Gemstone Jewelry For Asthma

Asthma is a critical respiratory disorder and proper medical assistance is necessary in such cases. It affects every individual in a different way. During an asthma attack, a person’s airway swells up and the muscles around it become tight. This results in difficulty in breathing. Asthma attacks can be severe and thus, it is mandatory to identify the symptoms of asthma and handle them in advance. We have compiled a list of healing crystals for asthma that can help in various ways to prepare you mentally and physically in such a case. It is to be noted that crystals for asthma are meant to be used in combination with prescribed medicines and not as supplements.

Healing Gemstones For Asthma

  1. Amber

This breathtaking yellow-colored gemstone tends to diminish negative vibrations and transform them into positive vibrations. Amber gemstone works like magic with your lungs and also helps in tackling breathing problems. It works with the throat chakra and helps in relaxing it in every way possible. Because amber is a natural antibiotic, you can use it as an elixir or wear it in the form of jewelry.
  1. Amethyst

Amethyst gemstone is considered a master healer for a reason. It helps in converting the negative thoughts in your body into the positive ones which later on help in balancing you mentally. Because it helps in boosting the immune system, wearing amethyst jewelry will help with respiratory problems and cleanse the air, thus allowing for a positive energy space.
  1. Malachite

This therapeutic gemstone has a wonderful ability to heal. Malachite is used as a protection stone for children and helps in relieving stress and tension. Putting on malachite jewelry is extremely beneficial as it tackles the anxiety and fear which generates during an asthma attack.
  1. Moss Agate

Moss agate is the first stone that comes to mind whenever you are suffering from breathing difficulties. It is an ideal stone for lungs and particularly for breathing disorders. This healing crystal stimulates an understanding of the spiritual causes behind a physical manifestation of illness and grounds spiritual energies into the physical world. 
  1. Pyrite

This gemstone not only brings stability and balance but also tackles your berserk thoughts. This stone has the mystical powers to boost the oxygen in your bloodstream. Apart from this, pyrite gemstone helps in supporting the immune system and is believed to be beneficial for bronchitis as well. 
  1. Apophyllite

This gemstone has a calming effect and is ideal for reducing the stress that is followed by fears and anxiety, thus resulting in an asthma attack. Apophyllite gemstone allows you to feel comfortable in your body. It works on your respiratory system, treating asthma attacks, encourages regeneration of the mucus membranes and is perfect for alleviating breathing problems.

To Sum It Up!

These crystals are considered to be powerful healers in order to improve and assist you with breathing difficulties. You can obtain the best results by keeping them close to yourself or by wearing custom-made gemstone jewelry for asthma. They can also be made into elixirs, crystal waters or essences that you can sip throughout the day. Do not wait any longer and choose a healing stone for asthma that you think will suit you best. 
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