Best Healing Crystals and Stones To Relieve Anxiety & Stress

By Gemexi Team | Healing Crystals
  • Updated On Nov 16, 2021
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Best Healing Crystals and Stones To Relieve Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety and stress - would it be an overstatement if we say today, these are the two sidekicks each of us has? Perhaps not! Well, not to sound too bleak but now “chill” has indeed become a word that only sounds right when suffixed with “Netflix”. People, you and me, aren’t relaxed anymore - all thanks to those two unsolicited henchmen that life bestowed upon us. From a 5-year-old to a 50-year-old - misery surrounds us all! And the saddest part? We never really saw it coming in the first place. But hey, don’t let this sink your heart. Trust us, you’ve got this just right. And in case you need a helping hand to do away with all the anxiety, stress, and negativity, calming crystals have got your back.

Find out what crystals are good for anxiety and which are the crystals for stress relief here in this blog:

  1. Rhodonite

Top pick alert! Also known as the “stone of compassion”, Rhodonite is arguably the best crystal for anxiety. With its calming powers, this rose-hued gemstone has the extraordinary ability to suppress and ward off anxiety, stress, and cynicism and make its wearer feel light, calm, and relaxed. It also promotes self-love. So, if you’re exclusively rooting for crystals that help with anxiety, Rhodonite is your answer.
  1. Moonstone

Has the tranquility and serenity of the moon ever made you feel envious? Have you ever wished to feel the same way yourself? If yes, then the equally charming Moonstone is here to turn this wish into reality. One of the best crystals for stress relief, Moonstone alleviates the feeling of nihilism and brings stability, calmness, and good fortune in life.


  1. Clear Quartz

Is your stressful lifestyle lately getting the best of you? Why not shoo it away with Clear Quartz? As the name suggests, this splendid crystal brings clarity to the emotions and life of its bearer. One of the top stones for stress, this crystal promotes feelings of inner peace and tones one down. So go ahead and buy off this beauty if you want stones for anxiety relief.

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  1. Blue Lace Agate

This one is an underrated crystal! We’re sure - most of you must not be aware of blue-colored stones other than the pompous Aquamarine or Sapphire. But trust us on this - the Blue Lace Agate is the real table-turner when it comes to crystals to help with anxiety. Moreover, if you tend to get triggered and pissed off quite often, use this stone to channelize your inner peace of mind and calmness. Amazing, isn’t it?!
  1. Black Tourmaline

We know there’s no worse feeling than depression. But here’s another thing that we just happen to know - Black Tourmaline is one of the most incredible helping crystals for anxiety and depression treatment. This opaque black stone is famous for releasing anger and negativity, thereby soothing feelings of extreme anxiety, stress, and even depression. In fact, just merely carrying the stone fetches amazing results!

  1. Lepidolite

Hunting for healing stones for anxiety? Take off your thinking cap and meet the ravishing Lepidolite! Its properties have rightly made it become one of the finest stones that help with stress. Whether you are feeling awfully tensed or have chaotic thoughts steaming your head, keeping a Lepidolite around can largely change things. This stone relieves exhaustion and makes one feel calmed down and cool.

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  1. Shungite

If there’s one thing that you actually need to cope up with in stressful times, that’s self-love. And certain healing crystals for anxiety-like Shungite can really help with this. Besides, this black-colored crystal is also believed to ease emotional stress and bail out all the piled-up anxiety. Mind-blowing, right? So, when are you getting this one, hmm?
  1. Sodalite

This list of best crystals for anxiety and stress cannot just be finished without accrediting this violet beauty! Sodalite is a rare blue-violet-colored stone, best known for calming sudden panic attacks. This crystal boosts self-esteem, peace, and self-confidence. What more to ask for?

We all know crystals can be fascinatingly powerful. But did you know what crystals help with anxiety? We bet you didn’t! So here in this blog, we summed up the names of those wonderful crystals that are endowed with amazing powers that can even suppress intense stress and anxiety. Makes for a great read? 10/10!

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    Sep 2, 2022, 7:19:30 AM

    Nice sound. If a gemstone helps me to relieve anxiety and stress, I will order it definitely.

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