Top Best Healing Crystals for Pain Relief

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Dec 20, 2021
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Top Best Healing Crystals for Pain Relief

Be it physical pain or an emotional one, the fact is that any type of pain can totally disturb our normal day-to-day life. While low-intensity pains can be tackled in simple ways, keeping the extreme pains away becomes a real matter of concern. From disturbing our usual schedules to influencing our behavior and perspective towards everything, sometimes, pain cannot be avoided even after trying many ways of treatment and distractions. While taking painkillers can be a temporary solution in some cases, sticking to the same is certainly harmful in the long run.

Therefore, one should look for other effective remedies too. Taking help from crystals for pain relief has been found significantly helpful. Yes! You would be glad to know that there are crystals that help with pain relief. All-natural crystals have unique healing abilities and one can fetch the associated benefits by using the right kind of crystals for specific purposes. Here, we discuss the best crystals for pain relief. Check them right away!

Best Crystals for Pain Relief

  1. Amethyst

It is important to mention that tension or stress has been discovered as one of the major underlying causes of different bodily aches. Amethyst works in its own unique way by alleviating stress. It also supports chakra activation and aids in the removal of energy blockages. Though this beautiful purple gemstone is mainly recommended for migraines and headaches, it can also be used effectively for finding relief from other types of body pains too.
  1. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a bundle of multiple qualities. It is regarded as one of the best crystals for tackling and lessening pain. Though it is powerful and helpful in relieving various body pains, it is especially recommended for finding relief from emotional pains and wounds. Instilling inner strength, warding off the negativity, desolation, and dullness, this crystal helps you fight depression as well as other negative feelings that stop you from living a happy life. Rose quartz is also extremely famous for its soothing energy and impressive ability to attract love to live.
  1. Citrine

Are you looking for a charismatic and bright-colored crystal that does not only help alleviate pain but also helps you combat fatigue and low energy levels? If so, citrine serves as the perfect option. This yellow sparkling crystal comes with amazing energy levels and helps its wearer or user achieve the right balance of energy. You can keep fatigued away using citrine. It is also helpful in tackling menstrual cramps.
  1. Aquamarine

This beautiful  Aquamarine crystal is loved and coveted as one of the most soothing gemstones. It helps your mind stay calm and relaxed in any kind of condition. It has been found useful in problems related to the nervous system, breathing disorders, and finding relief from pain. It helps you forget your physical condition by instilling your mind with mental strength and a lot of energy.
  1. Carnelian

From skin infections to period pains and more, the bright orange-colored Carnelian is used and recommended for lessening pain. It is believed to have strong vibrations that work directly on the pain area and help the person find relief from aches.
  1. Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is one of the best crystals for pain when one is suffering from arthritis pain and joint pain problems. This stone is believed to provide strong protection from negativity. One can also use the black tourmaline for establishing a powerful connection between mother earth and soul.

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  1. Moonstone

Do you often face stomach pains? Are you the one who faces unbearable pain or menstrual cramps every month? If so, moonstone is definitely one of the best gemstones to lessen pain. This beautiful gemstone that resembles the moon helps lessen pain effectively by warding off stress and instilling good vibrations and strength.
  1. Lapis Lazuli

The attractive blue-colored gemstone called Lapis Lazuli is mainly a throat chakra gemstone. It mainly helps lessen pain related to the throat area. However, it is also used for alleviating various other pains too. While you use this gemstone for pain relief, you will also get to enjoy other benefits like better communication and the power of expression. It also brings clarity to thoughts.
  1. Obsidian

The beautiful black obsidian with a silky luster gives you protection from negative vibes and feelings. It is a stone with many powerful abilities. People who find a lack of self-control can trust this gem as it will help instill better self-control skills and abilities. It is a stone that gives extreme relief from different types of body pains. Be it the menstrual cramps, the stomach or digestion pains, or the pain of arthritis, using obsidian will help you attain calm results and relief from pain.
  1. Malachite

With a charming green shade, malachite grans your attention in no time! It is considered a very effective stone for alleviating pain. Malachite is often recommended for arthritis pain and back pain.

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  1. Amber

The honey-yellow colored Amber is a beautiful healing crystal. It contains succinic acid that lessens inflammation, thereby, resulting in pain relief.
  1. Kyanite

If you are looking for some of the best healing stones for pain relief that provide many other benefits in terms of physical health issues then Kyanite is one such choice. It is regarded as a significant natural pain reliever. Having positive and high vibes, this crystal works as a great physical and emotional healer. It helps relieve pain, maintains blood pressure, helps solve many types of infections, and also provides help in inflammatory problems.
  1. Chrysocolla

Pains occur in our bodies due to energy blockages too. When your chakras or energy points are blocked, the flow of energy gets disturbed and causes or augments the pain. Chrysocolla works incredibly by removing the energy blockages. It clears and activates the chakras ensuring the right flow of energy in your body leading to reduced or no pain.

The physical healing crystals are an effective way of treating pain and many other physical issues. All you need to do is to shop for natural and original crystals from the most trusted destinations!

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  • Piper
    Aug 6, 2022, 7:15:47 AM

    I believe in amber gemstones for pain relief. The Amber gemstone (sunny color) is an attractive healing crystal. It has succinic acid that soothes burn or stomach pain.

  • Zilna
    Dec 17, 2022, 11:57:58 AM

    These stones really help. I wear a rose quartz pendant and it helped me recover physically as well as mentally.

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