Best Healing Crystals for Pain Relief and How To Use Them

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Mar 13, 2023
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Best Healing Crystals for Pain Relief and How To Use Them

Having a human body is so impressive until you reach a certain age, after which you start feeling downtrodden, constantly aching here and there. Physical pain is so prevalent these days that no one, not even the kids, are spared. Lower back pain, pain in the knees, or headache - each of us has a fair share of pain. And not to mention, constant mental stress and edginess only add to the suffering. But thanks to crystals for physical healing, they are extremely useful for dealing with physical pain. Oh, so you have no clue about them?

No worries, check out this blog and find out about the best crystals for pain relief 

What are the best crystals for pain relief?

There are so many crystals out there that terrifically soothe any physical pain. But okay, let us admit - we are superfluously biased towards these five stones for pain relief because they are greatly effective :
  1. Amethyst -

This violet beauty is an immensely powerful crystal, especially when it comes to soothing any physical pain - we repeat, ANY! That’s certainly because amethyst, besides being charming, is an insanely versatile stone. So, whether it is that excruciating joint pain that is making you sob or the regular migraines that are making your life tough - an amethyst is a key to all these problems.

  1. Hematite -

If you’re struggling with back pain for quite some time now, don’t wait anymore - introduce a Hematite into your life as soon as possible. It is not only an astonishing healing stone for back pain, but Hematite is also an awesome stone that could be used to do away with stress and negative energy. Mind-blowing, no?
  1. Clear Quartz -

Also known as the “Master Healer,” this dubiously aesthetic crystal is a must-have for those prone to ailments and physical pain. A remarkable stone for physical healing, Clear Quartz is arguably among those crystals that you must carry with you.
  1. Bloodstone-

If you think we’re only going to list the big shots of the gemstone kingdom, Bloodstone is here to wash away this fleeting thought. This unique, rare gemstone is one of the best crystals for dealing with extreme pain, including the one felt during childbirth. As the name suggests, this stone works wonders in purifying blood and helps enhance the body’s immune system.
  1. Selenite -

Stones for back pain could be this beautiful. Who would’ve thought, right? Widely acclaimed as one of the most effective stones for pain relief, Selenite is a blessing for those in particular who have long been a patient of back pain. Apart from that, this gemstone also aids in spine-related issues.

How to use these crystals for pain relief?


Whoever first unfolded these now widespread and exceptionally meticulous methods of using these beautiful crystals for pain healing must be a genius. But anyway, here’s listing a few of our favorite ways of using these healing stones for pain relief. 
  1. Meditate with the crystals -

One of the best ways of using any healing stone for pain. Meditating with crystals showers many benefits on an individual on so many different levels, and helping them cope with physical pain is just one of those.
  1. Put them on your pain spot -

If you’re aching with severe back pain, turn around and put the crystals on your back. If a muscle strain keeps you from loitering here and there, just sit down for a while and place the stone on the spot that hurts. That’s about it!
  1. Carry them with you -

In case you’re too lazy to do any of those two things listed above or just want to shield yourself from pain, merely carrying the stones that aid in pain relief can make a huge difference.


How to care for these crystals?


Looking after stones for physical healing isn’t a task at all. Here’s how you can do it 
  1. Give them a saltwater bath. However, make sure the water is not warm.
  2.   Dump them in a bowl of brown rice. This helps them in recharging their energies.  
  3.  Wash those crystals in running tap water for back pain, or perhaps any crystal. That shouldn’t be too much of a task, isn’t it?
Crystals are an excellent accessory item. They’re also amazing souvenirs to spruce up the living space with. But only a handful of people know - they could also work as fantastic pain relievers if used rightly. This blog aims at educating people about this lesser-known quality of crystals only.

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  • Thomas
    Aug 30, 2022, 7:20:02 AM

    Pain hurts everyone. No one wants to bear it. I like to wear gemstones for physical healing and fashion as well.

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