Native American Style Jewelry Collection

When it comes to Native American jewelry, from necklaces to bracelets, rings, and earrings, every piece tells a story. The art of Native American silversmithing started in the 1800s when the Navajo people came into contact with the Spanish. That's why Native American jewelry is also called Navajo Jewelry. Navajo people mainly used to work with a turquoise gemstone. These pieces of turquoise jewelry are considered as the symbol of power. Made from sterling silver and blend with materials like stones, turquoise, coral, shells, feathers, they are incredibly beautiful and are renowned worldwide for their unique style and distinctive designs. These Native-American jewels are strong pieces and are known for showcasing many beautiful symbols of the natural world; one of the most common symbols is a feather. The native American feather jewelry will enhance your overall look and put light and freshness on your day's outfit. This kind of jewelry will give an extra touch of color to your look and adapt to any style, be it ethnic or casual. We at Gemexi are proud to offer a variety of jewelry featuring the symbols sacred to the Native Americans of the region. Each piece of jewelry is made and designed keeping in mind the aesthetics of the individual artist. You'll love to wear jewelry as they are delightful and awe-inspiring.
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