling silver, aquamarine, variscite, larimar, Mexican laguna jasper, lapis lazuli, turtle agate, turquoise, and other varieties of gemstones. Be it our Native American turquoise rings with gemstones of two different shapes and soothing colors or the drop earrings in perfect silver settings, each and every piece in our wholesale native American style jewelry promises to give you an adorable and unique look. We also have an exclusive collection of handmade native Indian jewelry wherein you can explore the traditional American Indian jewelry turquoise patterns with rich beauty and radiance. Our intricate designs in silver native American style jewelry include feathers, swirls, rhombus patterns, floral motifs, and more. Glance into the vivacity of our splendid collection and shop for a piece you’ll cherish for life!
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