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Best Crystal Healing for Asthma

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Posted: Wednesday, August 11, 2021
Best Crystal Healing for Asthma

You must have surely heard about the disease called Asthma. Whenever someone mentions it, the first thing that strikes our minds is the difficulty in breathing. While taking medication advice from medical experts is of utmost importance, there is one more option that is popular worldwide. Well, the use of crystals for allergies and asthma. Using the appropriate crystals for treating this ailment has been found helpful by many asthma patients worldwide.

Crystals or natural gemstones are blessed with immense healing properties. Each crystal has its own unique appearance as well as a healing power. Also, there can be several gemstones for healing a specific sort of physical, mental, or spiritual issue. An expert of gemstones or an accomplished astrologist can best guide you about which gems serve as the right option for a particular disease.


However, we are here to give you an idea about the best stones for asthma.

Points to Notice Before You Start with Crystal Therapy, Whether you search for crystals for allergies or other issues, you need to take care of certain factors. Hence, before we move further, it is important to discuss certain points to ensure the absolute safety of the asthmatic person. Glance through the same below.
  1. Anyone planning to get gemstone or crystal healing should first discuss the same with their doctor. One should start this healing therapy only after approval from the doctor.
  2.  It is best to ask an astrologer for the types of gems that should be used for the treatment of asthma.
  3.  Always use crystals/gems that are original and hundred percent natural. Remember, only natural gems will help you reap the expected benefits that you have been looking for.

Top Crystals Good for Asthma

While there can be several more options for this, we are mentioning the best gemstones that will help you get good healing effects for asthma.
  1. Moss Agate –

Be it any breathing problem, including asthma, the first popular gemstone that is often recommended for such issues is the Moss Agate. It is believed that this gem is extremely helpful in fighting respiration problems. If you feel that your sickness is caused due to otherworldly problems, you can get help from this stone that helps ground the divine energy.
  1. Amber –

The golden honey-colored amber is another wonderful crystal that helps as a blessing for asthma patients. Soaking the negative vibrations and transforming them into positive ones, this gem helps heal the lungs so that the breathing procedure becomes better than before.

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  1. Morganite (Pink Beryl)

The beautiful-looking Morganite acts as a savior for asthma, various respiration disorders, and allergies too. It lessens the effects of various types of allergies. Making the lungs healthy and contributing towards better breathing, morganite is often recommended to those who combat any respiration issue.
  1. Amethyst –

Take the help of the deep purple-colored amethyst for treating asthma. It will you’re your anxiety under control during the asthma attacks. Also, the stone is a great option for meditation and thus, helps you to ward off negative thoughts. It is important to mention that nothing can be worse than negative thinking in life. Be it some disease or any other difficult condition, the person who recovers is the one who thinks positively. Using amethyst help get a positive approach in life.
  1. Malachite –

Asthma attacks are stressful. However, one should know to tackle the anxiety and tension. Wearing the malachite stone can aid in easing down anxiety. Anyone who wears this stone is believed to stay protected from the stress that emerges due to chronic respiratory diseases.

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  1. Pyrite –

While you often hear about moss agate, amethyst, amber, and more gems as top crystals used for asthma, the one that is not so known in this list is the beautiful pyrite. Many of you would be delighted to know that pyrite serves as a great option for lessening the effects of asthma. It calms down the mind and helps heal the lungs as well as the nose. Most importantly, this gem helps absorb greater amounts of oxygen in the body.
  1. Apophyllite –

The Apophyllite gem has healing effects for both asthmas as well as allergies. The stone contains amazing calming power. The use of this stone helps heal the entire breathing system. The apophyllite crystal also provides protection against fear, tension, and worries.

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How to use these crystals for asthma?

Various crystals for asthma are used in different ways. These gems can be used through the processes mentioned below. However, before following any of these processes, it is a wise decision to discuss the same with a gem expert or your doctor.
  1. Take a bath with the effective crystal water –

In this process, the healing gems are kept dipped in water for some time. This helps in infusing the water with the healing effects of gems. Taking a bath with this water helps reduce the problems for which the person is using the gem.
  1. Sipping crystal-infused water

Keep the healing gemstone dipped in water for a few minutes and then drink it. This is a susceptible process and, thus, should be followed only after a special recommendation from your gem expert and medical professional.
  1. Wrapping the crystals –

This is one of the safest methods in which you can wrap the recommended crystal around the affected area like the chest or neck.
  1. The visualization method –

Another safe and simple process to use the crystals for asthma is the visualization method. You have to visualize that you are getting a healing effect from your crystal. The deep belief and focus on your crystal help you get the positivity needed for recovery from asthma.


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