Crystals for Menstrual Cramps pain relief

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  • Updated On Dec 9, 2021
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Crystals for Menstrual Cramps pain relief

Menstrual cramps can be mild and easy to cope with for many women but there are other women who feel utter discomfort and extreme pain or cramps during their monthly menstrual cycles. This pain takes place in the lower abdomen area and also affects the lower back. Though having an over-the-counter pain relief tablet is alright for certain occasions but pain-relief tablets come with their side effects too. Taking them occasionally is fine but taking them over a long period of time can put you into other health risks. So, it is better to take these medicines only on the advice of your doctor. However, you would be glad to know that there is one more significant solution through which you can find comfort and relief from pain during the menses.

Well, you can use crystals for pain relief! Natural crystals or gemstones have amazing healing powers that do not only help you fight multiple physical ailments or issues but also give you superb support in many mental and emotional problems. Let us know about crystals for menstrual disorders and how they help you cope with the associated problems and pain.

What do You Need to Know for Using Menstrual Cramps Pain Relief Crystals?

While planning to use these crystals or gems, it is important and beneficial to know a bit about them. Glance through such points below:
  1. Always shop for original and natural crystals because only real crystals will help you get the right benefits.
  2. Cleanse and activate your crystals before using them.
  3. Remember, different crystals have different healing abilities and powers. Thus, one should look for specific crystals or gemstones for specific issues.
  4. It is always better to take the advice of an expert astrologist for the use of crystals.

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Menstrual Cramps Pain Relief Crystals

While there are many nice options available in form of natural crystals that help deal with menstrual cramps, we discuss the top 10 crystals for menstrual pain, here, below:
  1. Moonstone

Moonstone is one of the best crystals for dealing with menstrual pains and problems. This gemstone is associated with feminine energy and thus, is recommended for many women's health issues. It is known widely for its soothing effect on its wearer and user. Using the moonstone, one can avail the advantage of hormonal balance. Many women's issues arise due to hormonal imbalance and using moonstone helps tackle the same. Apart from this, the gem is also known to be helpful in issues related to female fertility and reproduction.
  1. Emerald

The beautiful green-colored emerald is not only known for its beauty but also for its exceptional powers. Providing wisdom, inner strength, and emotional powers, this gemstone is also helpful in giving you the strength that you need for dealing with various pains, including menstrual pains. Use this gemstone and observe how you deal with the pain in a relaxed manner. It keeps your brain calm and helps with mood swings too.
  1. Sapphire

Do you feel a lack of energy and a lot of mood shifts along with unbearable pain during the periods? If so, Sapphire is there to help you. It is an amazing crystal with incredible healing powers. It keeps one relaxed and provides abundant energy that is helpful for dealing with pain as well as your mood. Many women feel emotionally weak and upset during the periods. Using sapphire, one can also feel emotionally strong.
  1. Magnesite​

Another beneficial crystal for menstrual cramps is the unique white-colored Magnesite. Just as its name indicates, this crystal has a significant amount of magnesium. It is also helpful when you are looking for the best crystals for magnesium absorption. The magnesium contents of this crystal helps in easing and lessening the cramps faced during the menstrual cycles.


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  1. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz helps deal with multiple problems like stress, heart-related issues, blood circulation, lack of focus, reproduction issues in women, depression, and pain. This beautiful pale pink colored crystal is famous all over the world for providing a deep feeling of relief in various types of pain. It helps alleviate pain and gives you inner peace too.
  1. Carnelian

This bright and beautiful carnelian crystal in orange shade comes with many healing benefits. Full of high vibrations, this crystal ensures speedy healing from various ailments including different types of pain. It is also known for bringing good results for skin and calming down different types of skin irritations.
  1. Amethyst

Many times, pain becomes very difficult to tolerate because of the presence of energy blocks in our bodies. In such a case, one needs a stone that can remove these energy blocks. Amethyst is one such crystal that helps remove energy blocks and provides relief from pain. It also instills a feeling of relaxation and thus, one can achieve sound sleep too using this stone.
  1. Turquoise

Heal your body and mind and find utter relief from period pains using Turquoise. It will enhance your mood and will give you a peaceful feeling too.
  1. Lapis Lazuli

This lovely blue-colored crystal called lapis lazuli is quite famous for relieving pain in periods as well as other body aches. It is strongly believed to possess strong vibrations that have significant and positive results in various types of sicknesses. It helps calm down the PMS symptoms effectively.
  1. Citrine

Citrine will not only help lessen your menstrual cramps but will also give you the strength to fight dullness and fatigue. It promotes better circulation of blood and helps women find comfort during the periods.

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How to Use Crystals for Menstrual Cramps

Using crystals or gemstones for finding relief from menstrual cramps is quite easy and safe. You just need to have the right crystals with you. Once you have chosen any crystal from the above-mentioned list, you can use it in either of the two ways. Keep it under your pillow while taking a rest or carry it in your pocket whenever you have to go out. You can also roll the crystal gently on your pain area/abdomen for relieving the cramps.

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  • Logan
    Aug 8, 2022, 7:07:44 AM

    Hii! dear, I am suffering from menstrual cramps. I read out this blog and I can do relevant myself for this problem. Can you please tell me Which gemstone is beneficial for me for cramps healing, and please tell me how to use the gemstone?

  • Joyce
    Aug 16, 2022, 6:39:37 AM

    @logan citrine could be the best gemstone for you. Citrine will help you to lessen your cramps. There is no using method of a gemstone, Just believe in it and wear it.

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