Best Healing Crystals for Stomach Pain and Digestive Problems

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  • Posted: Thursday, August 5, 2021
Best Healing Crystals for Stomach Pain and Digestive Problems

This single quote is enough to understand the significance of digestion in our health journey. People who have proper digestion are blessed with intangible gifts of sound sleep, strong immunity, and of course, beautiful skin too. It is worthy to mention that good digestion depends on several basic points like what do you eat, when do you eat, how much is your water intake and so on. While handling digestive problems can be easy for some people, the same becomes a tough job for many others! Though the problem of digestion sounds small, the truth is that it disturbs the whole body and people who face such issues go through a lot of trouble. Improper digestion may lead to many other difficulties like stomach pain, poor immune system, nausea, vomiting, and several more problems. Taking the aid of prescription medicines is helpful but it is not advised for the long term. So is there some other way by which you can naturally improve the digestion process of your body? Yes! You can take the help of healing crystals for digestive problems.

80% of your immune system is located in your digestive tract, making your gut a focal point if you want to achieve optimal health.

Whether you are looking for a gemstone for stomach problems or healing crystals for stomach ulcers, the good news is that there are various options available for you! Let us read and find out which are the top options when you are looking for the best crystals for stomach problems.


Best Crystals for Digestion & Stomach Issues

  1. Jasper Gemstone Keep Stress Away

Many of you might not be aware of the fact that constant stress can invite many unexpected problems for your body as well as your mind. Stress leads to bad and fluctuating mood behaviors and also disturbs blood pressure. We all know that stress is the main reason behind many heart diseases too. But do you know that stress also affects your digestion? When you are tensed, your digestive organs do not work smoothly. To keep stress away and achieve a healthy stomach, you should use Japer. It is a brilliant stone that saves you from tension and ensures good digestion too.


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  1. Peridot Gemstone for stomach pain relief

Peridot is another option when we talk about the best crystals for stomach pain relief. It comes with several advantages. First of all, it stimulates your heart chakra and gives you the power that is needed for dealing with any difficult problem in life, including health issues too. Secondly, it helps relieve the stomach pain or the pain faced during bowel movements. The beautiful green-colored peridot is often recommended to people who have been facing stomach issues for a long time.

  1. Blue Lace Agate Crystal for Gastric Problem

Cleanse and detoxify your gut with the help of blue lace agate. The gem is believed to remove toxins from your body and also save you from any sort of stomach infection. Using blue lace agate also helps get rid of stomach aches. The use of this gemstone also ensures smooth flow in your digestive tract. Those who struggle with stomach gases can also get beneficial healing results from the use of blue lace agate.
  1. Black Obsidian Crystal for Digestive Problem

Bad eating habits are a common cause of stomach pain, improper digestion, constipation, and other git-related troubles. If you are able to control your eating habits or can transform them into healthy ones, you can surely observe improvement in your digestion and health. Get help from the unique black-colored Obsidian, especially, when you want to control your eating habits. This gemstone is also considered one of the best crystals for stomach pain.

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  1. Carnelian Gemstone for healthy digestion

Carnelian is yet another good gemstone that ensures the healthy functioning of organs like kidneys, gallbladder, liver, etc. Keeping them healthy can surely pave the way towards healthy digestion.
  1. Aquamarine Gemstone for constipation

If you have been facing constipation issues, the enchanting aquamarine can truly help you out. In the first place, it will help you find out the reason why you are facing constipation. It will also help you get rid of basic digestive illnesses and issues.
  1. Rhodochrosite Gemstones for Digestion Problem

Smooth digestion is not based on the proper functioning of a single body organ. Rather, it is the result of many organs working properly together. Spleen and kidneys play a major role in this regard. Take the help of rhodochrosite to keep your spleen and kidneys healthy and strong.

How to use these crystals for stomach pain relief?

Using gemstones or crystals to achieve a healthy stomach and strong digestion is easy. However, we always advise our readers to take medical advice before starting crystal healing. Take a look below to find out how to use several gemstones for achieving a healthy stomach.
  1. How to Use Jasper gemstones for Stress?

This gemstone should be placed on your abdomen area for a couple of minutes. It will not only give you relief from stomach aches but will also help keep the tension away.
  1. How to Use Aquamarine Crystals for Constipation?

To use this gem, just wrap it around your throat for a few minutes. You can also place it directly on your throat area. Massaging gently with the aquamarine gem on the throat chakra will also make way for smooth digestion.
  1. How to Use Rhodochrosite Crystals for Digestion Problem?

Using rhodochrosite is quite easy. All you need to do is to take this gem in your hands and rub it in a soft manner. Remember, you have to inhale and exhale in a calm and deep manner while rubbing rhodochrosite in your hands.


Before using any of the stone crystals for the stomach or digestion, you should first cleanse and activate them. Also, it is best to discuss your crystals with an expert before starting the crystal treatment. Because each healing crystal has its own unique benefit there is no reason to just stop at one. You may find that a combination of crystals is what works best for you.

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