Gemstone Jewelry For Allergies

Allergies can make a person’s life miserable, sometimes even for a whole season. But the good news is that effective and natural remedies are available in the form of therapeutic gemstone jewelry that helps in relieving all types of allergy symptoms, be it hay fever or a skin rash. People who use healing crystal for allergies claim that there are both short-term as well as long-term relief from food allergies, cat and dog allergies. Intolerance to pollen, mould or environmental toxins. This extraordinary kind of energy medicine can soothe allergy symptoms and heal their underlying causes without causing any hazardous side effects. 

Gemstones For Allergies

 You can get immediate and long-term relief from allergies by using the following gemstone jewelry for allergies:

  1. 1.              Carnelian

Carnelian gemstone stimulates the immune system and helps in the detoxification of the body. It is specifically useful when your allergies start getting worse with time and you feel fatigued by seasonal allergies.

  1. 2.              Amethyst

Amethyst is used for a lot of health problems in various cultures. This magnificent light purple gemstone produces small yet visible levels of magnetic field energy that interacts with the magnetic field of the body. This is how it becomes a natural and effective antibacterial agent that works ideally for healing skin conditions, bacterial infections, as well as acne. Not only this but wearing amethyst is also a great crystal for sinus allergies as it mainly targets the headaches caused due to the sinus while intensifying the immune system. 

  1. 3.              Aquamarine

Aquamarine works like a miracle when it comes to seasonal allergy relief. Not only does weaning aquamarine jewelry reduce stress and calm the mind, but is also great for the respiratory system. It helps in fighting flu and colds and is ideal for boosting the immune system.

  1. 4.              Apophyllite

 It is a calming crystal that transfers healing energy to any area in your body. It functions directly in the respiratory system, thus helps in neutralising allergies that target the throat, lungs and sinuses. This crystal encourages healing and regeneration of the mucous membrane, which is why it is extremely effective for asthmatic patients. 

  1. 5.              Bloodstone

 Considered as one of the best healing crystals for allergies, bloodstone strengthens, balances and calms the immune system, thus making your body less likely to have any allergic reactions.

  1. 6.              White Beryl

White beryl gemstone is undoubtedly the most effective healing crystal for skin allergies. It is particularly effective when your allergy symptoms display lymphatic congestion like swollen glands or skin rash.

  1. 7.              Moonstone

 This is another highly effective gemstone for skin allergies as it supports the healing of allergy symptoms which include skin rash like eczema. Not only this but it also helps the body restore moisture wherever the skin is dry or damaged.

To Wrap It Up!

Not only are the gemstone jewelry beautiful to look at, but they also work miraculously when it comes to treating your health problems. We certainly hope that this article proves to be helpful in your fight against your seasonal or all-round allergies as summers are just around the corner, thus bringing various types of seasonal allergies for many of you. Analyse your allergy carefully and pick a crystal accordingly.
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