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Love for pyrite jewelry

Pyrite is known to be quite a protective and shielding gemstone and is also quite good for wearing or carrying as amulet for deflecting danger and harm. It’s helpful especially when an individual is away from his home or while performing some hazardous task.

It also helps in guarding against the ongoing control, manipulation and criticism by the partner, employer or the parents. That is why it is loved by most of the people.

Pyrite jewelry in history

Pyrite is a common sulfide mineral. The term pyrite has been derived from Greek word which means “in fire” or “of fire”. During ancient Roman age, the term was applicable to various stones which help in creating sparks when hit against steel.

Pyrite source

Various deposits of this stone in the form of tiny crystal clusters are found in Huaron mining district of Peru. Some other outstanding localities in Peru are La Libertad, Quiruvilca Mine and Huanzala.

Pyrite Jewelry style

The most significant use of this stone is in the form of ore of Gold. Pyrite and gold form in almost same conditions and even occur together in the similar rocks. In some of the deposits, very small quantity of Gold is found as substitutions and inclusions within pyrite.

Some of the pyrites may also contain 0.25% of gold. Even though it is just a small fraction of ore, value of Gold is quite high. In case Pyrite has got 0.25% of gold and the price of gold is $1500 an ounce, then 1 ton pyrite would have about 73 Troy ounces gold which would be worth $109,000.

This stone if used occasionally as a gemstone. It’s used in the form of beads, cut in the form of cabochons, carved and faceted into various shapes. This jewelry type used to be popular in Europe and USA during the mid-1800s to late 1800s. Most of these stones used to be known as marcasite but actually they were pyrite.

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